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  1. Thinmint

    Mark this day I have reach Major Goal #1

    I have reached the 100 lb mark and only have 15 more lbs to go for Goal #2. It is harder to loose now that I am close to the goal, but I am loving it. I will get those 15 lbs and be at 195 lbs where I was when I got married 28 years ago. I love working out can't wait for the day to start. I found that if you workout first thing in the morning your day is awsome, yes it is hard at first because that means getting up about a hour earlier and going to bed and hour earlier but let me tell you how great it makes me feel everyday. Can't tell you I loved it at first (whole month) but now you could not pull me away from it. Hope everyone is doing great, if not hang in there and try the morning exercise.
  2. The best decision you will ever make - I studied the choices for a year and this is the best. It was actually created to help those get down to a safe weight to have the bypass..... but lots of them never came back to get the bypass because they were doing great. This process has not been around that long. It is predicted to soon replace the band as a better choice.
  3. Thinmint

    Can I still have surgery with a sinus infection?

    It should be OK because they will load you up with antibiotics because of the surgery. I was also sick but my surgery went fine. By the way if you have acid reflux please get an acid reducer because you will notice the acid more and sooner. I thought I would not need the acid pill any longer but that is not the case. You can read my blog on (I did it) to hear the story from start to finish on the surgery itself.
  4. I wanted to let everyone know who visits this site how I feel about the sleeve. I got my sleeve done in Las Vegas by Dr Thomas Umbach on 2/24/2010. (About 12 weeks ago) IT IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOULD DO IT AGAIN NO QUESTIONS. I have actually felt NO pain from the surgery at anytime. I have lost 78 lbs in 12 weeks now I would say I also work out everyday as well. Check out my pictures and you will see a weight chart and weekly side by side pictures. For those that are on the fence as I have read don't be on the fence go for it. I never really feel hungry but I eat because I know I have so many proteins to get in. The stats speak for themselves. This is one excited guy......
  5. Thinmint

    I am Sleeved!!!

    Congrats - now for the learning how to live with a great change..... Eat very slowly and chew it to bits is all I can say for now. If you eat to fast you will not feel the pain until it is tooooo late. Slow and search for the feeling of when to stop. You will find it does not take long to get full.... I am at 11 weeks and down 73 lbs. See my pictures of each week side profile
  6. Thinmint

    Starting Week 11 down 73 lbs

    I had to weight 4 times this morning. Wow! 73 lbs in such a short time. I have been working out 6 days a week for about 1/2 hour but I have done that in the past as well, with no weight loss. This sleeve really works well. And the kicker is I never really feel hungry. I have a progression of pictures if you double click my picture to see updates.
  7. Thinmint

    Date Change and Vacation

    PRE-OP diet - they told me it would help moving the Liver out of the way for surgery. All I know is it helped with the post OP because if you think the amount in pre-op was small just wait. The great thing about post op is you really don't care if you eat but you know you have to..... Good luck and it is the best thing you can do.... Almost 5 weeks out and melting away
  8. Thinmint

    No vacation for me:-(

    DeeDee I saw this flyer for cheap vacations to the beech and or cruise's - I have not called yet but will when the weather is a bit hotter. 1-800-563-5036 (I mean so cheap it sounds to good to be true) just say you saw a flyer on it. Hope that helps....
  9. Thinmint

    Fighting my way out of the "dead zone"

    I just had it done coming up on 4 weeks now.... I can tell you I was concerned but it was actually the easiest sugery I ever had. Now the eating part is a different story. The amount you can eat in the first few weeks is very very very little. However, you don't feel hungry so heck that is sort of easy also. You look at food differently like how can anyone possibly eat a subway foot long. When I know I have eaten 1 and 1/2 of them myself. When I see ads on TV I can't believe what I am seeing in the full plates of food. The amount you need to be full will surprise you. Go for it I have now lost 49 lbs and still going. I am also going to the gym and just sort of walking on the eliptical machine. I hear the band only limits food so you still feel hungry with this you don't feel the hunger and if you do it is no where even close to what you use to feel.
  10. Thinmint


    I am in week 4 and I am using a water bottle that does not tip because it has a built in straw. I swish it around a bit before swalling but use it exclusively.
  11. Thinmint


    240 man you have me beat already..... I started at 311 .... the 1st two weeks you will find you can only eat very very little and feel comfortable. They tell me it eases up after that and tonight I felt it was starting to happen. Good luck and get some liquid tylenol after day one I took some and slept like a baby. For the first 3 days I felt like I had a lot of acid so I also took some acid reducers. Outside of that everything was great. Hope yours is just as good.
  12. Thinmint

    2 WKs Out - FOOD ISSUES Need Help

    Thanks I will try the warm fluids first, I did notice hot soups went down well.... but not really any protien in that.
  13. Thinmint


    Chocolate is the only one I like
  14. Thinmint

    I did it !!!!! I did it !!!!

    DeeDee and Tiffykins you guys have been great with everyone.... thanks for the support and cheer you always give.
  15. Thinmint

    reconsidering lap band

    Welcome..... I was set and ready for the Band myself and my doctor recommended the Sleeve so I held back and decided to do lots more research. I have decided it is the way to go for me. This site is also great and I come to read everyday. I hope you make the right decision for yourself. I like the fact that the hormone that generates hunger is greatly deminished which sold me over the band which I read post about others being hungry all the time. Well good luck with your decision.
  16. Thinmint

    Starting the two weeks prior to Surgery

    Well I have started the count down process after meeting with the Nutritionist the following things have happened. She told me to go to the gym every day whether I worked out or not just to get in the habit. Of course you can't go to the gym and not work out, so my muscles are screaming at me, but I do feel like I am giving it my all. The other thing that I am doing is putting a watch on the other side of my plate for dinner and she told me to look at what I had on the plate and estimate how to eat it in a half hour. You would think that is easy but try it. That has been incredible, where I used to eat very fast and get more. I find it hard to finish what I have and I have not had surgery yet. That is so cool..... We also went shopping for the protein powders to mix and I found one that is really great ... zero carb, Zero Fat, 24G of protein per scoop. Chocolate truffle and more. I am trying to sip it and take the half hour to down it as well just to stay honest with the process that I was given. So far it is not been hard just sore from working out. I will keep you posted on the process.:001_tt2:
  17. Thinmint

    Pants on the ground (floor)-bariatric version

    I hope my success follows your -- 2 weeks away....
  18. Thinmint

    It's been a few weeks, and it's a done deal!

    Barbara - I am going on the 24th good to hear you did well..... keeps me excited. Good luck and God Bless
  19. Thinmint

    Sleeve vs Lap Band ?

    Everyone, I have a friend who is going to get the Lap Band and I am going after the sleeve. After careful review I believe the sleeve will be a better fit for me. I have noticed on some of your closing some say band out sleeve in. What is that all about? Did some of you get the band and that did not work for you?? What is the bad side of the band so my friend can understand the view points of those who have done both. Both of our appointments are coming up at the end of the month and this would be great info.:001_tt2:
  20. Thinmint

    Sleeve vs Lap Band ?

    Thanks Tiffykins and DeeDee I will give this info to my friend he is still trying to decide
  21. Thinmint

    Self Pay - tax help

    Hey, seeing lots of Finance questions on the Blog. I have to pay on my own but I signed up for FSA at work which is taking money out of my check for the surgery pre-tax. Which I thought would be tough however, the pre-tax benefit allowed really saves a huge amount of money. This could be an option for those self pay folks. The money is available upfront for the surgery and you have all year to pay it back so pre-tax and upfront money. Even though I have the money for the surgery I am going this way and saving my cash.:001_tt2:

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