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  1. ChubbyGal


    Can someone please explain the 5 day pouch test to me??? i
  2. ChubbyGal

    Sad but hopeful

    Thanks fericito!! I am feeling very emotional and so very sad!! I also have a few friends that have been banded and have had been successful. I feel horrible about myself because I told my friends and family about my surgery and now I feel like such a failure because the weight loss is not that noticeable to them, but I feel it in my clothes. I felt like if I told my friends and family I would feel more motivated to be successful. I just need to start fresh and be a little more serious about my diet!!
  3. ChubbyGal

    Sad but hopeful

    I am also sad, but hopeful! I went for a fill today. I am 7 months post op and had only lost 25lbs. When I went today I had gained 8 back. I have a 10cc band and have 51/2cc in my band. I recently had 6cc and had way too much restriction and they took some out. I am now working my way tighter slowly. My doctor was a little discouraged that my weight loss was not more. He said that sometimes the band does not work for everyone. I left the appointment feeling like a failure. He said if you have a positive outlook it can still work. i guess it is good to hear others who have had the same issues. I really want to be successful at this!!! I guess the weight I have lost is weight that would have taken me forever or never to loose without the band. Good Luck and keep working at it!!! We can do this!!!
  4. Help!! I am not doing very well with my band!!! The holidays did not go well. I gained 5 pounds. I had my band in june and I have only lost 30 lbs. I admit my exercise has not been the best, but I am sad with my results. I am just feeling like a failure today!! I need to get back on the band wagon and get my self in gear!!!!.

  5. Me Too how are you doing? Things are going well here started mushies yesterday!!
  6. I like chicken, black beans and a little low sodium V8 juice in the blender with some mexican spices. I tastes like chicken tortilla soup or black bean dip. It looks gross, but tastes good. I am still on pureed and graduating to softs as of today.
  7. I was banded 6/6/2012 and I have lost 8lbs. OMG!! That is awesome!! You should be so proud of yourself!!! Pleas give me some advice!! I am only 9 days out!!
  8. really hungry in the evening !! 6pm and later!!

  9. ChubbyGal

    Port Location???

    My port is below my breast in the middle of my stomach. I had my surgery 8 days ago and it is still sore. It is in a bad place for an underwire bra. my pot is about an 1/2 below the incision.
  10. ChubbyGal


    My dr. also said no bread! He said it will easily get stuck. He also said no straw because you suck in extra air when drinking with a straw and it will add gas to your belly and you will have disomfort.
  11. I am hungry tonight!! hunger pains are kickin in!!

  12. Hey is anyone else out there hungry????? I am post op day 4 and I started to get hungry tonight!! I am so over the liquids!! I want to eat something!!! My stomach is acidy and growling!!
  13. ChubbyGal

    Hit My First Mini Goal!

    Congratu;ations! keep up the good work! You should feel so proud!!!
  14. I was banded on wed june 6 and I have been light headed and blurred vision for the past two days has anyone else felt this way? I have really been drinking a lot of fluids and I stopped my pain meds because I thought it was related to this.
  15. ChubbyGal

    3Rd Day.....

    Yes!! I am also having trouble sleeping. I am up every couple of hours and I am not sure why? I am not in that much pain!! I was wondering if the pain meds had anything to do with it? What pain meds are you taking if any?

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