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  1. I was the guy that came here studying the forum for stories of how people restarted successfully and never did anything about it. Or very rarely did you find people willing to discuss this because once they were back on track they didn't come back to the forum. So here is my success story so far. On September 1st I had had enough of regain and decided it was time to change my bad habits. I had VSG 4 years ago and dropped from 385 to 285 in 9 months. Then I slowly crept back to 335, a 50lb regain! So what did I do? I did 3 days of shakes then 4 days of shakes and small portions of chicken. Then I discovered reddit.com/r/keto and started reading. For the last 3 weeks I have been full blown keto with 5% carbs, 25% Protein, 70% fat on 900-1200 cal per day. I follow intermitant fasting on a 18:6 ratio. And I walk 3-4 miles per day. In one month of have lost 25lbs and only 25 more to my lowest but I won't stop there this time! Before I get yelled at about how horrible this is just do a bit of research. Many people have CURED their diabetes with a keto lifestyle and there is actual science backing all of it.
  2. It's still there. I learned to eat around it and drink my calories, that's what ruined me. I barely got through 3 eggs and cheese today. Yesterday a double baconator was two meals. It's definitely not what it once was but it still works great. I can chug Water and bubbles don't bother me. Coke zero and La Croix water are how I satisfy sweet cravings. Studies show when you're in ketosis a multi day fast is beneficial. Between keto and the sleeve I can fast 3-4 days. Now I do have a ton of supplements and did a ton of research before starting. I really struggle to eat more that 900 meaningful/healthy calories per day. But I aim for 1200. I had my 3 eggs 5 hours ago and I am still stuffed to the point I can't consider Snacks or lunch at this point Sent from my SM-G920V using the BariatricPal App
  3. I agree. I am very strict less than 20g of carbs. A cheat day for me is still under 50g (which is still keto) and I had blood work done two days ago with great results. The only bad marker I had was low HDL but since my LDL and Triglycerides are so low they didn't seem too bothered by it. My nurse was impressed with the numbers since they came from a guy with a 38 BMI. Last night I had a baconator lettuce wrap from Wendy's and today made full egg scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon. I LOVE KETO Sent from my SM-G920V using the BariatricPal App
  4. Donny

    Protein drinks

    Isopure makes a very high quality zero carb powder that is highly recommended by many health nut forums. It's all I drink. I order mine from amazon since it's half the cost of GNC and has a ton of flavors. I'm 15 months out and still have one for Breakfast and one for lunch. I have learned to customize and mix flavors to come up with awesome shakes that I never get sick of. I always carry a baby formula dispenser with unflavored in it, drop your favorite crystal light or mio in it and you're good to go! I make iced coffee "Starbucks style" drinks with them as well. Moral of the story from my experience, buy smaller portions of a bunch of flavors and get creative! I attached the label from strawberry since that's the container I have at work.
  5. SW -> 385 DOS 10/22 -> 345 Today -> 285 Since surgery -> 60 lbs Overall loss -> 100 lbs Since surgery about 24 lbs per month average
  6. I went back to Minnesota for two weeks over Christmas and New Years and did good eating healthy at most meals, but why are there so many snacks! I had way too much sweets, snack foods, and alcohol, I fell of the wagon hard. I am a strong willed person though and snapped right back into VSG mode as soon as I got home Tuesday afternoon. I will say that I still used portion control and kept semi track of calories in my head and I did lose 5 lbs since leaving 2 weeks ago. Now for the fun part! All my family and friends were blown away by my success and everyone was so proud of me! We went out dancing at some of the country bars and I brought my newly learned Texas two step skills and a lot of people wanted to dance with me. I never could get attention at bars before. My favorite part was when the band played Copper Head Road and 4 great looking girls started doing the line dance and while all the guys stood around watching them my new confidence had me right in between them rocking out (Thanks Texas for teaching me to dance lol) The point of my message... Were all human, we make mistakes. I have worked very hard to get where I am today and for two weeks I let lose again and embrace my new self. It proved to me that all the hard work I have done is paying off. We just need to be strong enough to know when enough is enough and get back on plan. I missed my goal of 100lbs by NYE because of the decisions I made, but the smile on my face and the happiness in my heart meant so much more than any number on a scale could ever mean! My NYE Picture!
  7. I missed it by 5, shouldn't be a prob;em getting it by the end of the week! Every time I walked past the cookies in my parents house I threw them away.... Then the family got mad and I had to go buy more haha
  8. Yeppers! I used to ice my knees because I was carrying around too much weight..... This last week I had to ice them thanks to Lil' Jon's song Get Low
  9. Thanks! I'm still convinced that I look more like a fish out of Water when I dance, but at least while country dancing in MN I look like a coordinated fish out of the water!
  10. Donny

