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  1. SensationallySassyT

    African American Sleevers

    SUPER EXCITED!!!!! My surgery is set for next Friday December 7th~ Ready to begin the transformation into my Future Healthy Self!!!! Congratulations to everyone in their Successfull Progress thus far~ T~ :wub:
  2. SensationallySassyT

    6 Weeks Out Results So Far!

    You better go head with your sassy self! Looking good Momma! how do you feel? How are your energy levels and are you working out!?? I soooo can not wait to be on the losers bench! T~
  3. SensationallySassyT

    What Bc (Birth Control) To Use?

    I recently removed my paragard IUD to give my body a rest plus after 4 years it cause extremely painful and heavy periods not to mention it decreased my sex drive a bit after a while~ Anywho I plan on getting the Mirena IUD in next week! For the ladies who have the Mirena IUD did you get it inserted before or after getting sleeved? T~ :wub:
  4. Hello everyone, So I am pre op {on the waiting list to begin appointmenst NUT, PSYC,etc.} I was thinking of doing the Atkins Induction with a friend who is an Atkins fanatic! However she has yo-yoed with it for some time. I am on day 5 of Induction and super bored with the fat and cheese! I know that I CAN do it i'm just bored with it~ Plus with all the veggies and eggs and Protein I am eating it's only panning out to be like 1,080 calories daily~ I LOVE to work out and roller skate and it have been difficult to do since starting this program not to mention the constipation! ........I just want a baked sweet potato~ I am not a carb addict however I do Love sweets! With that being said I do make mindful choices like my fav is blue bunny frozen yogurt with preboitics~ I have a roller skating even coming up and need to train for the event and with this Atkins I don't have the energy nor the calories to do so as skating burns like 500-1,000 calories and so does my Kickboxing class! And I end up stalling on the scale anyways, which defeats the entire Atkins Induction process to drop weight fast! I simply don't wanna set myself up for this fad deep deprivation diet~ I would rather continue my eat in moderation and exercise routine~ Am I wrong fro wanting to ditch Atkins, or am I setting myself up for Failure once I get sleeved????? Thanks for listening to my Rant! T~ :wub: P.S~ Brutal or better yet Radical Honesty is Welcomed!~
  5. Hello Everyone, As I continue to conduct my research on the sleeve, as i am pre op { on the waiting list, Tricare Military Insurance} the biggest question I have is What has changed the most in either your day to day life or even your Social life since being sleeved? Looking forward to hearing your responses~ T~
  6. SensationallySassyT

    Cla (Conjugated Linoleic Acids)

    I used to take it and notice a difference when I take it consistently especially in my tummy~ such a great product T~
  7. SensationallySassyT

    My Advice To All Newly Post-Op Sleevers...

    It's a struggle with the weight however~ I'm very active with Kickboxing and Roller Skating it just doesn't show with my roundness~ I am 5'3 250ish. :ph34r: ......I am looking forward to my body being a reflection of my active lifestyle~ T~ :wub:
  8. I am in Lacey~ I am an Army wife so I will be getting my procedure done at Madigan Army Medical Center~ I am on the waiting list so no date thus far~////
  9. That sounds very interesting I have to check that book out! Thanks Lissa~ T~
  10. SensationallySassyT

    Anyone Get Surgery At Wbamc

    How long did the process take for you ladies on the military base? I will be getting mine done at Madigan Army Medical Center at Ft Lewis~ theyare saying the wait is about 4 months~\\ Best wishes ladies T~
  11. SensationallySassyT

    ~The Process~

  12. SensationallySassyT

    The Naysayers.....do It Naturally! How To Handle Them.

    Thanks soooo much MeMe for your openess and honesty! As a military Spouse I understand the ups downs and emotional trials this lifestyle offers. I am looking forward to being FREE from this weighed down lifestyle and addiction called obesity~

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