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    The end of a relationship

    I have been with a man for a while and we were engaged to be married. Everything was going well but he has major insecurities and constantly thought I was being deceitful and always accused me of cheating. As of Thursday last week I we have been done. It is finished. he was so wonderful in so many ways but there was that one thing that ruined all the good stuff. I have never cheated on anyone and i am not deceitful in the least. I give everyone the respect that I would want to have given to me. i am loyal and true and I have never done anything to deserve this. I am sorry i am here talking about my bull but i thought it would be nice to hear from others that have been through this. It seems as though right when i needed him the most is when he would be c9ome very insecure and accusitory. i dont want to be with him anymore. I know this is for the best but it still does hurt. I put so much of myslef into this relationship and I just have to learn from it and move forward. Onward and upward. i have goals and big plans for my life and there is a piece of me that is just upset because i feel as though it was all in vain. I think I had just gotten to a point that i was over it anyway and that is why it seems easier. He was so supportive of so many things in my life and so wonderful and it scares the hell out of me that I wont find that with anyone else. I know i am just going in circles but I had to send my feelings about this into the universe and release them. thanks for taking the time to heart me out. Its not that i think he is a bad person, I just feel he is confused and scared to death of what love can do to him. Every relationship is a risk but we cant hold on to the past and be scared of our own shadows. We cant find love unless we try to love with trust and faith.
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    The end of a relationship

    I have to say thank you to everyone that has posted regarding this issue. Relationships are so difficult at times. I realize that the relationship I have with myself is more imortant. I am now working a 2 jobs, saving for a house and just bought a new car. I am determined to make things happen on my own with the help of no one. This is more about my personal empowerment in knowing that being alone with myself and loving the person I am is more important to me than any relationship i can have with someone else. I have to like who I am am first and then I can begin introducing new people into my life. I am in charge of how people treat me. if i allow someone to abuse me I can only expect to be abused time and time again, So i am not a victim I am a victor.
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    Tell the truth, exercising

    I have yet to exercise. I immediately began feeling pain in my back and hip and have terrible sciatica. I want to exercise and I am in too much pain. Hopefully my 3rd steroid shot will work next tuesday and I will be on my way to walking. I have lost 59lbs so far since march.
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    @@GSDMom I had the same feeling, its called espohogeal spasams. it goes away over time. You will just need to ride out the uncomfortable feelings and then they will be an after thought. Stay strong. You will be okay.
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    @@vsgval Please do this ASAP, Prilosec......You will be glad you took it. It was the only thing that stopped the acid.
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    Did they really take half my tummy?

    @ I was plagued with this same notion until I started eating normal food again. Sometimes I forget that I cant eat What I used to eat and then I regret it very quickly. You will see what i am talking about soon enough and then run to the bathroom.
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    I screwed up today

    Im post op and screw up. Dont beat yourself up. You are human. Its human nature to go against the grain. The wonderful thing is that you recognize it and feel remorse. I think that once we get into the habit of feeling guilt over our faults we can then change them. Self awareness is key to this journey.
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    I had my surgery on March 10th at the Orlando Regional Hospital by Dr. Jawad. My experiance wasa very comfortable. Everyone was very attentive and professional. The nurses were angels especially when I first came out of surgery. I was very uncomfortable in the recovery area when I first woke up and they ran to my side right away to comfort me. I remember one in particular that was hugging me and being very motherly. I was there for a day and then wqas sent home feeling great.
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    Fell off the wagon

    I have had one heck of a weekend. I ate the wrong things and drank coke. I know I shouldnt beat myself up but the shame of it will help me so my job now is to get back on the wagon and not let this set me back. It is so easy to let this get to me and cause me to feel like I failed even though i know I have not failed but it is still a let down to myself. I just wanted to let you know that I was bad and be honest about it. Back to basics.
  12. Bonawanabfree

