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  1. Has anyone had this happen. I am allmost 13 months post op and my hair has been comeing out. Much worst then it did early on .
  2. I am 13 months post op. I do exercise at least 30 minutes a day. I just keep loseing the same 3 pounds and then i will gain it back. I bought the shakeology and I was going to replace a meal with that. It has been a slow weight loss for me over the last year.
  3. lowe1961

    A year out and im frustrated

    I to was sleeved same day as you 7-11-12. I have lost 53 pounds and I still have a ways to go. I have been at a stall for 3 months. I ride a spin bike 6x a week for 30 t0 45 min. I am going to change my exercise to T25 with shawn t. I hope this will get things moving again.
  4. If you follow the link below and sign up with bariatic advantage you will get 20.00 in your account with them. https://www.bariatricchoice.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/108909/ enjoy
  5. lowe1961


    procare are chewable's but its only one a day
  6. lowe1961


    I take procare bariatric its only 10.00 a month
  7. If you follow this link below and sign up with them you can get $20.00 in credit with them. I just got some of the protein coco and it really taste good. You can also order vitamins with them.https://www.bariatricchoice.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/108909/
  8. go to this site and sign up and for the first 30.00 you spend with them you will get 20.00 off the purchase https://www.bariatricchoice.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/108909/ enjoy
  9. you are welcome. I just ate the pancakes today by wonderslim.. omg they were just like i remembered pancakes used to taste like. And the sugar free syrup is so good. It is thick suagar free syrup. I have never been able to find a sugar free syrup that was thick. Enjoy...
  10. I just signed up with Bariatric Choice and placed a order with them . If the order is over $30.00 you will get $20.00 off . https://www.bariatricchoice.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/108909 I cant wait to get my stuff from them
  11. yes I have been takeing them. And they did my blood draw last week. Im just waiting to see the Dr. on thursday. I was just wondering if anyone had any insite on it. I will have to wait till Thursday to find out. thank you for responding
  12. I go to the Dr tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone has had this. I have this burning sensation in my stomach in my right side.I have had pain in my belly button area as well. I had my gallbladder removed and i have had my apendix removed. Just wondering if anyone has had this Thank you
  13. lowe1961

    burning in my stomach and 8 months post op

    Well my Dr. said I have a small hernia . I will get it taking care of at the end of the year if I can wait that long. Dr said that was ok.
  14. lowe1961

    13+ Months Out, Still Struggling

    Omg im so glad i saw this post. I thought I was the only one that had struggels. I was sleeved July 11 2012. I have only lost 53 pounds. It has not been a easy road. My husband is over weight. And like you say he supports me but not really. He wants to eat out all the time. And i hate to cook so it does not take much to get me to go . I hate to exercise. I do like to ride bikes. So i bought me a spin bike. And i listen to my music while i ride my bike. I started just doing it for 10 min each day. Then i worked up to 60 minuntes 6 days a week. I can tell you I get grumpy if i dont get my ride in. I think it just makes my head feel better. Its a way to get away from all my worrys. I have been trying to figure this out, I try to eat at least 80 grams of Protein a day. I have to really watch the carbs. I feel like im addicted to them again. For the first time in my life I am putting myself first. I told my husband we can only go out to eat 1x a week. And I have stuck to it. I am tired of being unhealthy, and if he does not want to join me then he will pay the price for it. I work from home and food is all around me. I did go and buy a small tote for my husband and it sits on my frig. I put his junk foods in there. If i dont see it im ok not to eat it. I buy skinny pop , Peanut Butter , rice cakes, Protein Bars, almonds. I try to make them my snack food if i have to have something. I eat my protine first , i eat off a small plate and i use a childs fork to eat with. Just this week i started to only eat at my kitchen table and i turn everything off and i just try to focus on my food. I am a fast eater and I dont chew my food up. So I hope maybe this will help to jump start my weight loss. Im on my fitness pal and i log my food on there. Its nice to see the diary's of other people that will give you some ideas on what to eat. Im only friends with people that have had the surgery on my Fitness pal. Except for my daughter. If you deside to sign up my name is lowe1961. Good luck , I know we can do this. However it is much harder then I thought. I guess I really didnt expect it to be hard.
  15. Just wondering what other complications you have had. I had my sleeve July 2012 and I have this burning in my stomach on the right side. I have acid reflux and i have been on meds for it from the beginging.
  16. lowe1961

    Vets: Calling all consistent loggers on MFP!

    Im 8months post opt my name is lowe1961 on MFP you can add me
  17. I am 8 months out and it seems like all of a sudden I am eating sweets and It is harder to get these out of my system. I can eat much more then I could before. Any advise would be great.
  18. ok i will give that a try. I have not been drinking much water. I need to pick that back up. Thank you
  19. I had my surgery July 11, 2012 so I am just a few days from being 6mts post op. I have lost weight, not a lot it has been 41 lbs so far. I was just wondering when I will start to notice the belly fat going away.
  20. lowe1961

    Hey July Sleevers

    Wow you guys are doing great. I was sleeved July 11, 2012. Im down 41 lbs. I seem to be a slow loser. Oh well at least it is comeing off.
  21. lowe1961

    Who Was Sleeve On July 16 2012

    Wow you guys have really lost a lot of weight. I was sleeved on July 11, 2012. I am down 41 lbs. I dont have any problems with any food. I did have my gall bladder removed 4 months after my surgery. I ride my stationary bike now every day for 40 minutes. I hope to start seeing more of a rapid weight loss.
  22. Thank you for shareing that with us. You are doing great.
  23. Yes you will be able to eat more. And that is very common to have a stall . I have had a lot of them and I am 5 months out.
  24. lowe1961

    5 weeks and weight loss has stalled

    Well I dont have any suggestions. However I can tell you it happens to lots of us. I had a stall at 5 weeks. And I thuoght the same thing I cried and was depressed. But it does not last forever. And I am 5months out. And I have lots of stalls. I just have to wait them out.
  25. lowe1961

    At home Sleep Apnea study?

    I had sleep apnea before my surgery. I had surgery in July. They are droping off a machine to retest me at home this week. I dont know how much it cost cause I have insurance.The machine is just like the one I use for my sleep apnea. Except the machine will adjust the pressure for what I need now. And there is a sd card in the machine that they get the information from once the study is over with. They said it takes about 2 weeks at home.

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