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  1. Thinmint
    I have reached the 100 lb mark and only have 15 more lbs to go for Goal #2. It is harder to loose now that I am close to the goal, but I am loving it. I will get those 15 lbs and be at 195 lbs where I was when I got married 28 years ago. I love working out can't wait for the day to start. I found that if you workout first thing in the morning your day is awsome, yes it is hard at first because that means getting up about a hour earlier and going to bed and hour earlier but let me tell you how great it makes me feel everyday. Can't tell you I loved it at first (whole month) but now you could not pull me away from it. Hope everyone is doing great, if not hang in there and try the morning exercise.

  2. Thinmint
    WOW - seems like it is just melting off...... Love it. I took some pictures the first guy is busting out of his Jeans the 5th guy is in 2 pants sizes down and the last guy is starting to shrink in the new jeans. You have got to check out the album for Pondurosa to smallville. This is exciting...... can't wait to bust into the 250's

  3. Thinmint
    Wow 17 weeks out and I am in Size 38 just think a whole foot. I am on my 3rd Belt and a whole bunch of pants..... Thanks for Walmart I keep changing every 4 weeks. If you want to see a side by side pictures for the whole 17 weeks check out my pictures and weight Graph.
  4. Thinmint
    I wanted to let everyone know who visits this site how I feel about the sleeve. I got my sleeve done in Las Vegas by Dr Thomas Umbach on 2/24/2010. (About 12 weeks ago) IT IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOULD DO IT AGAIN NO QUESTIONS. I have actually felt NO pain from the surgery at anytime. I have lost 78 lbs in 12 weeks now I would say I also work out everyday as well. Check out my pictures and you will see a weight chart and weekly side by side pictures. For those that are on the fence as I have read don't be on the fence go for it. I never really feel hungry but I eat because I know I have so many proteins to get in. The stats speak for themselves. This is one excited guy......
  5. Thinmint
    I had to weight 4 times this morning. Wow! 73 lbs in such a short time. I have been working out 6 days a week for about 1/2 hour but I have done that in the past as well, with no weight loss. This sleeve really works well. And the kicker is I never really feel hungry. I have a progression of pictures if you double click my picture to see updates.
  6. Thinmint
    Well I had the sleeve done - This is the story. Left for Vegas on Tuesday got off the plane and headed for my appointment for Pre-surgery - everything was a go. So my wife and I hit the strip and I played black jack and won.... not much but still won. We ate normal and I did not drink alcohol. Went to bed on time for a 7:00am surgery at a surgery center. We had signed up on one of those package deals where the hotel is included. So we were up and headed to the center (by the way rent a car it is better to have the freedom to go) I went in and filled out some more forms and headed to the prep room. Met the anesthesiologist he went through a few items and the nurses were wonderful. Then I saw my Doctor (Thomas Umbach ) not long after that I was being wheeled to the surgery room. I was give something that made me feel very sleepy but could understand everyone. Then told to breath deeply two breaths and I don?t remember anything except being woke up saying surgery went fine and it is done. This was about 10:30 or so I think. Surgery was about an hour and recovery 2 . I took some pill for pain and they started me walking. It did not hurt to walk so I kept going after hearing everyone on this site telling me how walking really helped. Dr Umbach also installed a pain drip system that hung around my neck and had some small tubes planted around where the surgery took place, with a big ball that would dissipate in 3 days, this provided a pain free experience. I was released at noon to go back to my hotel which I walked and slept and drank water (very very very small sips) the fist night I had some small discomfort felt like acid reflux so I called the doc on his cell phone which was nice about 10pm and he said I could get some pepto or any over the counter acid reducer I wanted. My wife drove out to get it and also got liquid Tylenol which I recommend very much. I burped a lot and had to raise my arms when drinking water to get it down. The doc said for the first day my stomach would be swollen and until it went down it would be a bit tough. It was, but by the end of the next day it eased up. Sleeping and walking is the trick and the Tylenol made everything right as rain. On Friday we went back for a follow up with the doctor, and everything was perfect so we said our good bys and we headed for the Hoover Damn wanted to see it. I even drove ? I don?t feel the surgery hardly at all it is the drinking that lets me know it is there. So we got back from there and got our flight out back to Kansas City ? Because I have traveled so much we both were in first class so that was nice, bigger seats if you know what I mean. This is the first day back home and since the 2 weeks prior with the protein shakes to today I am down 27 lbs. I am just starting to feel hungry this whole time prior I have not had a desire to eat. I have force the drinking because I know that is good for me. I hope this helps with those who have not taken the plunge yet. I plan to keep you up to date on the progress. My doctor told me to walk everyday so my wife and I are headed to the gym in a little while, course I will be on slow mo for a while. Thanks for listening and hope it helps someone else.
  7. Thinmint
    4 weeks out 47 lbs down, down 2 pants sizes - noticing skin is loose but not sagging, I am concerned but when I watch the TV show the biggest looser the skin seems to pull up on the folks my size. I am hitting the gym everyday as well. I would like to hear your stories on skin .....

  8. Thinmint
    Went to the Kansas Games yesterday KU and KSU and both won so today they will be playing each other. Yes I have a ticket for that as well. In the box seats you get fed as well as drinks. I was kinda scared of what I would be facing since this is week 3. I know I should not hit any beer because of the fizz. However, I did have a Jack over Ice and took very little sips and was amazed that it did not effect me at all. I also had some barbeque pork that did not effect me either. I did notice that it took a whole game (KU) to have approx 1 inch of Jack over ice. As the ice melted the drink seemed to keep refilling itself. So the 2nd game (KSU) I tried a Captain Morgan with a diet coke very little diet coke because of the fizz but I knew that alcohol would reduce the fizz. Again no issue and it took the whole game to get it down. But it was very enjoyable. I thought this would impact the weight loss but when I weighted this morning another 2 lbs down. I know this was probably wrong but I have not had a drink in 6 weeks kinda felt good. by the way you only need a few sips to start a buzz on.... seems it goes to the small intestine quickly and then well you know. Just thought I would share that with you. Later today I get to go to the big game here in Kansas both KU and KSU are a big deal fighting it out, The place will be a mad house. And the power and light district will be party zone central.

