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  1. How is everyone doing? Great I hope! How is y'alls weightloss coming? What are we eating? I am at a HUGE stall and need some boosting ! Anyone willing to help -& advice on this 1 month stall!
  2. I've come a far way to stop now! 1st picture- 266 2nd picture-256 3rd picture-198 4th picture- 177 7 months post op on the 18th! How's everyone else doing?
  3. courtney333

    June sleever photos

    Thanks so much! The doctor said 137 would be my ideal weight, however I dont agree! I'm too big boned -150 is fine with me! So 27 lbs to go! I'm in a 14 and I would love to be in 12's by summer or 10's! Single digit scare me! It just doesn't seem real! Lol but I'm 5"6 now and I feel amazing! So either way -a little to loose! But doctor said up to 18 months VS patients still loose
  4. courtney333


    I have been sick all day and unable to eat ! My stomach is churning and I can't stay off the toilet ( I know TMI) but I am 7 months post op and haven't had a carbonated drink but I can't drink water or juice it makes me sick - the only thing that has seemed to work is Sprite - do y'all think it's okay to drink one
  5. courtney333

    Christmas Day Challenge!

    I am 178.4 maybe 3.4 by a.m that would be great!
  6. Be patient! It will happen from time to time! I've experienced it as well and I'm 6 months post op! I have found it to be water retention - also monthly visitor as well! How many calories are you eating? Protein? Water? Exercise? Those all have played a factor in my weight loss! But give it a few days- it will come off!
  7. courtney333

    First Photo Posting

    Wow! Amazing job!
  8. courtney333

    Strange ?

    How do you get pictures side by said on same page? I'm just real special when it comes to this kinda stuff! I'm trying to put 2 pictures side by side and am lost
  9. I know everyone's weight loss is different - however I was just courious where everyone was on weight loss and how many calories are you consuming ?
  10. courtney333

    Christmas Day Challenge!

    I'm in ! SW-266 CW- 187 Surgery date was 6.18.12 Goal for Christmas day- 175lbs Best of luck everyone !
  11. I'm in as well! Surgery date - 6.18.12- weighed in at my hugest 266 CW -190 Thanksgiving goal was 180 but I am currently in a 3 week stall ughh so I'm gonna set my Goal weight by 1.1.13 to 175 so I have 15 to loose by then starting now! Good luck everyone!
  12. My girlfriend needs friends on my fitness pal for support and feedback! Find her Wendy8802!
  13. Okay so weighed in this morning at 191.5 just 1.5 to go to reach the goal! Yay! I can do this!
  14. courtney333


    Oh let me tell you I'm the QUEEN of stalls! I have hit oh so many- but they do go away! They suck I as well feel like I'm a little failure but when I loose again I feel like a total success ya know! How much have u lost? What are you eating? That plays such a role with me?!? Best of luck to you! I'm four months post op and lost 74 lbs! What a success! I'm pleased!
  15. courtney333

    Thanksgiving Day Challenge

    I'm in! 6.18 surgery weight 266- 10.19.12 Current weight 195 Goal Weight - 180 by thanksgiving 15 lbs to loose I'm at - 3 week stall ughh Who else is at a stall
  16. I'm almost 4 months out! Sleeved on 6.18.12 I've lost est 70 lbs
  17. I have hit a huge stall any suggestions on how to break it??
  18. courtney333

    4 Months Out...

    I don't like meat! So it's extremely hard
  19. courtney333

    June Sleevers! Hows It Going?

    I've lost 71lbs! 7 of that was post op! - so 64 lbs loss from. 6.18.12 What are you eating? Exercise?
  20. courtney333

    4 Months Out...

    Oh my that is so hard to do! I get frustrated no doubt when I don't see the scale move! I am going go try and not weigh but once a week! But then what if I get there the following week to the scale and it still hasn't moved?? Then it will be double frustration ! Lol ! I get it though - people say eat more eat more! What am I suppose to eat more of? I need some help! I'm prolly not eating enough of the right things - I hate meat! Was a slight vegetarian before surgery anyways! I'd ear occasional salmon or cod but that's it! What are you eating?
  21. courtney333

    4 Months Out...

    Ive hit oh so many stalls! This is prob my 5th one ! It has lasted almost 2 weeks! Ughh how can I break it?! I'm eating okay not perfect but ok and consuming about 900-925 calories
  22. Weighed in this morning at 195.5 GW- 190 5.5 to go- <fingerscrossed> I can do this !

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