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  1. This is a chronic form that you could live with forever and she really wants to get the sleeve. Her oncologist said it's fine, she's scheduled for the info. session. Any thoughts or experience out there? Thanks for any advice/info.
  2. Marty McSkinnystein

    Friend has CML- leukemia- can she get sleeve?

    Thanks Kathy for the encouragement and kudos! I love the sleeve! Well I'll let you all know what I find out when she goes though the hoops. Hopefully she's approved. The only thing I could think of is PAIN. She wouldn't be able to take the ulcer procucing ones like Ibuprofen but she can't take tylenol because of the liver issue of leukemia...so that's a problem. But I'm sure for rare extreme pain she'd have those or other short term choices.
  3. 80 pounds down today! This site was so helpful for me and I am so sorry to have taken such a long break. I guess what people said on here happened to me. I lost a lot of weight and started doing more. However I recognize that the strength of someone who has/is going through it is needed so I intend to be more regular...(haha pardon the pun some may GET). So thanks to all who helped me in the beginning and for those considering it-- get off the fence-- it's awesome!!
  4. Marty McSkinnystein

    My before and after pics.

    Thank you so much. I went from 280 to 200- I can't wait to see onederland! It's almost like a dream it's gone so fast. But really it's 80 in 8 months so that's the 10 a month "they" kind of recommend on "regular diets."
  5. Marty McSkinnystein

    My before and after pics.

  6. Marty McSkinnystein

    This May Be Inappropriate, Forgive Me :)

    OMG I thought you said "the dirty hole" (as a new name for "it").
  7. I've always thought Hue makes the best opaque control top tights. But at sizes 4 and 5 they only come in black and brown. Today I fit into a size 3 of a grey pair I bought long ago for "just in case." Now I'll be able to get purple and pink and orange and blue and every color under the sun!!! Yay!!! (Not that I will get orange . But I can!!) Yay!!
  8. Marty McSkinnystein

    The 10 Hardest Things About Being Sleeved....

    1. the 1st day or 2 after- but pain controlled with drugs 2. the beginning liquid only stage that you totally forget about 3. nothing 4. nothing 5. nothing 6. expense of buying new clothes 7. um...nothing 8. small portions? but so what... 9. nothing 10. making sure I drink enough and eat. Oh wait, that's the whole world's problem...
  9. I'm pretty glad. For me it's been relatively easy. Having a little Lean Cuisine right now (turkey dinner if you can believe it haha)- the one with the green Beans only and quite satisfied. Honestly, if you're thinking of doing it...I am 4 months out and don't feel any difference in my life. You eat less and it's much easier to do it without that hunger hormone. Period. (For me). I've had many challenges the past few months including my husband getting hit by a drunk driver (he's in tons of pain and has damage to his back and neck-- but he's alive!!). The thing is, if I hadn't done this and lost 60 lbs. so far, I never would have had the energy to get me through all the hard work of doing so much at home and at work (a very hard school year). Thanks for all your support here. It has helped me a lot.
  10. Marty McSkinnystein

    From Morbidly Obese To "just" Obese

    Thanks all. And, you're right Chubarella, even though it's horrible to see him in such pain and it's been a lot of work- it could have been much worse!
  11. Marty McSkinnystein

    Recovering From The Sleeve Gastrectomy

    I was fine. Some gas pain in the beginning. But.. the worst part was waking up with BACK pain from laying in one position for so long. And I didn't realize in recovery I could pull myself into a comfortable position (thought I'd pull something loose..lol). Once I knew I could adjust myself and I got back in the room with "the good stuff" in my I.V. I was fine- walking that night.
  12. Marty McSkinnystein

    I Definitely Regret Surgery.... So Far!

    Interesting last discussion. It's like me choosing to not have kids. Some people will admit to me they love their kids but they wouldn't do it again if they had a choice. Parents don't often feel free to tell each other this. And I understand for many reasons--- sometimes the pain is so great it wouldn't be worth it no matter what the outcome (or good stuff that happens).
  13. Marty McSkinnystein

    First Sickness Since Sleeve Question..

