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  1. I'm so sorry I accidentally posted this in the wrong place. I meant to ask veterans. Would a BMI of 35 affect your choice to get the bypass or sleeve? Is one better than the other for a lower BMI?
  2. Just wondering if anyone liked the band better or wish u had not revised?
  3. I'm 6 weeks pot op. Eating 600-800 cal per day. 60+ Protein and 30-40 carbs. Exercise almost daily - 1 hour walk w good pace and weights after. I had a total of 45 pounds to lose and have lost 23 pre and post op. The. It all came to a screeching haul the and I started gaining a few oz every day for the past 2 weeks and now I'm up 2.5 total. Not a lot but with the way I'm eating and exercising I would expect loss. I'm at about -900 net calories per day. Any ideas? I'm not a believer in "starvation mode" because I've read so much that shows its a myth. Any other ideas???? Thanks everyone. ???? Ps. Carbs come from things like: Bariatric Advantage bars, honey in tea, nuts, fruit, Greek yogurt or a splash of apple juice in Water. No starches or processed sugars at all.
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    Clothing size

    Started at 18 bottoms and now wearing an 8-10. Tops xxl and now a large. One of my goals was to be able to wear a large at almost any store and I'm pretty much there. Looking to go smaller but that was just one of my goals.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Yes I am taking a PPI and I am not having reflux that I know of. I also have Zofran and when I take it I do feel less nausea though I don't know if I should take it multiple times each day. Regardless of what I do I get intestinal cramps with almost every thing I eat. Today I pushed through the nausea and put up w the cramps so I could get my 60 grams of protein. Felt miserable but I need to not be malnourished so I did it. But mostly I'd just rather not eat anything at al.
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    I'm only 3 weeks out but hard to even get 400 and almost half of that is milk and honey in my tea. I'm assuming this is normal at this stage. I'm never hungry and basically repulsed by food.
  7. 5 days post op and the bruise is twice as big today as it was yesterday when it appeared. My other 4 incisions look normal. I did have significant blood loss in surgery and had to have to have 2 blood transfusions in the hospital because of the internal bleeding. It does not hurt and I wasn't injured except for surgery. The bruise started 4" away from the first incision it has now reached.
  8. 4 days post op I was 6 pounds up. I'm assuming it was water weight. Now 1 week later I am back to even and I weigh exactly what i did before surgery. Seems kind of strange since I have had fewer than 400 calories a day for the past week. Just wondering if anyone else had had this kind of pattern. Wondering if I will can look forward to weight loss in the near future. What was your pattern?
  9. I'm 2 days out of surgery and still in hospital w fever and low blood count. I had 2 units in a blood transfusion and I hope to go home tomorrow. Overall I had more gas pain which was absolutely horrible, but less incision pain Bc no port. I can get about 1tablespoon of fluid down. I am not hungry and I have no appetite whatsoever. I'm bloated w iv fluid and ready to go home. All in all seems like a normal sleeve revision experience except for the blood loss and fever.
  10. I was banded 2012 and immediately stopped having reflux. I was revised to sleeve 4 days ago and have had worse acid reflux than I have ever had in my entire life! Is this normal? Common? Will this go away? The prescription Pepcid isn't doing a thing to help it. What do you do about your reflux? I'm on full liquid diet for 2 weeks and I can't imagine what food will be like if liquids (water, juice, broth) is this bad.
  11. No you may not wear a tampon in surgery. You also may not wear your own pad or underwear. Everything in the OR has to be sterile. I just got home from surgery last Friday and I was having my period. They gave me the mesh panties and a pad. They repeatedly asked if I was sure I did not have a tampon in.
  12. Any thoughts on why? Doc did not say. Rrrrr! My vitals are all normal.
  13. Anyone else experience immediate and constant heart burn?
  14. H/h levels. 7 hemoglobin 20 hematacr Bp normal Ox sat 97-100 Heart rate 97-102 Temp noemal I feel like I expect to feel, post surgery. Tired and sore but normal. No fainting or shakes or loss of color. My phone will only get limited internet so your input is about all I have for info. I can only access my aps which is what I'd have for bariatric pal. So extra thanks to all who have given input.
  15. I spoke to dr and he said they don't know yet but risk of low blood levels is much higher than risks of transfusion. After transfusion if still dropping they will look into it more. I'm not super satisfied but what can I do really?
