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  1. I'm 5'9" and 219 right now. Size 14 /lg I want to be out of double digits. At 145 I was a size 4. 15 years ago. Goal is 155-160
  2. WLJourneyJ

    3 Months. 60 Lbs ( Pic)

    Thanks everyone. Anna. I am pretty sure ill need a tummy tuck too. It's not as bad as I thought but DEFINATELY floppy sadly I'll see..... But I'm saving up already. Ha ha ha!
  3. WLJourneyJ

    But I Do Wanna Be A Size 6

    i want to be a size 6 too
  4. WLJourneyJ

    2 Years Post Op-Before And After

    You are so teeny tiny. Wow.
  5. I would over eat and make bad choices. The reduction of hunger hormone was the most appealing to me. I thought about food all the time! I'm On week 7 now and eating whatever now and I've still eaten say a mozzarella stick but two bites satisfied me vs 5 sticks before My taste buds changed and now I eat less obviously but also crave tomatoes vs cake ( ha ha ha! If youve read my other post) its way easier to make better choices. At a restraunt I want healthier things. Tastes better. . hard to explain. I never thought I'd stop craving French fries Honestly this is one of the best things I've done. I still have a long way to Go but I just got out of " plus size" clothes and that was an awesome feeling!
  6. Caffeine gives me the runs badly. no more Starbucks
  7. WLJourneyJ

    Eating Out

    i have a sip or two of my husbands usually.. but dont order a glass.... i may at a fancy place but im not sure i'd finish it. otherwise i'd not have enough room for food
  8. WLJourneyJ

    How Many Pounds?

    I need to lose 130 total. I'm one month plus one week out and down 36. It's slowed to about 3-4/ week now the past two Weeks
  9. in week 5.... i just usually am uncomfy full after every meal and i want to make sure i'm not eating too much... dang.
  10. So i'm eating well, Protein etc... but i'm not sure if its because i'm eating too fast or what but i eat about 3-4 oz a meal and then all of a sudden i'm SOOOOO full uncomfortably full.... and i notice i can eat a little more than i could like 2 weeks ago (2-3 oz) I still feel kinda hungry at 2 oz.. (where as before I didnt) but then all of a sudden one bite will push me over. I went out to eat yesterday with a friend. I ordered sliders burgers and just ate the burger. They were like maybe 1 1/2" accross (small) I ate not quite two patties... i was fine, fine.. and then all of a sudden bam.. WAY too full that i threw up (first time ever.. not even after surgery) Now i'm panicking that because almost every meal i get this full i'm stretching out my stomach.
  11. WLJourneyJ

    Considering Surgery In Mexico....

    dr. kelly (loved him) did not require a deposit. I do not regret my Mexico decision a bit... i felt i got great care and it went very smoothly. I'd absolutely go back for plastics after my weight loss is all done
  12. week 1 clear liq week 2 full liq week 3 purees week 4 soft week 5 low sugar/low carb but anything i'm week 5. yay
  13. but then where does teh weight go? just vanishes? how does your body rid itself of weight?
  14. yes.. that is it! so its eating too much you think? dang.. it seems like i eat so little... i can take much smaller bites though... i take kinda normalish bites... and dont think i chew enough... i have to train myself....
  15. WLJourneyJ

    Dr. Kelly's Patients - Important!

    Huh. I did one Surgery was July 11.

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