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    Anybody slurpped down a raw oyster yet? They have lots of Protein and very little fat, but they may not chew up that well. I am a month post-op and looking for interesting options. Sent from my iPad using VST
  2. I also hit goal pretty fast. I was 10 lbs below my goal at 6 months. I eat about 1,800 calories to maintain now with about 120 grams Protein. I stopped exercising because I needed to stop loosing, Looking forward to getting back to that soon. I miss having muscles. Sent from my iPad using VST
  3. BizTraveller

    Guys with low T

    Diagnosing and treating my low T was the most important thing I have done for my health. In a couple of weeks I noticed a dramatic improvement in mental function and mood. The sexual drive was the least of it. I realized I was being treated erroneously for depression for years. Support his treatment. It can be a very big deal. Sent from my iPad using VST
  4. BizTraveller

    Heat/ sweating soo much

    I used to break out in a sweat when I peeled an orange. Now I am down 110 lbs. I am below my goal weight and cold all the time Sent from my iPad using VST
  5. I am 8 months out and can eat almost anything, but flour tortillas, Pasta, and rice feel unpleasant pretty quickly. Sent from my iPad using VST
  6. BizTraveller


    No problem with Moscato. I have a few favorite places in Roma myself. I do wish pasta would go down a little easier.... Sent from my iPad using VST
  7. BizTraveller

    Dehydration long term & dizziness anyone?

    Just want to add my vote. I am 8 months out and 110 lbs down, I have The blood tests and blood pressure of an 18-year old, this week I have fainted and fallen twice when getting up quickly from laying down on the couch. I have bee pretty lax about caffeine and alcohol lately. I am going to watch that and follow this thread. This can be pretty serious. I fell hard the last time. If I had hit something on the way down it could have been real serious. Sent from my iPad using VST
  8. BizTraveller

    Passed out

    I have the same problem. I came off my blood pressure meds right after surgery with no problems. Now I am 8 months out and I am stable with 110 lbs weight loss. I have problems with dizziness when I get up, and I have fainted and fallen twice. I am being very careful when I get up now. I am being real careful about getting my fluids, and I am exercising more to see if that helps. There seems to be very few treatment options. Sent from my iPad using VST
  9. Congrats! It is really not the big deal people make it out to be. I started the occasional drink at 99 days and still made goal at three months. It is nice to feel normal. Sent from my iPad using VST
  10. BizTraveller

    BP problems

    I lost 100 lbs in 5 months and then another 10 lbs in the last 2 months. I have had more than a few dizzy spells from low BP. Hydration seems to help. Alcohol makes it worse. I am hoping for some improvement as time goes by. Sent from my iPad using VST
  11. BizTraveller

    How long until "real" food?

    +1 on this. I started drinking the occasional beer at 3 months. I drink several a week now. I still made goal in 5 months, and at 7 months I am below my target and so trying to gain a few pounds back. My Dr and NUT say that stretching a sleeve is nearly impossible. I never cease to be amazed at the inconsistent and contradictory advice we get from our professionals. You would think there would actually be some science written down someplace. My wife had a bypass 10 years ago and never got anywhere near the weight loss she desired. But that was because she ate around the surgery. I'd guess that is a lot more common than stretching sleeves.
  12. BizTraveller

    How long until "real" food?

    I had the same worries. I love food and I am a serious world traveller. I could be a producer for Anthony Bourdain. I was eating satay and grilled stingray at my favorite Hawker Center in Singapore 6 1/2 weeks post-op. At 8 weeks I was eating seafood tapas in Mallorca. At 12 weeks it was Pub food in the.Soho neighborhood of London. At 14 weeks I was living on Ceviche in Santiago Chile. Here is a picture of dinner in Singapore. No worries.... Sent from my iPad using VST
  13. I was at a BMI of 34.9 for my surgery on July 11. 5 months later I was down 101 lbs with a BMI of 25. Leveling off at target weight mow. Just follow the program and it works. Sent from my iPad using VST
  14. BizTraveller

    Anyone have bcbs federal?

    Same experience. I changed to BCBS in anticipation of the surgery. It is the best you can get.
  15. BizTraveller

    Hey July Sleevers!