    Fell off the wagon

    Thanks everyone. It is nice to know that I have friends in the same boat as me. I am back to normal now. My brother just moved in with me so I am not used to having junk around me. No more for me now. I had my share and I am good. I know that once you get started it is hard to stop so I am making a conscience effort to repel the urge.
  13. You'll be able to drink lots of water just not all at once. Sometimes I am really thirsty and I go gulping like I used to and then my stomach tells me that I need to chill out. So then i drink a little here and there. Its the new normal.
  14. Be patient and try not to beat yourself up when you stumble. Its just about recognizing your issues and trying to correct them. Know that your relationship with food goes deeper than your stomach. This is a mind game and you will learn how to play it. You will hate food and love it at the same time and that was the hardest part for me.
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    @@staceymeaux Awesome!!!!!
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    Post op day 3 and struggling

    @A little less 4 now on I went through an emotional break down about a month ago because I wanted to eat a whole plate of food but over time you will get used to it. Promise.
  17. @@rosieuk I had that also and it will go away in time. Just take an acid blocker and ride it out. It seems like it will never end but i promise it will. I started feeling better with in the first month.
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    Newbie - How do I choose?

    @@Shakti I went with the sleeve because I knew it would be less maintenance in the long run. i didnt want to have to deal with the fill and the possible slippage and erosion. My surgeon doesnt do the lap band anymore becasue he said that there are too many people having to come back to him with issues. If you are afraid of the anestisia dont worry, you will be fine. Just write a list of pros and cons for both and go with the one that has more pros. Good luck.
  19. I think you may be suffering from PTSD from your previous experiance and maybe talking to a professional is exactly what you need. I would first advise you to get checked by a doctor. You should go to your surgeon and if they dont meet your needs then go to someone else.
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    The end of a relationship

    @ Thanks so much for your words of wisdom. Thank you everyone. It is nice to have people in my corner supporting my decision.
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    The end of a relationship

    @@Babbs @@JustWatchMe @@drmeow I want to thank each of you women for telling me exactly what I need to hear. It is tough but it will get easier. i have never been married and I have been invovled with controlling men before in my life and i want nothing to do with it. His issues are not my issues and i will not allow someone to drain the greatness of who i am to appease his own ego. i dont ever want to be with another man that needs to know my every move, It is very oppressive and abusive. he actually has admitted to me that he knows he has issues and that he knows that what he is doing to me is abusive and so i gave him a choice, Either leave me to find happiness or get the help you need to learn how to cope. I gave him many chances and sometimes it seemed as though it was going to work but a leopard cant change his spots. We are who we are. Now i am actually excited about my future with me. I never felt lonely because i love my solitude. No dating for me for a long time. i want to just know me. PS...Babbs-Im 32...
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    5 days post op

    @@leag78 1st thing you need to remember with WLS is this and i think this is the 1st rule.....Do Not Compare Yourself To Anyone Else! Everyone will lose in different ways. No 2 people are alike. We are all different. Thats why we all have different fingerprints, different personalities and different beliefs. Just focus on you and not anyone elses progress. You are living your journey and no one elses.
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    Am I crazy?

    @@leag78 I can totally relate, I still cant see the difference but i feel the difference. I want it gone now now now but thats not realistic. it didnt take us overnight to gain and it wont take overnight to lose. I see my fiance once a month and he is amazed at the amount I have lost but I on the other hand still see this jelly roll around my neck and gut. You need to remember that you are beautiful the way you are no matter if you are big, small, short or tall. This isnt about your looks right now its about your life and your health. Beauty is truely within your heart.
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    From the 3s to the 2s

    I am currently in the 2's. It took me 2 months but everyone is different. I was 315 and have lost 44lbs in 2 months total. Just keep doing what you are doing and things will happen naturally. I am currently at a slow down but that has happened several times. i will lose about 5 lbs in a week and then the next week I wont lose an ounce. The human body tries to preserve itself when it thinks it is being starved.