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  1. weight_no_longer

    Before And After I Hope It Worked

    you look like a 24 year old!! im not even joking.... truly amazing!! you look wonderful
  2. weight_no_longer

    Before Pictures! Uugh

    you wont have to cry much longer after the sleeve you will be too busy being happy its great that you did before photos so you can compare them to the hot ones you will be taking soon enough!! best wishes cx
  3. weight_no_longer

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    Thinking of you also Lila, hope you are feeling better each day xx much love xx
  4. weight_no_longer

    My Mom

    Wow thats awesome!! I happy for you
  5. Hi all, I was sleeved 4 weeks ago & by week 2 was feeling good & on the road to recovery. now at 4 weeks I feel crap, i feel like I have gone downhill. Everything hurts going down & feels heavy when its reached my stomach. Im still on mostly liquids because of this. Deep breaths hurt so much! I know Im not getting enough fluid but it just hurts getting it down. I try to sip constantly. SF iceblocks are my main menu. HELP!! Anyone had something similar??
  6. weight_no_longer


    my advice is just to take it very slowly, pureed & mushies should be fine, its probably more prone to happen when moving on to more solid foods. My first time I had eaten a small piece of watermelon. I figured this was a good choice but omg it hurt so much & then felt like it was stuck. I vomitted and felt much better. I HATE vomitting also but its not like vomitting when you are sick which is very smelly & lots of it. Its just a little bit of food that comes back up & doesnt have that sick smell. Sorry if TMI :/ I think if you eat really slowly & dont try solids too early you should be fine.
  7. weight_no_longer

    4 Weeks Out Feel Like Crapp!

    how long did u have to stay in for justine?
  8. weight_no_longer

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    you are not the same person!! omg you look amazing & so much younger!!!
  9. weight_no_longer

    Funny Nsv

    thats funny.... but they are correct - you are hottt!!
  10. weight_no_longer

    4 Weeks Out Feel Like Crapp!

    thanx deltadawn I know I need more fluids because Im dizzy also, have chills & am constipated , sorry tmi, just overall feel unwell. my local doctor thinks I have asthma but Im not convinced it is. I have an appointment with my surgeon nxt week so hopefully he can put my mind at ease.
  11. weight_no_longer

    4 Weeks Out Feel Like Crapp!

    I have sf jelly & thats goes ok, so does sf choc mousse, Im worried I dont get enough of the right things tho, Im so tired & lethagic, have a constant headache & just feel miserable. it sux after I was doing so well. Thanx for the replies I guess this is a slow steady process. I just want to feel good ...
  12. weight_no_longer

    Perth, Australia... Anyone?

    hi JLS Ive been doing ok except feel a bit crap over the last couple days, I think maybe have a flu coming on but going to see my Doc tomorrow just to be sure. Im glad everything got sorted at the hospital for you. I had to pay $500 out of pocket when i got to the hospital which was a bit of a shock but Im glad Ive had the op so its all worth it. I have no appetite anymore, sometimes I feel like I want something but then cant eat it so the weight is definitely coming off. Best wishes to you for the surgery, you are in good hands & before you know it you will be a loser also lol. Please update us when you feel up to it. Id love to hear how it all goes for you
  13. weight_no_longer

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    hi susie, what date did you get sleeved? Ive been feeling very much the same as you.... was down & depressed for about a week or so, now feeling better from that but wonder if im getting enough nutrients in. Most days Im so tired & sometimes feel like Im lightheaded & a bit dizzy. I cant drink 500ml water in a day but do try to keep fluids up with s/f iceblocks. Just want to have all this energy everyone talks about :/
  14. weight_no_longer

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    Anyone heard how Lila is going?
  15. weight_no_longer

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    thanx for the ideas kelliv & cookieees, I agree with you kelliv the crunchy things seem to go down better than the smooth... weird, you would think it would be the opposite way around. Do you still have pain getting food down? Im guessing this is normal but some days it hurts more than others. i tried watermelon the other day, thinking it was nearly all water I presumed it would be a good choice ... boy was I wrong. It got stuck somewhere & honestly felt like I had been stabbed in the back with a knife which had gone through to my chest, it was even hard to breathe or talk!!....... My first vomiting episode Two days later stupid me ate a tiny piece of lamb done in the slow cooker... that brought on episode two!!! I have also tried a tiny bit of mince .... episode 3!! So Im a little scared to try new things, crackers seem to go down ok, yoghurt is usually ok, weight watchers choc mousse & sf jelly are ok, babybell cheese hurts a little going down & stewwed apple also feels really heavy. Maybe Im just getting impatient & should stick with what I know stays down for now. Im just a bit worried Im not getting much protein.
  16. weight_no_longer

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    hi kelliv, what types of things are you eating? Im having trouble with finding things that go down easily that are a healthy choice
  17. weight_no_longer

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    Hey guys, I would like to give Lila some help by donating some money to help her pay her medical bills. I dont have much as Im a single mum but I had an easy recovery& I know Lila self funded to pay for this surgery & has had a hard time through it all. I feel so sad she has had to go through this & maybe in this situation the best help we can all be is to ease the stress of some of her medical bills. Flowers are beautiful to receive at any time but maybe the money spent on flowers would be better utilised on medical costs??? Just a thought... If anyone knows Lila & can send me a message with Lila's account details I would like to donate $100.00. C'mon aussies lets all put in no matter how big or small for the Lovely Lila & make this experience a little less of a burden for her!! (so sorry Lila if this is embarrasing to you at all - Im just really feeling for you & want to help in any small way that I can) xx Get well soon xx
  18. weight_no_longer

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    my thoughts are with you lila xx get better soon xx
  19. weight_no_longer

    Perth, Australia... Anyone?

    you're welcome, Im sure you will be in the best hands & be very happy with your results. keep us updated
  20. weight_no_longer

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    Lila Im so sorry all this has happened to you, it makes me sad that you have had to go through such a terrible time. Sending prayers your way for a speedy recovery. keep us updated when you can...we are all thinking of you xx
  21. weight_no_longer

    Perth, Australia... Anyone?

    I was sleeved by Dr Dolan 2 weeks ago at Glengarry. He is an awesome doctor & very good at what he does. He is the only Doctor I know that staples your sleeve but sews over as well to prevent leaks. he did an amazing job on me, my incisions are healing very nicely & In a few months wont be able to be seen - he is very neat. I cannot recommend him highly enough!!! I am happy to answer an questions anyone has but you will not be disappointed by Dr Dolan ... he has changed my life!
  22. wow you look awesome Lissa, congrats on such amazing results xx
  23. weight_no_longer


    I did exactly the same thing, for me it was like I finally felt something was going to work for me so I gave up fighting the daily battle of watching what I ate day in day out. I put on alot of weight in a short time because I ate anything & everything. Dont stress about it too much. All I can say is it will come off once you have been sleeved, believe me. Ive lost all I put on plus more & Im only 2 weeks out. best of luck to you xx