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  1. Purpleswirlie

    1 Wk Post-Op Diet Worries & Hunger

    You are 100% correct. Thanks for the reassurance. I guess I'm just still a little scared that after all the work leading up to this point that it seems "too easy" or "too good to be true". This is something I should talk to my shrink about. I spent so much time agonizing over should I or shouldn't I, then being scared about the surgery itself. Now everything is back to normal and I'm doing great. My brain is just looking for something to be anxious about.
  2. Purpleswirlie

    Cant Believe My Restriction

    That's so great to hear everyone! I'm 1 week post op and I feel like I could eat a horse. Liquids just are not doing it for me.
  3. Hi y'all! I'm exactly 1 week post-op today and doing awesome...possibly too awesome. Absolutely no pain or nausea & I'm drinking fluids like a champ. A few mornings I've woken up and forgotten that I had major surgery last week! I'm already down 15lbs from my pro-op diet until now. If I play it "by the book" I'll move on to fuller liquids this weekend. However, I'm worried this is going too easy and I won't be successful on the long-term post op diet. For example, the other day I was giving my dog a pill w Peanut Butter and out of habit licked the rest of the peanut butter off the spoon (for the record, no the dog did not also lick the spoon!). The peanut butter was SO yummy & didn't bother my sleeve at all even though I'm not supposed to be eating that. Then it occurred to me that there may be lots of foods I *can* eat but shouldn't. This wouldn't be a problem, except for the fact that I'm totally hungry! To boil this down into a few questions: Does the hunger feeling go away eventually? Is it OK to move on to fuller liquids early if they don't bother me? Is it possible that this surgery won't work for me?
  4. Purpleswirlie

    Today Is The Big Day.

    I'm out of surgery and have been sleeping like a champ since noon. Dr. Alvarez& staff kick butt. My pain isn't bad, like menstural cramps just higher. Xoxo
  5. Purpleswirlie

    Today Is The Big Day.

    Love you guys. Thanks for the support/information and virtual hugs. I really could not have done it without this forum.
  6. Purpleswirlie

    Hey July Sleevers!

    Today is the big day. I thought I'd be freaking out but I am strangely serene. Sleep was not a problem - I thought I'd be up all night worrying. See you on the other side, campers!
  7. Purpleswirlie

    Hey July Sleevers!

    Started a blog too (I use a lot of curse words so if you are easily offended, consider yourself warned): http://fatgirlslovecake.blogspot.com/ ________________________________ Update! July sleevers surgery dates July 1 2 Smoggy, Patrick Curl, Faganberry, sleevertobe, ChristineS NY, ladyarwenrose, emptynesterpam, Milca, Pattyhdz, Bigdogkc, BeatrizS1974, khernandez72, Nettle, justme360, deetaylor, kia, 4myfamily, 3 Nabird77 (Gena) , StarshineMama, letsdothis!!!, Christylove, z3djinn, gingersnap70, dar1983, 4 5 tonileebre, 6 Mishy, Beth-n-e, 7 mizzliz83,Sweetsusie, joyfuljoy,LzL1958, 8 9 Shangefan, Gisele3264, ~Donna~, mel2643, Argnewcan, Twhite, jason, vsgchichi, NuStyle, 10 lacie1221, tjloser, KSDallas, bmooney364, lizzybeth, LauraTarry, aranda510, k8tie1, mary101678, 11 Mimismom, thinmomsoon, biggiesmallz, DelongH, lowe1961, SkinnySmurf, soontobe1/2ofmyself, JenniJune, stephyfly, JenniJune, canidothis?, Love1296, Tameka, Island Girl, 12 wyattgsmommy, GI283, Paulson1304, Danielle Beadle, phillygirl8133,vhoke1, 13 LizEac, juliewantstbthin, 14 lorijo67, 15 Mrslittle (Sharnae), 16 Amyl219, laragarza, Marty McSkinnystein, geno5150, lovelyladynhouston, 17 misschris, purplekt, lynnz, RainyGirl, evelynvsg, 18 aleach0003, momoffive, prisytomboy, ButterflyAngel, cindyintenn, juicyr3d, Rafter Jones, Sparky79 19 Minnie Me, Sleeva, Mommy2three, 20 fbelle29, MsE, ko22, 21 22 23 PhoenixFire, Texarkolina, Mamaof8, StrangelyNormal, dixienms, 24 kimbernada, Red597, skowronski777,Red597, mickey1, Trcyprkr70, thin soon, milkD, 25 Tinker, kilzanich, Butterfly7, Jlewis229, justchristy123, CBT 26 Jrabbit81, Purpleswirlie (& my BFF who isn't on here I don't think) 27 Ymabme, Vegassleeve, 28 29 30 newmrsL, Born 2BFree, JaciBear, slim lady, smartypants,KikivonMoonshine, 31 Lovemeifyoucan, Carey, PLEASE ADD/ CHANGE YOURSELF AT WILL
  8. Purpleswirlie

    How Do Doctors Staple/sew?

    Dr. Alvarez also does staples and oversews the cut part of the stomach. If you are not too sqeamish there are actually lots of videos on YouTube showing doctors performing the procedure.
  9. Purpleswirlie

    Skin Changes!

    Yay! Something else to look forward to. I wonder if lots of water and simple, "pure" foods are part of the reason. Anyone know the real reason why?
  10. Purpleswirlie


    Oh hunny - I was SO in the same boat a few months ago. For me, the money wasn't the issue so much as the hassle that US doctors put patients through. My local doctor pretty much blew me off when I asked about wight loss surgery, but Dr. Alvarez in Mexico spent a ton of time explaining the procedure and was willing to Skype with me and my husband to introduce himself and answer all my questions. A book I HIGHLY recommend is Patients Beyond Borders http://www.amazon.com/Patients-Beyond-Borders-Everybodys-World-Class/dp/0979107903 . Basically it dispels a lot of myths about medical tourism and gives you things to look out for, The US does not have the best hospitals, far from it. The US ranks 37th overall in quality of healthcare. The only thing our doctors are #1 at is price! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Health_Organization_ranking_of_health_systems Anyway, as far as your husband goes, his reservations are totally normal. Arm yourself with facts and present them to him in a non-threatening way. The thing I learned the hard way was that my husband had to be "in the mood" to talk about it. I finally built up the courage to tell him my plan while we were walking the dog - no TV to distract us. After attending local seminars and researching this for YEARS I said to him, "Look, this is what I want to do and I'd really like your support." It helped to have everything figured out first - I have money saved up (it doesn't hurt that I'm the major breadwinner). I checked with my life insurance lady to make sure this didn't void my policy (it doesn't). Now he's kind of excited to be going to Mexico - neither of us have been there before. I'm gettin' sleeved the 26th of this month and I'm THRILLED!!!! Good luck, Taylee! By the way - your dog is SOOO cute!
  11. Purpleswirlie

    Hey July Sleevers!

    I'm getting sleeved by the same doc in a few weeks. All of the videos show such perky people post-op, and I was dubious. They seem to be very proactive in managing pain and nausea, CONGRATS! I'd love to hear more about your experience. Is there anything you wished you had brought but didn't? Is there WIFI at the hospital? Do the nurses speak English?
  12. Purpleswirlie

    Hey July Sleevers!

    July 26th w Dr. Alvarez in Peidras Negras, Mexico. I'm headed there with one of my good friends who MOVED HER DATE just so we could do it together. (Jayne, are you out here, hun? Can't find you on this disco group!) How selfless is that? Our husbands are friends too, so they will have someone to eat nachos with! I am scared/excited and so full of emotion. I know I'll be weeping like a child as they roll me in.
  13. Last week someone had posted about the effects on your brain of having less ghrelin in your system. Where the heck was that? When I search in Ghrelin I get a zillion hits. I saw this article and it scared the bejesus out of me. If I have to choose between fat and smart vs skinny and dumb, I'll take the former. The article is about RNY, but VSG takes out more stomach tissue. http://www.docguide.com/patients-develop-cognitive-complaints-after-gastric-bypass-demonstrate-brain-atrophy?tsid=5 What I really want to know is: does VSG make you ditzy? THANKS!
  14. Does this sound familiar to you? Emotions through a typical pre-op day: Happy. Happy. Excited. Totally distracted at work. Happy. HOLY SH*T AM I REALLY DOING THIS? AAAA! Scared. Read more blogs. Feeling better. Happy again. Repeat.
  15. Purpleswirlie

    First Big Emotional Test Post-Op

    So sorry for your loss. It's great that you can turn your grief into a (sorta) positive thing. Thanks for sharing and hugs!

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