  16. Hi all, I was just thinking we could connect and walk through the next few days together??? In a few hours I will leave the house and head to the hospital for surgery. It has been such a stressful few days that I haven't even been able to think about surgery, or packing, or the hospital. That's proably a good thing. I'm kind of sad that no one can stay at the hospital with me. My husband has to basically drop me off becuase our kids will need him and the hospital is over an hour away. Since no one knows yet that I am having the surgery we don't have anyone to help us out. I know God is with me so I will not be alone, but I'm still a little worried and sad. Other than that, I'm ready to do this thing!
  17. I have the band and am looking to revise to sleeve next month (pending approval). I've read many sleeve success stories and they can be encouraging. However, the stories from people feeling like the procedure didn't work for them, and those who have not lost weight or gained it back, are causing me to wonder if this is the right thing for me to do. The types of posts that worry me are those that say things like: I don't have any restriction and I never did I used to have restriction but now I don't It took a long time to get restriction I can eat more with the sleeve than I could with the band I can eat whatever I want. I don't want that! I want something to stop me from eating because I seem unable to stop myself! I'm starting to wonder how effective this procedure will really be....Will I be the reason the sleeve fails, just like I was the reason I failed with the band? I lost 40 pounds with band and have 40 to go. I have not lost the second 40 and have not been able to get the band adjustment correct (always too loose or throwing up everything I eat). I'm not miserable with the band and it has helped me to keep the 40 pounds off nicely. I just have not lost any more than that. I can, and do, eat too many calories everyday (1300-1500 about 100--120 carbs because I can) and I don't exercise much because I have lost my motiviation. Obviously, I'm the reason I have not lost weight (I know that and don't need to be told) - but I did think the band would help me to eat less than that! I don't eat slider foods, except maybe my Protein drinks and FF Greek yogurt. I don't eat a lot of junk - I just eat too much, plus the occasional nibble of something bad - today it was 1 brownie bite, yesterday it was 9 tortilla chips, the day before that it was more cheese than I sould have had on a salad, tomorrow it will be something like too much salad dressing. I do realize that I have to show some self-control - but that is why I failed with traditional diets. I can show self-control for a while, but then I give up. Am I doomed to fail no matter what I do? Is the sleeve really that much different or better than the band or traditional dieting? I realize I have to do the work, but I honestly thought WLS was going to make it ieasier to eat less. Maybe I'm just ranting. I am feeling pretty discouraged and hopeless. I want to believe in the sleeve, but I also do not want to set myself up for disappointment. Were you disapointed? Maybe this sleeve thing is too good to be true?
  18. I have the band (revising soon, I hope). I frequently throw up if I have an empty stomach. This isnt' the kind of trowing up I do if I'm stuck. Nothing is stuck, and actually, nothing comes up because I have a totally empty stomach. This has happened to be about 10 tines in the last 2 years. It can happen first thing in the morning, late at night, middle of the day. the common factor is that I'm usually very hungry and have gone a long time without eating or drinking. After I throw up nothing, I feel exhausted, but better. Then I drink Water and feel better. If I catch it soon enough I can eat and the nausea goes away. There is also a small window when it is too late to eat, but zofran will help me to not throw up.
  19. I'm not sure if i want to wear loose clothing, or a shapper? Do I want to be free from clothing contact or a little bit fitted to support my "bowl full of jelly" belly. Do I want to be free moving or a little bound? Do I want to wear a little sleeper bra or no bra? I've heard people say they felt better with a pregnancy belt on. What did you prefer to wear the first few days after surgery?
  20. Just wondering if BMI 35 or under would affect your choice, bypass or sleeve?
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    Anthem Ohio

    I was just denied for not doing the diet. Anthem.
  22. OldMomOf3

    Anthem Blue Cross PPO through employer

    Same as above (6mo diet required starting March 15, 2015) - that is what my doctor's office told me. They said they are going crazy trying to fast track everyone. I am scheduled for surgery March 13, but still waiting on insurance.