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  1. Pre-OpLoser619

    What's Up Kc Group?

    Looks like nothings been going on in here since July of last year. Would sure like to hear how you all are doing these days... I am just beginning the process of starting my 3 month supervised diet. Hope you all are doing great! Heather
  2. Also she didn't ask for people to be all, nope I did fine... She asked if there were things people wished they'd known prior to surgery. That's what this thread should be about! The rest of the forum is filled with success stories and I don't think the negative side gets truly represented enough on this site. Even people who had major complications and months of suffering are so disillusioned that they are like oh well this is the best thing ever... I'm sorry, but if I'd gone through what some people have I would not be painting such a pretty picture of it. I'm super excited for those that do have great successes, but lets also remember there are those that don't and they should also be able to feel validated here as well.
  3. Congrats! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers!
  4. Pre-OpLoser619

    So Conflicted...

    Thanks everyone! Your words comforted me and made me relax a little and realize I still have time to think about it and think about the long term results and not just how easy and comfortable it is right now. I'm definitely gonna make some lists about my habits etc when I'm stressed etc and see if I can figure out if I can overcome those things without turning to foods. Normally, with me, I would stay with a diet for maybe a month and then have a bad day or week, lol...and then say forget it. I would struggle every single day to stick with it. Now, though, I don't find myself struggling with the diet at all, I'm exercising for the first time in a long time and not feeling like it's torturous... Idk... You all gave me alot to think about, so thanks!
  5. Pre-OpLoser619

    So Conflicted...

    I came to this forum so sure the sleeve was THE answer for me... I'm in my second month of three till my paperwork will be submitted to insurance for approval... However... As I have gone through these last two months of starting my fitness pal, talking to everyone (you all, docs, nuts, etc.), maintaining a 12-1300 calorie diet, starting to walk on the treadmill for 30 mins each day, losing 20+ lbs on my own with no real struggle I have begun to think maybe I can do this on my own without surgery... Then I waiver as I fear failure once again... I'm so tired of bouncing back and forth! I'm looking for some kind of sign, lol, of what to do...
  6. Pre-OpLoser619

    Surgery In 8 Hours....

    Good luck! I'm sure things will be fine. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers!
  7. Pre-OpLoser619

    Why Are/were You Fat?

    All of your stories are heartbreaking and yet so inspiring at the same time. I have mentioned on this forum several times, that heavy people are some of the strongest, bravest people I have ever met not only because of the prejudices and cruelty we face each day as heavy people but because I am all too aware of the trauma that many of us have gone through that helped form our poisonous relationship with food. I too suffered through horrible things as a child and I suppose throughout my life so far. For a long time those things drove me to be a perfectionist and over achiever, except where food was concerned. Food was my friend, it reminded me of some of the best times in my life vs the ugly that was rattling around in my head. I was sad, I ate. I was happy, I ate. I was mad, I ate. I was stressed, I ate. See the common theme there. It wasn't until my miracle was born almost 5 years ago that I really began to examine myself, my thoughts, everything. It took me almost 5 years and a couple of scary close calls in the er to really shake me and wake me up that if I didn't change, really change, I wouldn't be around to see my daughter grow up or grow old with my husband. I had gotten pcos, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and most recently fibromyalgia and autoimmune issues yet all of this and all the meds didn't wake me up to what I was doing... Slowly killing myself. It was the accumulation of all these things and also the grace of God that finally made me see things clearly for the first time in 37 years. Whether I end up having this surgery or not... I know things will be different this time and I will get to my goal either way! Thanks for letting me share my story!
  8. Pre-OpLoser619

    Almost 4 Months Out! :-)

    Woohoo! You are doing awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!
  9. Pre-OpLoser619

    Little Faith Here

    I agree with everything chickadee said! You CAN do this!
  10. Pre-OpLoser619

    Anyone Get A Spinal For Surgery?

    I've heard people say they asked their surgeon for a video of their surgery...
  11. Pre-OpLoser619

    Before And After I Hope It Worked

    Congrats... You look amazing and this is so inspiring. Helps me keep in mind why I'm doing this!
  12. Pre-OpLoser619

    Any September People

    Yeah...go back in, edit and just type delete or something
  13. Pre-OpLoser619

    15 Hours

    Awesome! Keep going... It'll get easier as you go.
  14. Pre-OpLoser619

    On My Way !

    Congrats! Way to go... And yes He is!
  15. That sucks! I have alot of health issues and have come to realize that these days you pretty much have to be your own advocate or things don't get done. Annoying I know!
  16. Is your doc just against the surgery all together? At least you have another option.
  17. Pre-OpLoser619

    Shopping At Home

    Thats great! I can't wait to do that too. I have so many smaller size (only a couple of sizes smaller, cuz I've always been bigger) clothes I can't wait to wear again. Congrats!
  18. Pre-OpLoser619

    Salad Dressing

    Yes definitely need good carbs too! None of this processed stuff though... Sugars, hfcs, etc. you can get plenty of carbs with nice healthy veggies! Everything, imo, is about balance. I don't think it's healthy to ever exclude something completely unless you are allergic or something.
  19. Pre-OpLoser619

    Salad Dressing

    Yes we need fats! Fat doesn't make you fat. Our brains are 2/3 fat. Granted it's a different fat than what is on our abdomin. So yes in moderation enjoy full fat dressings, butter, etc.
  20. Hi there... I have ibs and lots of the other stuff you mentioned. Although my ibs is not as severe as yours. I don't think it will stop you from having surgery though. I'm fairly sure you will still be able to do this despite your food issues. Most people end up unable to tolerate dairy and some of the other things you can't have till further out anyways and most people eat protein first and don't have room for a lot else... I think you'll do fine!
  21. Pre-OpLoser619

    Question About Oatmeal

    What about adding some protein powder to your oatmeal to bring that up and counteract the carbs... Just a thought.
  22. Not sure what the medical review is but good luck anyways!

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