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    nancymm reacted to tabithad in Down 56 lbs, Sleeved Oct 3rd!   
    I feel so good, I am glad I got the surgery.
    Starting weight 325 lbs.
    Current weight 269 lbs.
    Goal 175-200 lbs.
    I'm tall, so 200lbs would be great on me

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    nancymm reacted to courtney333 in June sleever photos   
    I've come a far way to stop now!
    1st picture- 266
    2nd picture-256
    3rd picture-198
    4th picture- 177
    7 months post op on the 18th!
    How's everyone else doing?

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    nancymm reacted to Giselle3264 in Why pictures MATTER!   
    I took some pictures today for my 5-month surgiversary. When I looked at them, I saw every, single pound that I still need to lose (about 40). It was very discouraging.
    Then I looked at the pictures I took 6 weeks pre-op and I saw all the pounds I've already lost.
    I'm so glad I took these early pictures. I'm sure I'll be happy in a few months I took the ones today.
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    nancymm reacted to elektrik_rose in Any Dec 13 Sleevers?   
    I'm December 12th
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    nancymm reacted to backtotherealme in Any Dec 13 Sleevers?   
    I am scheduled for the 18th but would love to find someone close to my date- kind of that you go first mentality so you can let me know what to expect:) I just started my first day of pre-op diet- any tips for this 10 day journey?
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    nancymm got a reaction from Laura Ann Baker in Any Dec 13 Sleevers?   
    Great news good luck to all
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    nancymm got a reaction from LeahMae in Help! I'm Starving!   
    I too am supposed to be sleeved 12-14 I started preop diet today!
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    nancymm reacted to Ms.Cali in Any Dec 13 Sleevers?   
    I picked my date 12-12-12 - thought it would be a cool date to mark this change in my life.
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    nancymm reacted to nancygm in Any Dec 13 Sleevers?   
    I'm 12/12!!
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    nancymm got a reaction from zoey1176 in July Sleevers   
    Site I meant stupid iPhone auto correct...I am on here more than Fb now!
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    nancymm reacted to Felicity549 in 56 Days Ago I Weighed 260 Lbs...    
    56 days ago I weighed 260 lbs...
    And today I weigh 218! I just thought id give an update because I remember loving them when i was pre-op.
    I can't believe I have lost 42 lbs in such a short time, and so easily. I wore 20/22 jeans and now am in a 16. I feel great, can eat mostly anything but sweets. Sweets make me vomit! I'm also having trouble with Protein shakes - they all taste disgusting and sometimes cause nausea, sometimes vomiting. I've found some Protein Bars that taste good so I've been supplementing with those. I eat a lot of chicken, shrimp, eggs, cheese, veggie burgers, etc... I've cheated a handful of times and had crackers or Cookies or potatoes... but try to forgive myself and just move on. I'm sure I'd have lost more at this point if I'd been more strict on my diet.
    I haven't done much exercise (okay none) but am getting to the point that I'm about ready to start.
    So far this has been easy and painless. I still go out to dinner and cook for my family. I have more energy for life and am looking forward to getting to my goal of 160. I'm 5'8" and was 180 and size 12 all through high school and into my early 20's. I looked great so I'll be very happy at 180. That seems achievable now - only 48 lbs away.
    This surgery has already changed my life, given me hope for a happy future. I'd given up and almost accepted that I'd be fat for the rest of my life, obese like my parents. Now I'm excited for my daughter (2 yrs old) to have a mother that is healthy and pretty and will be there for all her activities, sports, school functions, etc... And I will NOT be the fat one hiding in the back!
    Thanks to everyone for all the support & encouragement you've given. I'm so thankful for this surgery and this community.
    Have a great day, everyone.
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    nancymm reacted to BamaXpress78 in Where Are All The Guys At?!?!?!?!?   
    Between work, exercise, and taking on some extra responsibilities around the house since my wife is in nursing school and working it seems all my computer time has disappeared...but I wouldn't trade anything for how I feel right now.
