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  1. karenb4729

    Low calorie and emotional equilibrium

    Yes, I have experienced the same thing. I was just talking to my therapist yesterday as I'm currently dealing with Anorexia.... go figure obese to anorexic. Anyway, there was a study done in the 1940's call the Minnesota Starvation Study and they found that when you are starving the body of food one of the main side effects is depression. For most of my weight loss and even after hitting my goal I stayed at 600 to 800 calories a day... it was not enough and the depression hit big time to the point where I can't function day to day. Losing weight is not an easy journey.
  2. karenb4729

    Cellucor C4

    I just tried this for the first time on Thursday. It made me pretty sick after my workout - took a full scoop and probably should have only tried 1/2 scoop to start. Probably won't try this again.
  3. I think I will add in the fact that as we age we need less calories. What you can eat to maintain at age 30 is not what you can do at age 40 or 50 even with the same activity level. Frankly that's true whether you have had surgery or not. You do have to remain vigilant with the scale and address any gains as soon as possible.
  4. karenb4729

    Down Over 140...Tools for Success

    I really agree with this post especially with regards to My Fitness Pal. To start making changes we need to be honest with ourselves so it's important to know what kind of fuel you are feeding your body. Anything that goes in my mouth must be input into MFP before I eat it. Often I find I make different choices when I look up a food and see the nutritional information. The other key and big change in my life has been incorporating exercise - I would have never ever seen myself as a "gym rat" but that's what I have become. The friends I have made at the gym have become very important to me and its really special that I have become an inspiration for others. This journey is really what you make of it and for each of us very individual. One thing I do know, you will have to make changes for life in order for this or any other weight loss surgery to work. It really is only a tool.
  5. What I have seen is that if your are an "apple shape" person before the surgery you will still be an "apple" shape person afterwards. I always carried my weight in my butt and thighs so more "pear" shape. My stomach is pretty darn flat now except for the loose skin but it doesn't hang, it's just sort of shriveled over my abs.
  6. karenb4729

    Does size matter?

    Most surgeons use a size that they are comfortable with - mine used a 40F because he believed it resulted in less complications. I started at 271lbs and 13 months later I'm at 125lbs.... got to goal. So its really more about what you do with what you have been given.
  7. Well, I can tell you one way to gain weight. Start drinking Ensure. Most of the weight I gained as an adult came after my diagnosis with cancer. Up until that diagnosis I always weight in the 120's but I had to go through a year of chemo, couldn't keep much in the way of food down so I was told to drink Ensure. Its a very high calorie protein drink and it helped me put on 60 lbs. From there I kept climbing up but that's another story and the reason I ended up here with the sleeve.
  8. karenb4729

    Does anyone feel like they have lost too much weight?

    How tall are you? I'm at 132 and feel good being within the 130 range but if I were down to 110 (which is what I weighed all through High School) then I would really feel too skinny and I would be hitting up Starbucks for a frappe or a milkshake. With a sleeve if you want to gain then drink those calories.
  9. I do an hour a day and switch it up from day to day because your body will get use to the same exercise.
  10. karenb4729

    I guess im a slow loser

    You are doing great! I think it's a misconception that you lose faster when you have had this surgery than without the surger. We lose fast that first month and afterwards it slows down depending on the amount you have to lose. Part of that is because the heavier you are the more calories you burn in just moving your body around. I could spend an hour on the elliptical at the gym and when I weighed 200 lbs I would burn 500+ calories in an hour, now that I'm at 134 lbs that exact same workout doesn't even hit 300 calories. I'm going to post my month to month weight loss so you can see. M 1 – 21 LBS M 2 – 3.2 LBS M 3 – 11.2 LBS M 4 – 6 LBS M 5 – 5.2 LBS M 6 – 2 LBS M 7 – 8.2 LBS M 8 – 9.4 LBS M 9 – 10.6 LBS M 10 – 7.2
  11. karenb4729

    Long-term results?

    So, for some of us we never lost the hunger. That being said, the hunger isn't quite as bad as before surgery. Since I went through surgery it has been my focus to reach goal and during that process my habits have really changed. Now, I'm exercising daily and have a strong network of friends at the gym, I also stay within my eating plan and stay away from my trigger foods. In fact, if I'm going to indulge say in a bit of ice cream then first I have to exercise and burn at least the amount of calories I'm going to eat - usually when I do that I realize that I don't want to waste that exercise in something like empty calories and instead opt to have something healthier for me. Anyway, that's my experience and I'm almost 11 months out.
  12. karenb4729

    Bougie Size and Restriction

    My Doctor used a 40f and I had no problems getting in my liquid but he had me work up to 64 ounces, he didn't require it upfront. I'm almost 10 months out, still have decent restriction and still measure all my food so I don't eat more than 3 ounces of meet and then usually some spinach if I have room. Only a few pounds from goal too!
  13. karenb4729

    5 days left! Doubts set in

    Let me tell you a story.... When I started looking into WLS I did it because what I really thought was if I had to do a structured diet for 6 months I would find that I could do this on my own. Well darn it, my isurance didn't require any type of 6 month diet or anything other than 5 years BMI at 40 or more. I knew I would be approved right away for surgery so I gave it one last shot on my own and after 3 months and only losing 10lbs I finally said to myself "F" it, I haven't lost the weight on my own in 23 year and I probably still won't and decided at the point to go through with surgery. My surgeon required a 30 day pre-op diet that is 30 grams of carbs or less and low and behold the weight started dropping off.... it fell off so fast that again I began to think that maybe I could just do it on my own. Thankfully reason again took over but the morning of my surgery I laid there and cried and apoligized to my huband that I couldn't do this on my own. Fast forward to today.... 9 months out of surgery, 121 lbs lost, 10 lbs from a normal BMI. YES, I'm so glad that I went this route. And, even though I have a small stomach because of the surgery I really do feel like I did it on my own because its still up to me to decide what to put in my small stomach and its me that's busting my butt in the gym everyday. This tool that I have has allowed me to do this on my own and I'm so very grateful! You can do this too!!
  14. I had a 4 week pre-op diet of 30 grams of carbs or less. For me, I actually started the diet two months early and so lost 27 lbs prior to my surgery. The two days before surgery I had liquid only as required.
  15. I ate nothing during my first week after surgery because I was on liquids only for the first two weeks.

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