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  1. giraffequeen

    Iv Site

    Has anyone had trouble with their IV site warm to touch and swollen?
  2. Ok so I tested high for ketones but still not losing a lot of weight in my opinion!! I'm 5 weeks out and only 20 lbs since surgery! Most of which (13) was the first week!!!!
  3. giraffequeen

    Increase Protein?

    My nut told me to up my calories and protein bcuz I had a 2 week stall! I lost 13 the first week nada for 2 weeks now it's moving again! I wa only getting 600 cal and exercising! She told me I needed 400 more/day! That is nearly impossible! I'm getting close to 60 gms of protein!
  4. giraffequeen


    I'm suffering today really bad from my reflux! I could barely eat what I had become use to! I'm on nexium but it doesn't seem to help
  5. giraffequeen

    Sleeved July 3Rd

    Well lucky for y'all! I was sleeved July 2 with a 13 lb loss since surgery and that was mostly in the 1st week! I'm anxiously waiting for the stall to get moving again! Congrats on your losses!
  6. giraffequeen

    Feeling A Little Down.

    Sleeved july 2...I'm in the same boat! I lost 13 before and 13 the 1st week after and none since!
  7. giraffequeen

    Patience Is Not On Of My Virtues :)

    I have puréed some chicken salad not to the baby food stage but very fine and mixed it with apple sauce and it goes down fine and I like it! I have also been able to tolerate eggs vey very fine! I'm trying to stay as close to my instructions as possible!
  8. Sleeved July 2...feel awesome but I need to see the scales move! 25 lbs since preop but nada in over 10 days!! I know I'm not getting all my protein! And I also know I shouldn't be weighing everyday! But...I'm OCD Can someone please tell me what their diet consists of at this phase! (just started week 3)! I'm on puréed now! I'm doing good to get 30 gms of protein
  9. Drain was pulled last week but the open area tries to dry up and then doesn't! It's kinda pink around it but not warm! I don't go back to the doc for 2 more weeks! Any body else have a slow healer?
  10. I think I have my expectations set too high! I had surgery 11 days ago, back to work, exercising and feeling great! Lost 13 pre-op and 13 last week! So believe me when I say I'm ecstatic with being down 25 lbs. I guess I've read where some people lose a lot the first week but none the next...I'm there and it's frustrating! It goes down one, up two! I know it's probably because I'm not getting enough! Any encouraging 'it's normal' type words of wisdom would be much appreciated!
  11. giraffequeen

    Hey July Sleevers!

    July 2...feeling great and have been back to work since Tuesday! I feel so blessed to have been able to recover like this!! Don't y'all have a Facebook group? Will someone add me please
  12. giraffequeen

    My Texas Sleevers

    Beaumont!! Sleeved July 2...feeling great, down 27 lbs and already have been back to work since Tuesday!!
  13. giraffequeen

    Need A Little Support Right Now

    This made me so sad for you! My dad died for the exact reason back in 06! It has to be difficult being so far away! However, if you keep feeding or in your case drinking your emotions then you will have yet another thing to be sad about (preaching to myself as well cause I'm a pro at it) instead try to turn your energy into something positive and do something creative! What about sending him a cute video of you? Do you ever Skype? Use your head, think outside the box! It will make BOTH of you smile! And...in the last few days were days that I never knew what to pray! I didn't wanna see him go, but I more importantly didn't wanna see him suffer! So....my prayers changed!! Hang in there... And try hard to take care of yourself...in your honor and his
  14. giraffequeen

    A Little Bummed

    I've lost a lot of weight on my own before and was a scale ***** then too! Can't help it and it probably won't change! Three letters come to mind: OCD I know I know, then stop complaining, right?!
  15. WHat would be a guess of what normal drainage for 4 days post op? Just kinda weird yesterday there was about 30 cc and today maybe 5cc! I realize everyone is different and the goal is to have none! Just is kinda odd
  16. Had a sore muscle feeling come up this morning on my lower leg just below my knee! Doc brushed it off since its not hot or red. I'm still worried about it...not sure what else it could be? If its still bothering me tommorow...I'm gonna ask for an order from my doc for an u/s.
  17. giraffequeen

    Blood Clots

    No clot!!! Thank you Lord
  18. giraffequeen

    Blood Clots

    Mine feels like it feels after a Charlie Horse
  19. Had my drain pulled today...everything looked great...26 lb loss since preop 3 weeks ago! The best part is that I actually felt good enough to go back to work today!!!
  20. Wish I wasn't a worrier I'm hoping to go to work tomorrow after my post op visit! He's suppose to pull the drain and I looked under the gauze and it's a little red around it! Maybe it's just from rubbing against my pants? No clue if it's hot or anything! Anybody else have that?
  21. I Realize it's to be expected to have crazy emotions sometimes! Today while sitting at my fav restaurant sipping on my water..and yesterdays movie wit hubby and son eating my all time favorite popcorn...I just lost it! It's hard to explain the feeling although I'm sure many of you will be able to relate...it's not that I was craving those foods at all...I think I was mourning the process of stuffing my face till I was miserable!! I'm only 6 days post op so I do realize it gets better!! It just a huge adjustment that in the long run will be so worth it!!
  22. giraffequeen

    Official July Sleevers Postop Thread.

    I'm not sure how to private message but I wanna be in too! Can you add me? I was also sleeves July 2
  23. Is it normal to get a racing heart from atanding up? I can sit all day and feel great but once I get up it seems like its putting a lot of stress on me? Is it just from the healing process?
  24. giraffequeen

    Skin Changes!

    Me!!! Didn't wanna get too excited yet! But I have rosacea and my surgery was a week ago! This is the best it's ever looked!
  25. giraffequeen

    My First Emotional Breakdown

    I'm thinking I have heard its hard to get down...maybe someone else will answer!

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