    Three months ago it was a chore to get off the couch, now I look for an excuse to not go sit on the couch. The only down side is how easy it is to start spending lots of money as I find all of these new projects around the house I want do now. Amazon, Lowe's, and Home Depot stock should be doing well the past couple of months.
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    nancymm got a reaction from Texarkolina in Hey July Sleevers!   
    Not a date set in stone yet! I will go to see my surgeon on June 17 and she thinks it wil be 2-3 weeks after that as long as insurance and all goes well! The Protein Powder I got was whey Protein plus elite series I really really can get it down! Better than the other one I tried I can't remember the name of it.
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    nancymm reacted to Rootman in Well, I've Decided To Hang It Up . . .   
    7 years ago we bought a used Honda Goldwing GL1800 and rode it quite a bit. Since my surgery we have hardly ridden at all, last year started out with torrential rain storms every weekend then turned off gawd awful hot for months on end. Not conducive to riding at all. I put it up in storage last fall after one or two short jaunts.
    This weekend was the first time I got it back out, aired up the tires and checked everything out and took a 3 hour ride. I was miserable. My a$$ hurts after about 30 minutes because I have so little padding there now. I've tried beaded seat cushions, memory foam, gel pads and sheep skins and it still just plain hurts. I feel so much smaller now too and I felt a tad overwhelmed. So we chatted at a rest stop and we both think it's time to sell the old girl (the bike not my wife ). Our interests have just changed so much post-op and time is more at a premium since I spend about 9 hours a week at the gym and riding my bicycle. It was fun while it lasted but with the insurance, personal property taxes, basic maintenance and the cost of gas it's costing me like $100 an outing. OUCH! We'll miss it but are moving on to other things.
    Just writing to tell you that not only does you BODY change sometimes your desires and hobbies do to.
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    nancymm reacted to SkinnyOnMe in 1St Time I Loved My Sleeve   
    Today was the first time I actually loved my sleeve. I went through stages of hate and questioning my choice but today I loved it. I went to a cookout and I was scared that I would stand out because I wasn't eating, like I have been at other social events. However, when it came time to make my plate I put 2 or 3 fork-fulls of everything I wanted on my plate and a whole small crab. I ate slowly and talked and laughed and I felt satisfied. Yes, I did eat about 1000 calories today which may or may not be great but if I didn't have the sleeve I would have eaten everything I ate today just much more of it. My caloric intake would have been atleast 3000-3500.... and thats not including the drinks I would have drank.
    I felt normal. I felt happy. I loved my sleeve.
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    nancymm reacted to Finding MeMe in New To This Site   
    Welcome to the forum, there is a wealth of information here and people willing to share their experience.
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    nancymm reacted to sleeve 4 me in New To This Site   
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    nancymm reacted to MyGastricSleeveLife in New To This Site   
    Welcome! Feel free to ask questions & use the "search" feature too! I just had my sleeve done 2 weeks ago today & couldn't be happier with my decision! I have a blog I'm doing for my journey that is listed in my signature if you want to check it out too.
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    nancymm reacted to AliveAgain in Size 20-24 Jeans/bottoms, 1-2X Tops Need To Go   
    I have two containers full of clothes that need to make their way out of my closet and (hopefully) into a closet of someone who needs them! Most are jeans, Lane Bryant brand. Some are the nice T3 (Tighter Tummy Technology) which really works to smooth out the belly area. I also have some capri-length bottoms just in time for summer, including a Talbot pair of red linen -- so pretty.
    I plan to take pics to try to post on Craigslist and Ebay, but thought I'd put a shout out to anyone on their journey who need these size clothes. I'm not looking to make great profit, but just enough to help towards the purchase of clothes I now need in 16 and L/XL. I live in California (95060 zip code) and would be willing to estimate shipping costs depending on where you live!
    PM me if you're in need!!!

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