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  1. I got my date dec 18 now very excited and nervous. Keep worrying about things. But also excited that I might be able to ride rides again especially since my daughter is 7 and able to go on them but she wants me to go on them with her
  2. medictazman

    Morning Wood

    My wife loves me to eat peaches and pineapple. Sure she will not want me to stop after I get my surg. I can say since starting my journey and getting off sodas and drinking lots of water I can just about blow her off me. Can't wait till I have more for her to work with and give her more support.
  3. Have started my prelim requirements, had barium, labs, cardiac and start nutrition next month for my 3 class requirement. I am extremely excited but extremely scared as well. Being a paramedic/RN I know oh to we'll the complications so that scares me even though complications are rare. Anyone else out there about to go through with surg and is scared about it and anyone out there that already had surg please give me good hope and stories. I also think about the liquid diet and am worried about messing up on it. Who out there had trouble with liquid diet before or after.
  4. medictazman

    Hey July Sleevers!

    Why does it seem like everyone on here is going to Mexico for the surg. I just don't get it
  5. medictazman

    Relationship Troubles

    First off you need to not loose who you are. Just because you loose weight and become a healthier person doesn't mean you need to loose the person you was, he loved you before weight loss and still loves you. On the other hand you shouldn't be with someone that you don't love but one that as well it sounded like you was really just friends then became friends with benifits as far as sex if he DOESN'T DO it for you it does involve communication, you need to tell him what does do it for you. If you think it would make home insecure then this is where non verbal communication comes in, if you want it this way move your hips so he can hit the right spot or move his head while holding in his head. Regardless what people say sex is a part but not the only part. Relationships involve caring and love communication and laughter, sex is a portion of the glue but technique can be honed but caring forever love and being able to laugh, have fun, and enjoy life together is the most important thing. But as everyone says you need to do what makes you happy but don't just up and throw away your relationship without really talking, that's not fair to him. First have a very good heart to heart with him and then think over what happens during the talk. But once again just because you loose the weight don't become a I think I'm better than everyone else attitude of the skinny people that we as fluffy people despised. Good luck in everything and life.
  6. medictazman

    June 28

    Ru you scared of anything.
  7. medictazman

    June 28

    Cool that's my bday. Good luck
  8. medictazman

    I'm New Here

    I think you look hot now, guess your going for smoking on fire, and all around California babe. I know how you feel with the yoyo thing and I have always been known as the fluffy funny guy.
  9. medictazman

    Morning Wood

    Well i haven't had my surg yet but I go to my morning camping site quite a bit already, so what you all are saying I might go from pup tent to skyscraper and I really should switch my personal trainer because weew I don't think my trainer would be a good idea with increase in fire wood, and i agree Witt those that say they can see it, I cant wait to go back to high school days when I could see it with out my flag being raised.
  10. medictazman

    Scared And Excited

    July is my projected time for surg as well it just isn't coming quick enough and causes more anxiety
  11. medictazman

    Any Ideas On Full Liquids

    You can do sf popsicles, crystal light, some of my elderly pt that can only do liquids I have done frozen crystal light, peas blended into soups, and different juices

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