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  1. Laceyloveland

    loosing slow... 40 lbs in 5 mos

    I'm 5'8" and started @ 275. Now 235. I will figure out how to update my profile. Really appreciate ur time in writing back and checking on me...thank u!!!
  2. Stalled for past 2 mos.. anyone else also taking it slow?
  3. Laceyloveland

    estrogen levels post op

    Thank you. I have an apt. Tuesday. Just nervous the estrogen will slow weight loss....already at a 6 week stall. Did they adjust yours after surgery? Is it hard to loose weight with hormone replacement ?
  4. Anyone had their estrogen levels fluctuate so much that hrt was needed? I feel like pms x 100 and am about 5 mos out. Thinking my estrogen level may be wacky from fat loss, but may fluctuate and just have to live with it. Anyone have experience with this?
  5. Agree with above post by lessofmeismore. U aren't alone....lots of people on this site are great support. Hard to give advice without knowing more about ur relationship, but definately know u need to take care of yourself. Praying for u and wishing u the best. Please keep us updated. Best wishes.
  6. Laceyloveland

    Staple pain

    Agree with above! U need to be on antibiotic immediately if it is infected. Please don't wait....can get serious fast if u let it go.
  7. Laceyloveland

    Extreme Hair Loss

    Not sure if ur hair is strong enough, but u could consider extensions (semi permanent hair attached to ur own near root). Sounds like u r doing everything else possible. Also there is a shampoo for women to prevent hair loss, but I can't recall the name. U could check on line. Good luck! Everyone says its temporary.
  8. Laceyloveland

    Post Surgery Cooking Show?

  9. Laceyloveland

    New Here But Requesting Prayer

    Prayers and best wishes!
  10. Laceyloveland

    How Long Off Work For An Office Job?

    I took eleven days off and it wasn't enough, but my job is a little more demanding (physician). I had to cut back to two half days that first week. I wasn't in much pain but was very weak. @ 2 weeks post op I am fine! Good luck, I think everyone is different.
  11. Laceyloveland

    Help! Does Anyone Actually Plan Meals?

    I agree w other comments. It comes down to having to make a list. It's a time committment! U can do it!
  12. No leak test. The swelling immediately post op can hide a leak anyway.
  13. Laceyloveland

    Sleeved 9/4 Im In Pain

    Day 4 was way better than day 3 for me too! Thoughts r with u!!!
  14. Laceyloveland

    So, Today I Found Out That...

    I had a minor one repaired at same time . Spent one night in hospital and back to work today at eleven days post op. Pretty easy recovery overall! Hope yours goes well too!
  15. Laceyloveland

    Same Day

    Dr. Said I could go home same day but I stayed one night cause the trip from hospital was 2 and half hours and wasn't sure is be comfortable. Good luck!

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