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  1. I'm 6months out and you will find that you can get more fluids down always ( soup, Water ,drinks ,even ice cream) its the Protein ( meats ,eggs ,Protein Drinks ) that you become fuller faster! You'll see as time goes on everything gets easier! I still can only consume about 4 oz of meat...but gimme chocolate , I can eat a lot! So I stay away from those foods...75 pounds so far 30 more to go
  2. IlyssaDel

    June Sleevers! Hows It Going?

    June 6th surgery ...down 59 pounds....45 more to go!
  3. IlyssaDel

    Any New Jersey Gastric Sleevers?

    Me too Dr Trivedi!! 3 months down 50 pounds.... ... Lauren .. I did suck on hard candies ..but no gum!! Even still ...causes to much gas!
  4. IlyssaDel

    Eating Badly

    I ate anything and everything I wanted! I was not required to do a preop diet....I gained 20 pounds in 3 months! I think its normal , sorta like a food funeral!
  5. No Red I haven't! What is it?
  6. A piece of fruit, jiffy makes individual Peanut Butter packets which I can eat 1/2 of with apple pieces, a piece of string cheese, a plum, necatrine, I also add PB2 to my Protein shakes which gives me a few more grams of protein and a few extra calories...I don't really count calories , I count protein! It's delish btw!! Umm other snacks .....a Protein Bar ( I can eat half) even frozen yogurt !...ohhh a ham and cheese doobie! Or turkey and ham...I get full so fast...eating is no fun anymore...and I LOVE it! Lol
  7. Add a snack mid morning and evening...watch how it falls off! We have been trained to think that if we eat less we lose more , but in fact the opposite! I stalled at 1 month 15 pounds couldn't move the scale..as soon as i added more calories it started to happen , now I'm almost 3 months and down 45 pounds! We are all going to have stalls at some point! I made it up but ..I think stalls are when your body loses inches!! I am 10 pounds from ONEderland! So excited and my non scale victory toay is I'm 3 pounds from weighing less than my husband!! Keep the faith it WILL happen ...
  8. The hunger didn't go away for me till about 6 weeks! Even now sometimes I still get hungry..I just eat the right thing when I am hungry!
  9. I tell people the paleo diet ,( similar to atkins )and smaller portions !
  10. IlyssaDel

    Starting My Stage 3 Puree Ideas Please?

    Creamed spinach and pastina was my savior!
  11. IlyssaDel

    The Top 5 Things You Will Not Miss After Vsg

    The feeling of disappointing myself, lying to myself, and letting me down day after day!!!
  12. IlyssaDel


    I'm 7 weeks out and im not gassy anymore!
  13. IlyssaDel

    Zumba Anyone? Is This A Good Work-Out?

    I was cleared for Zumba at 5 weeks but weights and abdominals not till 7 weeks!! Love Zumba!
  14. IlyssaDel

    How Do You Deal With.....

    I think it's because when you have the surgery ,you want to be the one to stand out and when your friends start doing it, it makes you feel jealous?! Because this is YOUR time...lol I want my fat friends to be fat while I get skinny first! Hahaha harsh but true!
  15. I think depends on how much you have to lose, I'm down 31 pounds in 7 weeks ...people are commenting on how good my hair looks , my skin, everything but the weight! Lol they know something's different, but the havent put a finger on it! I see it a little in my clothes and face , I feel like once I hit 40 pounds that's when I'll really see it! I have about 75 more to lose!
  16. sherry I was able to shower the day after my surgery!
  17. IlyssaDel


    I was told 6 weeks!
  18. IlyssaDel


    My surgeon feels after 6 weeks your clear of concern !
  19. IlyssaDel

    June Sleevers! Hows It Going?

    June 6th! Down 29 pounds post op..I feel fantastic!!
  20. IlyssaDel

    Stupid Slider Foods

    I was able to eat watermelon in stage 2!
  21. IlyssaDel

    Panda Express - Who Knew?

    Don't forget those cheese fried won tons! Holy crap yummmmmmm
  22. IlyssaDel

    Down 38

    Get your ticker going!!! It's fun to move it
  23. IlyssaDel


    Did your surgeon say you will have a drain?..not all surgeons do them...I wouldn't worry to much, many people have had drains and I'm sure some have had more than one dog lol...don't worry about it!!!
  24. IlyssaDel

    Blood Clots

    That happened to me! I was so scared...turned out to be nothing!
  25. IlyssaDel

    Down 38

    Yay! Me too Almost 30 pounds! ..congrats to you! We're rocking our sleeves <3

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