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  1. skn1224

    Any Military Sleevers?

    @nanny02 I had my surgery at bethesda in may... i dont get on here much you can email me at skn1224@gmail.com if you have any questions..
  2. skn1224

    Any Military Sleevers?

    Not sure on the name.. they are in a very nice hospital now its beautiful... its less confusing now that They are in the same bldg my husband used to have appts at both ugh what a headache...
  3. skn1224

    Any Military Sleevers?

    They closed Walter Reed and merged with the navy Med center so the new name is Walter Reed national military medical center... Its located in Bethesda..
  4. so not alone! im 24 25 soon! and any advice i could give you would be start teaching yourself now how to sip sip sip water... i wish i had.. im a gulper of everything... and thats just not allowed now! good luck!
  5. skn1224

    Where Are Your Incisions?

    i have four five if you include the drain line which i got taken out yesterday! ) and its aleady closed.. anyway the first two are pretty much two inches down from each boob the other two are two more inches down in the center of where the other two are... they are healing nicely i should have very little scarring )
  6. I just got out of the hospital today from dehydration drinking is so freaking hard.. Uggg good luck to u! Have u tried the mio thing peach tea is good Just a lil swirt of it and it doesn't sweeten ur drink just gives it a lil hint of flavor...
  7. Has anybody else had issues of crying like a big baby since they were sleeved? I got mine last friday came home monday have had no complications just pain so far... Im not crying because of the pain i have gooood drugs for that lmao! im crying for everything else.. i feel so bad that my husband is helping me so much i mean he's glad to do it he's been awesome actually way better than i expected.. but i mean i would like to do some things my self like shower right now my incisions are killing me so i cant raise my hands too high or bend down so he has to help me and well if i were healed this would be alllllllllll good lol i just feel helpless... does this get better?!
  8. skn1224

    Any May Sleevers Here?

    Well surgery was Friday they say it went well... kept me drugged most of the day.. I've had lots of pain but its getting better my secondary pain pump the o e that is wired I. Ur belly busted lastnight so drs came in and took it out.. looking forward to walking around today.. hopefully this gas leaves soon... I think it just makes things worse
  9. skn1224

    Any May Sleevers Here?

    eep! well today is my day!! have to be at the hospital in about two hours... actually slept lastnight about 5hrs lol i figured i wouldnt sleep at all... good luck to the other may 11's!!
  10. skn1224

    It Doesnt Help When....

    when you work in an airport and every five feet theres nothing but food.... when everything that comes on tv has something to do with food... im on my clear liquid diet fridays my surgery... im soooooooooooooooo hungry...
  11. skn1224

    Any May Sleevers Here?

    I get my sleeve the 11th and my biggest worry is my liver too... expecially since They moved my date up 19 days..
  12. skn1224

    Any Military Sleevers?

    So They moved my date up to this Friday the 11th... I'm so scared...
  13. i use to get blisters in the same spots try wearing thicker socks and for the ones on top of your foot mine came when i had my shoes tied tooo tight.. dr scholls makes blister things like bandaids but you dont take them off put them on and leave them there thru your shower and everything and they will heal up quick!
  14. skn1224

    Freaking Out!

    I started the liquid diet early myself just yo get use to it....
  15. my surgery was supposed to b the 30th of may buut my Dr called and wants to do it the 11th omg its really gonna happen!!! Sheesh I have alot to take care of in a week....

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