  9. Thinmint
    I am coming up on two weeks and I still can't eat very much before I am full, when does that sort of diminish? I have lost 41 lbs including pre-op so the weight has really fallen off me. I am just starting to feel a little tired. So is that just vitamins? Guess I don't understand how the starting real food affects everything. I am just getting to where I can drink a normal sip of water, food heck I can't eat anything before I am full. Did you guys have that issue. When I eat it takes about 1 1/2 hours for just a small amount is that normal? Ring me back on this I am interested.

  10. Thinmint
    Started taking digital pictures of each week. I will share them when it makes sense. However, shirt is off and I am standing sideways ugly can not explain this....... Has anyone done this and shared it???:w00t:
  11. Thinmint
    I am a week and half away from getting the sleeve and have a small sore throat. I am mad but worried about what to do.... trip is planned I hope it goes away but any help out there...... I don't want to take anything being this close so. What would the Doc say.....
  12. Thinmint
    Good news today everything is finished and planned. Just waiting for the day 24th - the more stuff I read on this blog the more excited I am to get it on. So Thanks for the time you have spent telling me your stories. I have made the Gym 5 days in a row now up to 1/2 hour on the mill plus weights. Shakes and one lean and green meal is working ok - more excited than hungry. :w00t:
  13. Thinmint
    Well I have started the count down process after meeting with the Nutritionist the following things have happened. She told me to go to the gym every day whether I worked out or not just to get in the habit. Of course you can't go to the gym and not work out, so my muscles are screaming at me, but I do feel like I am giving it my all. The other thing that I am doing is putting a watch on the other side of my plate for dinner and she told me to look at what I had on the plate and estimate how to eat it in a half hour. You would think that is easy but try it. That has been incredible, where I used to eat very fast and get more. I find it hard to finish what I have and I have not had surgery yet. That is so cool..... We also went shopping for the protein powders to mix and I found one that is really great ... zero carb, Zero Fat, 24G of protein per scoop. Chocolate truffle and more. I am trying to sip it and take the half hour to down it as well just to stay honest with the process that I was given. So far it is not been hard just sore from working out. I will keep you posted on the process.:001_tt2:
  14. Thinmint
    I guess I am not crazy - passed the psych review - no brainer..... However, the nutrition consult raised some issues.
    Had dinner with my wife tonight and put my watch in on the other side of my plate to take a full 30 minutes to eat my meal. This was tough for a person who has always played wolf. Next I plan to get up at 4:00 AM to go to the Gym - maybe that Psych review is wrong. I am going to give my full self to this so that nothing will get in my way. Fact is I have never been on a Blog prior to this but was told it really is a help when you need it. So you have to put up with my ramblings if your going to help me. Maybe some of this will be a help to you as well.:001_tt2:
  15. Thinmint
    Everyone, I have a friend who is going to get the Lap Band and I am going after the sleeve. After careful review I believe the sleeve will be a better fit for me. I have noticed on some of your closing some say band out sleeve in. What is that all about? Did some of you get the band and that did not work for you?? What is the bad side of the band so my friend can understand the view points of those who have done both. Both of our appointments are coming up at the end of the month and this would be great info.:001_tt2:
  16. Thinmint
    Hey, seeing lots of Finance questions on the Blog. I have to pay on my own but I signed up for FSA at work which is taking money out of my check for the surgery pre-tax. Which I thought would be tough however, the pre-tax benefit allowed really saves a huge amount of money. This could be an option for those self pay folks. The money is available upfront for the surgery and you have all year to pay it back so pre-tax and upfront money. Even though I have the money for the surgery I am going this way and saving my cash.:001_tt2:
  17. Thinmint
    I am 50 and very tired of being Fat. My wife is perfect in every way and Loves me to death even tho I am large and she is (Perfect). I am scheduled for the Sleeve on 2/24/2010 and I have been told I am going to have a diet approx 2 weeks prior to this. What exactly is the diet, I don't want to wait to get it and want my surgery to be the best it can be. Is it low carb kinda like the Adkins diet? Any help out there.
  18. Thinmint
    I am getting ready to go to a Family re-union and no one knows I have done this - it has been hard to hold back but in a few more days they will have some EYE Candy. Last time we got together was about a year ago, and I was at my heaviest. I have sense lost 105 lbs with only 11 lbs to go to reach my 2nd goal. The first goal was 100 lbs. 2nd goal is to weigh 195. Check out the pictures from last week. I think I am going to tell them I was on the biggest looser and they should watch the show to see me next season. Pull the string some until it is time to go. I will let you know how it goes.
  19. Thinmint
    I am coming up on two weeks and I still can't eat very much before I am full, when does that sort of diminish? I have lost 41 lbs including pre-op so the weight has really fallen off me. I am just starting to feel a little tired. So is that just vitamins? Guess I don't understand how the starting real food affects everything. I am just getting to where I can drink a normal sip of water, food heck I can't eat anything before I am full. Did you guys have that issue. When I eat it takes about 1 1/2 hours for just a small amount is that normal? Ring me back on this I am interested.

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