    And before & after pics?

    Im a guy so I don't know if it counts but here's my highest compared to today (2.5 months post-op) 95# loss
  11. I just compared my shirtless pics on holy wow what a difference! Today marks my 2 month surgiversary and I have gone from 385 to 298!!!! Keep working hard y'all! I have hit 3 stalls that discouraged me but pics say it all so here's my current! 48 - 38 jeans 3xl - xl shirts!
  12. I'm not part of the FB group. And I had college buddies in town that weekend so I guess that makes me feel better! I couldn't have made it anyway. When's the pool party our sexy new selves!
  13. Congrats on your success!
  14. Haha I remember how awful it was not having for 24 hrs! Enjoy that sip and congrats on the surgery!
  15. I'm obsessed with jerky! I usually buy a 1.5oz bag and munch on it during the day. Good low carb high protein snack, but sodium is a killer.
  16. I thought I'd be healthy for lunch the other week and order a salad at subway. I ate the chicken then I was full and had to throw the rest away. I stick every strictly to protein first, then mess with the rabbit food!
  17. I didn't know there was a Christmas party!? Was Dr. Kim behind the bar blending up some protein shakes?! I'm bummed I missed that!
  18. Donny

    75 pounds lost today!

    That's awesome keep kicking butt! I just left the 3xx's and it feels amazing to see that front number change!!!! Merry Christmas to you too!!!!
  19. Only 10 lbs away from 100 lost!!! Gotta get it by NYE!!!

  20. Thank you very much! I love all the support you get on here! Definitely a great group of people!
  21. That would have been a drive home from work snack! Plus a big soda! And I try to eat balanced every day and I don't weigh everything I eat. But I pay attention to it and log it as closely as I can in MFP. I don't want to live my life weighing everything. I want to learn what full feels like and be able to eyeball my meals. And when I get horrible slimed and the hurl feeling that does more for portion control then a scale would for me. I have fruits, veggies, Protein, dairy, and carbs every day.
  22. At week 5 I was instructed to hit 100g of carbs per day and 1000 calories. I never come close to that and I'm 8 weeks out! I eat 5 or so multi grain crackers per day or a Soup with rice. I have yet to try bread or Pasta. Yesterday was the first day I hit my nut's goals but I was disappointed in the way I did it. I ate 15 crackers, turkey lunch meat, beef Jerky, 4 cheese sticks, and chicken with rice soup. Got all my fluids in, didn't go to the gym last night, and I'm 1.5 lbs lighter then yesterday morning!?! Yesterday was the first day in 3 months I went a bit crazy. Here's what MFP looked like for it. (Does not include vitamins)
  23. I lost 40 of that pre op. and it does feel amazing! You will love it! Good luck on your journey!
  24. Donny

    sooooooo whats on the menu for today?

    I still make shakes everyday for breakfast becasue I'm always rushing out the door! My usual lunch is my version of a lunchable! - .25 lb thick cut turkey breast deli meat - String cheese - 5 multi-grain crackers Or some beef jerky!