    It wasn't that bad-- I think it was a few days and felt like a "normal" cold.
  14. My throat is killing me. I'm a teacher. After many years of immunity I guess with the lower calories/weight loss my immune system is down (although I do take my vitamins) and I caught something. So I'm wondering if (I'm 2 and a half months out) you had any differences in symptoms, duration etc. of colds flu, whatever since being sleeved. I will keep hydrated. Thanks so much!
  15. Marty McSkinnystein


    Just outside of Philly-- it's getting bad! I have lots of trees and a basement that floods. I hope we all make it through safely and without much damage.
  16. Marty McSkinnystein

    I Just Had To Share

    Wow! What a difference. Congrats!!
  17. Marty McSkinnystein


    I can eat toasted bread. I do whole wheat (like a piece with an egg occasionally). Also crackers of some sort. I have had a tiny piece of the end crusty part of Italian type bread/rolls.
  18. Marty McSkinnystein


    There is the risk for ulcers, the sensitivity of the new stomach and most importantly it will dehydrate. So I was told not to do full caffeine..BUT, if I do, I must make up the difference by drinking lots more Water to compensate. I feel that I need some coffee to help me avoid constipation. It seems to be the only thing that works- so I do a cup in the morning but try to drink lots of water to make up for it.
  19. Marty McSkinnystein

    Fell Off The Wagon

    Especially if you're drinking the required amount of wagon water!
  20. I think she wanted the lapband, her doctor said she should get sleeve and she's now comfortable with her new choice. Good luck- it's awesome!
  21. It's a miracle really, how you don't even WANT some of the things that you used to. If I want a bite of a "goodie." rarely- I have it. If it's a goodie that I used to gorge on- I don't even want it...I'm afraid to let those little things sneak in. Do I like the idea of a big cheesesteak on a huge roll with cheese fries- yes. But I'm free from really obsessing about it. The roll could be scooped out and I could have a fry or two- if I wanted. Someday. But I choose to maximize this ultimate losing time in the first year by making better choices. Honestly we can't eat all that much and have this amazing satisfaction from the little amount. Funny story. I was in Trader Joe's and they had a medicine sample cup of a fancy shrimp dish. Haha-Dinner! It's pretty awesome to fill up on hardly anything but also get the delicious taste and not feel deprived. I'm happy. I was talking to this person who happens to be a WW coach yesterday and he asked how I handle the cravings with such little food and I'm like..you don't have them because you're free from that constant hunger/want for food-- the ghrelin- appetite/hunger hormone, is gone. So strange how life is now...
  22. Marty McSkinnystein

    Negatives Of Progressing To Fast With Food

    I used to think well if it doesn't hurt it must be okay because I was ABLE to eat more than most. "My team" reminded me there's a reason for the stages and the quantities we are told (or given in our books). Your new smaller stomach is healing and that's why the rules.
  23. Marty McSkinnystein

    First Sickness Since Sleeve Question..

    Thank you so much for your response. Good ideas! It's turning from a sore throat into a congestion thing. Since it's so new I got a little freaked about doing this or that with my new stomach. (Like maybe some products would be harder on us). Luckily I have this long holiday weekend to recover. I hear you about wanting to go to comfort foods. Although I can't really eat anything on that list (mac and cheese, etc)- which is fine. I have had a lot of soup and watered down some OJ which I don't usually have of course because of the sugar content. I have my 3 month check up on Monday so I'll see my blood work results and know if there's anything lacking in my diet to help me for the future.
  24. Marty McSkinnystein

    I Definitely Regret Surgery.... So Far!

    I was talking to my hubby tonight about the way you can forget after the pain is long gone and how my original pain (no biggie for me- much unlike you) is just a distant memory... so Ja, you think you're getting closer now to not regretting?
  25. Marty McSkinnystein

    Cried At The Whataburger

    I've cooked a lean burger w/cheese a few times. Once I had it with the bottom bun but found I'd rather eat the whole (small) burger...so I skip the bread. I'm 10 weeks so it IS going to be okay. Also, I'll take one fry or whatever from people and it satisfies me and makes me happy. I hardly do it, but one taste makes you feel like you aren't going to live a life of total sacrifice.

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