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    WeightWatchMe got a reaction from LibbyLou in Surgery   
    That's AWESOME!!! I'll be praying for you!!! It's gonna go great!!!
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    WeightWatchMe got a reaction from gigi4 in Weight Lifted Off My Shoulders (Literally)   
    Thank You Lila and that is a HUGE issue for me...I just asked my husband yesterday to hide the scale from me so I can't drive myself crazy everyday...I plan on only weighting once a week from now on
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    WeightWatchMe reacted to shrinkydinkme in A Day Without Cake   
    Thanks for your post and I am so excited for you and looking forward to that day and feeling for me.... Surgery in 3days and passed up cake and birthday parties the past 2 nights .... my friends favorite quote of mine "How do you like your eggs?" "In a cake with frosting." That is part of how I got here (WLS) and I have to say I am glad I am leaving.
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    WeightWatchMe reacted to Finding MeMe in Frustation   
    Remember that your weight will vary up to 5 lbs either way, up or down. This is due to fluid/water wt in the body so you could weigh in at 195 in the morning, go workout for 60 minutes return and step on the scale and weigh 200lbs. This is normal so don't let the scale stress you out. Put it away and weigh yourself once per week so you don't have to deal with the dissipointment often.
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    WeightWatchMe reacted to Katie713 in Frustation   
    It's so hard, we get tied to that scale, I mean that's why we did this surgery, right? It took awhile for that scale to move for me and I was reading about everyone else losing tons of weight it seemed....but we all heal differently...and when I stopped worrying, the weight started dropping off...
    I am a slow loser, but slow and steady and I feel great 3 months out. I can eat all kinds of things in small amounts, and I no longer doubt this was the best thing I ever did for myself.
    Have faith girl !!
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    WeightWatchMe reacted to tmorgan813 in Frustation   
    It's so normal to go through all the emotions you're going through. You just went through a very tramatic experience. Your body is healing and yo need to give it time to do so. Also, my surgeon told me NOT to get on a scale for two weeks. Due to all teh water retention, gasses, and other things, you're going to gain weight right after surgery. However, I know what it's like to want to see if going through all this was worth it. Trust me, it is. Do yourself a favor and don't get on the scale for four days. In those days, get your liquids in, walk, walk, walk, walk and walk. That will help get all those gasses out and regulate your water retention. Then, you can check. But, be aware, you are still swollen and healing so don't expect to see a 10-20lb loss. The good thing is, in a month from now, you will be so happy when you get on the scale you won't even remember this emotion time. keep your head up and trust me, every day gets better.
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    WeightWatchMe reacted to ShapeShifter in Frustation   
    The mantra I use to get through difficult times, which always works because I know it to be true... this is only temporary!
    Everyone writes of difficult days in the beginning and that things do get better as the tummy heals. Believe that each day will get better and better... and it will. Wishing you WELL!
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    WeightWatchMe reacted to Katie713 in Frustation   
    Intellectually you must know that if you aren't eating anything you are not REALLY gaining weight. You've had an injury to a major organ, and when we have injury - our bodies send out plenty of fluid in the healing process, hence swelling and water retention.
    Once the inflammation subsides, the fluid will be released and you will see that scale moving to the left.
    I know this is frustrating...but you need more time to recover before you get into normal body rythms.
    Don't let it get you down!

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