    Today is 5 months Post-Op. I am down 100 and basically at my oak weight. I just ate a lot if Protein and kept he calories around 1000. I never really had a stall. Now I am ramping up o 1500 calories to maintain. Sent from my iPad using VST
  16. I have done a few trips around the world since I had my surgery a few months ago. The best bet is always seafood. Try to avoid the shared apettizer that normally starts the meal. It is amazing what you can push away from without anyone noticing. Just take a bit and leave the rest. I have made it through10 course Chinese banquets that way, Asian food is the most sleeve friendly, just skip the rice. Europe is very tough. Lunches and airline meals all involve a wafer-thin slice of meat or cheese on a big baguette. MIddle East was also easy. They serve dishes in a more communcal style and you can pick what you like while fitting right in. This is very hard for guys, but it is surprising how little everybody else notices.
  17. BizTraveller

    Hey July Sleevers!

    July 11 Surgery. Down 96. 5lbs to goal. Sent from my iPad using VST
  18. I am 16 weeks post op and I have dropped 85 pounds to hit my initial goal of 190. I plan to drop another 15 so I have some room to bounce back. I do not plan to live like a saint.
  19. Thanks everyone. It did come off fast. Now my plan is to start a makeover on the rest of my life. Some of the best days of my life have been volunteering to support humanitarian airlift missions. Now that my body will support my passions, it is time to get out and do important things in some crazy places.
  20. BizTraveller

    Shrimp! Who Would Have Thought!

    I am writing from the airport in Santiago Chile. I have been pounding down ceviche all week. It is perfect sleeve food. I even had enough carbs left over to have a beer. Sent from my iPad using VST
  21. BizTraveller

    "normal Life" Down The Road?

    I have averaged a trip around the world once a month for the last 6 years. I am now 14 weeks post op and have been to Singapore Mallorca, London, Geneva, Montreal, and Amman Jordan, since surgery. Singapore was effortless. Satay, Hawker food, crab, fish and dim sum. You can eat in Asia like Anthony Bourdain. Spain was harder than I expected. I leaned heavily into Tapas (which I love) but there is a huge amount of bread and rice in the cuisine. I really had to work to get Protein, and had to rely on Protein Bars more than I would like. In London I managed pretty well on good meat pies without the crust, Fish and chips without the chips, roast beef without the pudding, bangers without much mash. Again, it was a little tough because there is such a heavy reliance on pastries for Breakfast and sandwiches with only a trace of protein. I had to go for the occasional sashimi to get my protein. Switzerland was tough. Bread, cheese pastries and rosti potatoes. I was able to hit a Belgium restaurant for some moules and frites. The also had some hearty stews. Just back from Amman yesterday and that was easy. Hummus, Labneh, grilled meats, Hamour (I think that is Tilapia). Even the traditional breakfast of Foul Beans has a fair dose of protein. I hit Montreal for the second time tomorrow. This time of year there will be lots of game and oysters. I will have to avoid Poutine and the Montreal Bagels. I will see if I can get some good smoked meat. Of course steak and frites is a classic at St. Jean's in both Montreal and Paris, I just go light on the frites. I hit Santiago next weekend. I plan to go with Ceviche for my lean protein along with grilled meats. The wine is great there. That will be a temptation. So you can do pretty well with a sleeve even early on. Of course it will be much easier when I am on maintenance instead of a thousand calories a day. There is life after the sleeve. Sent from my iPad using VST
  22. BizTraveller

    1 in 200 die ?

    Please read this link that was posted elsewhere. The 1 in 200 data is seriously outdated and just plain wrong. http://asmbs.org/benefits-of-bariatric-surgery/ I am disappointed that people are quoting ancient data, consider going to a bariatric center of excellence that has a real travk record and real numbers. My weight loss surgical center has done several thousand procedures and have only had 3 leaks ( much less deaths). Also don't forget that every year you live with a BMI over 40, you have a substantial risk of dying from obesity related conditions. Being a 100 pounds over weight is dangerous, that is why they call a " morbid". Sent from my iPad using VST
  23. BizTraveller

    Need Breakfast Ideas...?

    Not really low cal, but a nice change of pace is corned beef hash. It is extremely easy on a sleeve, and tastes like amazing after a couple months on shakes and scrambled eggs. You need to fry it hard and put a good crust on it. Check the stats. Not as bad as you expect for a quarter cup. Sent from my iPad using VST
  24. BizTraveller

    Does Vsg=Lactose Intolerance?

    I developed lactose intolerance about 6 weeks post-op. I noticed my Premier shakes were consistently sending me to the bathroom 30 minutes after drinking them. I have no problems with Greek yogurt, and I eat plenty if that in the hope that I can re-seed my gut with the right bacteria. I basically stopped drinking shakes. When I am working or traveling, I find it easier to pack a bag of Jerky or a Quest Protein bar anyway. Getting off shakes has been no big deal. Sent from my iPad using VST

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