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  1. Territravel

    Newbie here! Introducing myself. Anyone from tennessee?

    Hi, I'm from North Mississippi. That would make us neighbors. When are scheduled for surgery?
  2. Territravel

    6 Month Surgiversary

    Congratulations! Your doing awesome for six months.
  3. Territravel

    Showering with a Young Male Nurse in Mexico

    LOl! Probably the same poor male nurse they sent in to my room to put on my compression hose, right before surgery. Little tiny hose, nice giant thighs, and I had an IV in my arm and couldn't help much. So embarrassing. Wonder what they talk about when they go home?
  4. Also I wanted to say to DawnDenise, I don't think it's normal to bleed through your bandages, clothes and bedsheets from a hospital room. I hope that someone checks on you ASAP!
  5. Territravel


    Same as Roserie, Severe nausea, pain that started in the front and worked it's way around to my back. Doctor said I was full of stones. Oh, I had no warning, that was my one and only attack.
  6. Territravel

    7 months out and 125 lbs down!

    Your rockin that sleeve, good job!
  7. I'm cold all the time now. My husband says he can't sleep, because our bedroom is like a sauna! I remember last year at this time "pre-op", I was always HOT, kept a fan going in every room, and on my desk at work. My only advice is to keep a sweater/jacket with you at all times.
  8. Territravel

    No Drinking with Meals!

    It's true, you will get use to it. I'm nine months out, and if I forget and take a sip of water, my tummy will quickly remind me to stop. You don't want to get the slimes!
  9. Territravel

    I need your prayers!

    Yes and Amen! Decree God's word, and claim that victory!
  10. Territravel

    alright tough guys - how long to recover?

    I had an easy recovery. Rested whenever I could. Went back to work on day ten, but could have gone back by day seven. Everyone is different. Better to take a few extra days that you don't need, than to not have enough and feel bad at work!
  11. Territravel

    Gall bladder?

    It really wasn't bad.I was able to leave the hospital four hrs after the surgery. It completely took away my appetite. Good news, I lost ten pounds in about a week and a half. My sleeve became a very picky eater for the first couple of months. Now between the small scars from VSG and gallbladder surgery, you can play connect the dots on my tummy.
  12. Territravel


    You may want to try swimming as well. Great exercise for your whole body!
  13. Territravel

    lost 100 lbs as of this morning

    Wow! Your working that sleeve!
  14. Territravel

    HELP Stall i cannot get out of!

    I'm in a stall as well, and will be starting LilDivas Boot Camp tomorrow!
  15. I take monthly B12 shots. It helps me when I feel a lack of energy. And yes, I'm always cold, unless I'm in the middle of a hot flash! Ugghh.
  16. Territravel

    Finally Broke my 2 month stall

    Is Lil Divas bootcamp, the same as the 5 day pouch test?
  17. Territravel

    husband is getting on my DAM nerves!

    I have to hide my stuff. I have a 16 yr old son, who eats everything, and could still hide behind a lamp pole!
  18. Territravel

    Results so far

    Good job!
  19. Territravel

    Chinese food....yuck

    Love chinese. My sleeve could tolerate 2 pieces of sushi, and 1/4 cup hot and sour soup, around 10 weeks, If iremember correctly..Now I can eat more, but You have to eat slow, or you may get sick.
  20. Territravel

    18 mos out how much can you eat?

    7 months post op. It depends on what I'm eating. If it's on bread, "like a sandwich" I can only eat half. Any kind of meat is around 3 or 4 ounces. I love sushi, and max for me is 4 pieces. I can put down a good size salad, not sure of the weight, though.
  21. Territravel

    Gastric "blow-out"

    Wow! I can't imagine what you've gone through. Thank GOD your still here!
  22. Territravel

    Tomorrow is the day????

    Just realized, I said "pretty much', the same thing! LoL
  23. Territravel


    If you purchase non-refundable, at least 21days in advance, you should get the best fares. The closer to departure the more expensive the ticket. Some airlines will charge you extra for the best seats, the ones with the most room. It may be worth paying for.
  24. Territravel


    Stop the madness! Makes me want a box of cookies right now....Dang, where are those Girl Scouts when you need them?
  25. I say walk...If your really worried, you could wear a mask.

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