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  1. That's helpful - thank you! I don't think I fully understand how focusing on getting certain foods will take time to ensure you do it correctly and well, so that makes sense.
  2. Birdy18

    Ready To Give Up...

    Sorry, but what's PPI??
  3. I'm actually getting the sleeve done via single incision in Chicago on August 20th. My doctor offered it to me, and I found out he has actually taught the other surgeon he practices with. I've heard slightly less recovery time and potentially less pain with this, so I'm excited about it.
  4. Birdy18

    1St Day On Pre-Op Diet

    I'm right there with ya on day one. I felt great this morning and now that it's 5, I feel like I'm in a mental fog and definitely have a headache. I'm so worried I won't make it through two long weeks and I am not going to Pinterest for at least that long.. too many gorgeous photos of food! How long is your pre op for? I've read of others having all meals replaced with shakes but allowed one serving of lean protein and leafy veggies, and I'd kill for that right now.
  5. Oh wait, one last question for all of you sleeve vets: as far as mental clarity and energy, how quickly did you feel capable to be back at work even if you didn't necessarily go back at that time? In addition to the immediate physical recovery, I've also read a lot about varying degrees of energy and being able to do a great job at work. I only ask because I will be starting a new job exactly 4 weeks after my surgery, and just trying to gauge if I'll be able to bring my A-game.
  6. Day 1 of my Pre Op.. very nervous about these next 2 weeks!

  7. THANK YOU so much for sharing your recovery stories! I feel so much better. I've been a total basketcase of emotions and nerves that hearing these unexpected positive, normal or hilarious (Butterthebean comparable hangovers, ha!) recovery stories just really helps to balance my perspective and sanity. Thanks everyone for the amazing responses and support - don't know what I'd do without all of you! What you all are saying makes so much sense, especially Dooter in the below. All of the pain and complication stories have stuck in my head because they are more memorable that I was beginning to question what the norm was, even if "I feel totally normal" isn't really a post you're more apt to put up.
  8. Birdy18


    Hooray!! I was approved this week too and have the same surgery date! Such a relief, right??
  9. Wow, really! What was it like the first few days after? Any other tips to ensure a smooth recovery? Lots of walking?
  10. Birdy18

    Newbie Here, Chicago, Il

    Ahhh!! Good luck! I'm wishing you a speedy and smooth surgery - definitely keep me updated on how things went and how you feel. Also, congrats on making it through the 2 week pre op!! I heard today about my insurance and was approved!!
  11. It's worth admitting it and moving on! I start my pre op diet (for two full qeeeks) on Monday. What did you cheat with?? I've heard of others saying that they replaced all meals with liquids but got to have lean Protein and leafy veggies for dinner and I wish I had that! I'm definitely worried about my willpower but it's not over yet! Keep going you can do it! Were the headaches awful??
  12. @Cita - Thanks for sharing! I hope that's what mine will be like. Since it's an option and my surgeon teaches that, I am definitely moving forward with the single incision. It's also great knowing about your energy level because I'll be starting a new job after my surgery (about 3-4 weeks after) and want to be in good shape for that! Did you have really bad gas right after? Any other tips or watch outs?
  13. Approved!!!!! So relieved, excited, everything. Le sigh.

  14. I just got approved!!!!!!!!!! So much relief, and I'm so excited!! Not excited for pre op diet, but very very good news!!! yay
  15. Aug 20!! I scheduled the surgery and have gone through nearly all tests - but I'm still waiting to hear back from BSBSIL about approval. That's now keeping me up at night. I'm so nervous!
  16. Birdy18

    Newbie Here, Chicago, Il

    I'm having my surgery at St Joseph's as well but with Dr. Tiesenga. Did you already have your surgery with Dr. Lutfi? How did it go? He was at the seminar, and I just loved his attitude and demeanor! I have BSBS IL PPO and my forms were submitted last Monday. I'm so nervous about approval. I have a BMI of 41.5 so it's over 40, with no other health issues. I really hope I find out soon! Let me know how your process has been and how the surgery at St. Joe's went! I too am on the north side!
  17. Birdy18

    Need Motivation

    I get the feeling! I go in and out with struggling to get myself to go, and it's all a head game for me. I read something once that helped to make the head battle a little easier... just make your daily goal to just put on your gym clothes and get to the gym.. don't think about being miserable once your'e there or how much time you have to put in. Get over the hump of just getting dressed and going - that is totally doable! Then, once you're there, chances are you're going to do the rest. Sounds stupidly simple, but it worked for me!! Good luck!!
  18. Birdy18

    Vertical Sleeve Talk - Thanks Alex

    Hooray! Same doc and our surgeries are three days apart. I start my pre op diet next Monday - yikes! But you're right - I feel stronger and more confident in myself because of this site and people like you!
  19. Birdy18

    One Month Out Today

    Amazing update and congrats on the weight loss - that is so fantastic! I grew up as a competitive swimmer, so it's encouraging to know that you're swimming so quickly after surgery! One thing I always associated with swimming was being absolutely FAMISHED afterwards.. do you find that you're still (relatively) hungrier after swimming a few laps?
  20. Gotcha! Will stalk around for a firm security pillow. I went back to my doctor and told him I had changed my mind and would move forward with the single incision since he is experienced at that and is teaching doctors in the Chicago area how to do it. They also said the recovery and pain would be slightly less, so that's a good sign! Izuri - I know what you mean about stretch marks! I'm in the same boat. But less so for cosmetic reasons, I've heard that recovery and recuperation time with a single incision was slightly less and since I've never had surgery before EVER, I'm going to give it a go!!
  21. That's amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. I hope I recover similarly! Also - I've heard a few people mention a firm tummy pillow but I'm not sure I get it. Why do you need this? You just hold it against your stomach? Is it just like a firmer sleeping pillow? Haha, what am I missing!
  22. Thanks for sharing! How was the pain and recovery time?
  23. You look AMAZING and thank you so much for sharing your story. I think it's really easy to get sucked into these boards (I think I overdid it the past few weeks), but reading the success stories and seeing such amazing and inspirational photos are what calms me and makes me think that I can do this too. Out of curiosity - you had no pre op diet? No 1-2 weeks of liquid diet? How come? Thanks again!
  24. Birdy18

    Is It Just Me?

    It is definitely not just you! I can absolutely relate to your thought process. I was offered an Aug 20 or Aug 28 date, I opted for Aug 20. Things have happened really quickly for me too - from seminar to nutritionist and psychiatric appointments, my pre op diet starts in 6 days. I too am starting a new job in the next month and the decision coupled with fears of energy levels at a new job, insurance concerns, and a big trip in September have my head going a mile a minute. However, I know I want this. And I know the sooner I do it, the sooner I'll be to recuperating, past the liquid diet stages and working toward a better and healthier me! It helps when I just breathe and take one day at a time - as corny as that sounds. Good luck to you - you can do it!
  25. Birdy18

    52 Days Post Op

    Holy crap - that's amazing. To both the weight loss and the 100 push ups!! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm going to need this as I go through my pre op.