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  1. zack515

    Missing Person?

    Everyone who has entered Mexico has never been seen or heard from again!
  2. zack515


    U need to change.(leave). Can't ask others to
  3. zack515

    How Painful Was The Surgery?

    Also I feel like my back from the hospital bed hurt worse than the surgery.lol
  4. zack515

    How Painful Was The Surgery?

    The worst for me was the nausea the day after surgery. Pain wasnt too bad. Felt like I was gonna throw up with every tiny sip for the whole 2nd day. Everyday after that got way better each day. I'm 10 days post op and feel great. Even went golfing
  5. I'm 10 days post op. live by yorkville and Plainfield
  6. Well I'm sufficiently scared now. Think I'll play it a little safer now.lol
  7. Would the leak be caused just from the stomach being stretched by thicker food or does the texture of the food somehow cause the leak?
  8. So I was just sleeved August 7 in Mexico and I'm feeling great with all my drinks and what not no nausea or vomiting. I'm trying to follow the post op diet correctly but I've already sort of cheated and tried scrambled eggs and felt fine after eating a small amount with relatively no discomfort. Is it ok to advance this quickly through the stages as long as I feel fine afterward? Or are there some serious side effects that can happen even though I feel fine eating these foods so soon?
  9. Having mine the same day.. Good luck
  10. zack515

    Mexico Versus Us

    Im getting sleeved by dr Aceves in Mexicali August 7 and would choose him over any other. Mexican doctors have more experience since this surgery took longer to get approved in America. Also I have yet to hear 1 negative thing about him his staff or his hospital in the countless amount of hours I've done research
  11. zack515

    Too Skinny?

    No offense to the 150 lb spandex wearing marathon runners out there.lol I'll be sure to check out men's room.. Thx
  12. zack515

    August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?

    I'll be sleeved August 7 by dr Aceves in Mexicali since I'm paying for it
  13. zack515

    Too Skinny?

    I'm about 6'3" 325lbs. my goal weight is to be between about 210 and 220. Im scheduled for a sleeve august 7. I might be putting the cart before the horse but I'm kinda concerned about being able to maintain my weight around 215ish. I still want to have a little meat on my bones. I weight train and everything like that but I'm just curious if it's somewhat easy to maintain your weight if you try to once your about a year or so in??
  14. zack515

    Where Are All The Young Men?

    We're here.. Surgery for August 7

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