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  1. It’s a special day here at BariatricPal, according to your profile..it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday, COLLECTOR!

  2. Happy 54th Birthday COLLECTOR!

  3. Happy 53rd Birthday COLLECTOR!


    Colorado Anyone

    I Live In Ft Collins, Banded By Dr Quaid 4/13/07 Down 55 Lbs. Have Had 2 Fills. 2nd One Did The Trick. I Am With You Sometimes Hard When Nothing Goes Down But Better That Than Too Much

    Nervous and scared about first fill...

    I GOT MY FIRST FILL TODAY. 1cc AND CAME STRAIGHT TO WORK. I am to be on liquids 2 days but I fill fine. I know everyone is different, but so far no problems. I think if you can't get water down at Doc office they will not let you leave until unfill a little and you can swallow.

    Colorado Anyone

    sorry it has been so long since I have replied. Things are good. Work very busy. Working out everyday on my lunch hour. Eating about 600 ca a day. Down about 32 lbs pre and post op. First fill next week. Hope it goes well. I feel like I could eat more now but I am not. I still want to get together with you guys. Just let me know
  7. well I am 4 weeks from banding, Last week was the first week I felt like I could eat a little more but really have not tried. I think the swelling is going down and the food much easier also. Up until last week could barely eat at night time. Now easier. Trying to stay on track with what I eat. Last night ate a little more than usual and felt sick. I have 2 more weeks until a fill and want to keep on track. But I am really glad to hear similar stories.

    Colorado Anyone

    Connie thanks for sharing you daily diet. I am 3 weeks post op today and really only eating abt 300-700 calories a day still. I am exercising 25 min a day cardio 5 days a week. Down 12 lbs preop and about 14 post op. I hope it keeps coming off. Sometimes I worry I need to eat a little more to keep metabolism buring, but afraid if eat more will not loose. DON"T YOU LOVE THE HEAD GAMES. A Wed or Thur works for me Dyno.

    Colorado Anyone

    Hey 2nd week of June sounds good to me. A restaurant would be good so we don't have to pack food around. Hey Connie I was wondering what you are eating also. You have great weight loss.

    Colorado Anyone

    June sounds good to me too. How are you feeling? I am doing well. Learning the new way to eat and think. what's everybody else think about June, maybe the second week?

    Colorado Anyone

    HEY DREWSLOU, My parents live in Brighton, I visit about once a month. Good to find people closer living with LapBand. Still so new to me. 2 weeks tomorrow. Have lost 22 preop and postop. Feeling good. Hopefully we can all get together sometime this summer. collector

    Colorado Anyone

    OK Dyno we will try to get everyone to respond and get some ideas. I am so glad you are doing well. I have been thinking about you alot. I will be banded 2 weeks on Friday. Back to work feeling a little weak but doing ok. Post op visit tomorrow and really see how I am doing.

    When stuff gets "stuck"

    Banded 4/13/07 ate some pudding without thinking. I am ok to have it but ate too fast. It goes down so easy. Then noticed feeling sick. Very bloated feeling. Did everything I could not to throw up. And I didn't but was probably 45 minutes before I felt better. Good lesson, eat slow.

    Colorado Anyone

    Hey, collector here. Thinking maybe we should try to plan some kind of get together for the Coloradoan's this summer. I live in Fort Collins but glad to travel south to Denver or Springs. I know for me it would be a great boost. Collector
  15. JACK,CHICKIE,LEATHA THANKS for the great advise. I will just take it slow and heal. Just a breif moment of panic. You guys here are the ones I know I can come to and get answers quickly. Thanks again. I will take all of your tips. Just came back from GNC trying their Isopure zero carb drink. 40gm Protein in a apple melon flavor, clear liquid. So far very good. Good liquid and protein. I will relax and if I remember to breathe I will get through. Thanks again for quick response.:eek: