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    IlyssaDel reacted to Lisa's Hope for a blog entry, Surgery Was 5/21/12. Now 8 Days Post Op   
    I have intended to blog about my surgery experience before now but haven't felt up to it until today. I am now 8 days post op and things are getting better. I have been having pain in my chest and upper stomach which has been pretty unbearable since surgery. It is getting less day by day, thank the good Lord above. I guess I didn't really know to expect the pain as it has been for me since I hadn't heard most people describe this sort of thing before I had surgery. I will keep praying it will get better each day and I'm sure it will!! As of today I am down a total 27 pounds which includes pre op and post op. I lost 15 preop and 12 the first week post op. I am so grateful to be losing this weight. It is unbelievable to me. I'm still trying to get enough fluids in and it has been hard but like I said everything gets better each day that passes.
    Well, I didnt really get to write about my experience with surgery. So I will just elaborate on it a little. I wasn't really scared at all when I arrived at the hospital at 8:30 am on the 21st. I had to go through admissions then back to surgery prep one. Once there, they took vitals and gave me a gown and told me to get undressed. The nurse came by and took an assesment then it was back to surgery prep two. There I was talked to by the anesthesiologist and asked the same questions over again. I was so ready for the "feel good" shot. I kept asking for it. The nurse finally gave it to me and I didn't care what happened at that point. LOL I remember being wheeled back into surgery and them strapping me down. The next thing I knew I was waking up with the very terrible pain in the top of my stomach.(exactly where the pain comes and goes now. It was like huge painful contractions) I realize not all patients feel this, but to me it was very painful! I was moaning and I remember the nurse there wasn't very nice and kept telling me to stop. I was thinking she better be glad I can't say much. At that point I remember regretting what I had done and questioning myself. The next thing I remember was being hooked up to my pain pump and realizing I had a pain pump inside the top of my stomach as well as the morphine pump in my IV. The pump in my chest was where all the terrible pain was coming from. The pain catheter was threaded directly into my stomach. I was then taken to my room and for the next few hours I slept. I began walking about 5 hours after surgery. I walked every chance I got. I knew I wanted to come home the next day and not stay two nights. I absolutely hate the hospital. The next day we were asked to WALK down to xray and get the leak test. I thought that was horrible asking everyone to walk down there with there IV pole and all. Anyway, I made it and it showed that I had ALOT of swelling and it was very hard for the liquid they gave me to go down. It finally did and didn't show any leaks at that point. When I got back to the room, we were given trays of broth, jello, and popsicles. I ate what I could and kept it down. I asked the Dr. if I could go home and he released me. I had a two hour drive home and by the time I got here I was in so much pain I could hardly bare it. It was really hard for me for the first few days but I'm feeling better now and looking forward to my new life. I do pray every day that when the swelling goes down, I don't have a leak. I just know that I have to keep trusting GOD and let him guide me through this.
    I go for my one week post op appointment tomorrow. Which actually will be 9 days. I'm looking forward to getting my staples out and continuing to heal.
    Still amazes me about the weight loss. NO WAY would I have been able to lose 27 pounds in three weeks any other way. I plan to rock this sleeve and for the first time in a very long time, learn to love me again. :wub:
    I love you guys. Thanks for all the support!

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