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    Down there?

    I had no catheter. Wish I did. After surg, I was vomiting HARD every 15 mins, all night long. As I had a continuous IV drip, every time I threw up I pee'd all over the bed. It was like a river. It was HORRIBLE!!! Re trimming, nothing crazy just a normal trim job.
  2. I'm in ROC! Had my surg in October at HH
  3. Thank you for this thread!! Sometimes I have to avoid the boards, I feel very defeated when I read huge numbers, especially from people who were sleeved around the same time as me. I KNOW we're all different but it's disheartening nonetheless! My surg was 10/25... Sw 300....CW 245 . I can't hold much food, and everything tastes weird, except crap, of course!! Ice-cream and cookies...no problem. I have to watch grazing, and tasting food before serving it because then i'm too full to eat. I still drink 1-2 prot shakes per day. Hair is starting to shed, so i'm determined to get in all my vitamins,etc. I've done ok, but far from perfect. My age is 50/F, not exercising other than little walking because I have a lot of back problems (still).
  4. Well, i'm now a member of the Hair Loss Club. I started noticing a lot of hair in my brush, on my clothes, etc..just a couple weeks ago. It was even wrapping around the hair brush handle. Last night I cleaned out the brush, brushed my hair, and it was full of hair again! Eeekkk! My hair is kind of long, very thick. Not sure if I should color or not (it's due), not sure if i should wait a while or just get it chopped now to spare the mess somewhat. My surg was 10/25/12. Sw 300/cw 245. Age 50
  5. LDallas

    This May Be Inappropriate, Forgive Me :)

    LOL this is freakin hilarious! 21 pages about saggy ho-ha's
  6. LDallas

    October Sleevers!

    Down 55 lbs!! Sw 300...10/25 50/F
  7. Hey congrats on the sleeve!! Take it easy, get your rest and fluids and proteins!! P.S. It's my bday toooooo!!!
  8. October Sleevers ROCK!! We're doing great! Here's my update: SW (10/25). 300 3 mos out: 246= 54 lbs GONE Yaaay!! 50/F. 5'10" Keep up the good work, Group!!! I love these updates!
  9. As of today i'm down 50 lbs! Never get in all my fluids, struggle with vitamins and protien, not exercising other than a little walking. Skin is saggy but that's ok. Still have trouble with eggs, coffee, and many things just don't taste the same. I rely on one shake per day, sometimes 2. Can eat 1/4 to 1/3 cup at a time. Finally last week people noticed I lost wt. Clothes getting too big. I bought some jeans sz20, top 1x. When I started I was in tight 22/24, 2x. My age is 50, female, Ht 5' 10". Oct 25th SW 300... Today 249.9
  10. Sleeved 10/25@ 300 lbs. Today 253. Yesssss. 50/F, not exercising hardly at all, trouble getting vit and liquids in. Luv my sleevie.
  11. I feel the same way..very empty. But when I eat just a couple bites I feel stuffed, but still empty down further in my gut. Hard to describe.
  12. LDallas

    October sleevers

    PS: surg wt was 300
  13. LDallas

    October sleevers

    PS: surg wt was 300
  14. LDallas

    October sleevers

    I'm down 44 lbs since surg on 10/25. Not getting my fluids in! Still drink one prot drink per day because i can only get 1/4 c food in at a time. Dense prot even less. But most foods i'm handling ok, even salad. Still cant do coffee, hamburger meat, or eggs. I'm 50/F 5'10. Not exercising
  15. LDallas


    Thank you!! I will try it. I'm in love with their Choc Truffle!
  16. Oct 25, 2012. SW 300 Today i am 256 = 44 lb loss I am 11 weeks out = avg 4lbs per week I lost my data on each weigh in. Had it logged on iPad notes. So i'll have to pull my old paperwork. Anyway...my dr told me avg wt loss for VSG per month is 6-7 lbs. So if you're losing 10 or more per month, that's good. Of xourse depends on age, wt, etc. I'm 50 yrs old, female. Still cant hold more than 1/4 to 1/3 c at a meal. But i get so hungry within an hour or two after the meal. I dont get in all my fluids either. I love reading about other Oct sleevers!
  17. Hi, i am 6 wks out. Really having trouble getting prot and water in. I am supposed to get min 60g prot, most days i only manage 50 and that's a struggle. Same with fluids, i usually run 8 to 10 oz short. At this point the goal is to get prot from foods, and wean down to one or no prot drinks. Seems here aren't enough hours n the day!! My dr's rule is stop drinking 30 min before a meal, no drinking with a meal, and wait 30 mins after! I've yet to eat more than 1/4c at a time. Can't do eggs, or most dairys, having trouble with denser meats like HB. I get STUFFED after a couple bites or drinks. My paperwork says, " sfop eating or drinking when you feel full!" so i'm totally confused and feeling very defeated. Feeling like the wt loss is very slow.. I've lost around 34lbs since surg10/25. Sw 300/age 50/F/5'10"/ CW 266. I walk, but My back bothers me a lot so not exercising as much as i should. Thanks for reading and any info you might offer.
  18. LDallas

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    I confess: Fudge and xmas Cookies go down just fine I have yet to get in all my prot, Water, Vitamins I have yet to exercise seriously other than dog walks I was sick for two days after eating McDonalds bfast burrito and then a donut I'm bummed my clothes still fit, albeit baggy I'm super crabby to my husband ..he's on my last nerve!! I think it's because i cant go get something to eat to stifle those feelings...and this has me a bit worried I cannot wait for summer to have people's jaws drop when they see me again. No one knows i had surgery. I feel let down when people dont notice my wt loss I wish i could stay on liquids rather than figuring out & stressing about real food
  19. Sleeved 10/25 @300 lbs. I am down to 260. I haven't been taking my measurements...i had before surg and now cant find where i hid them! Most of my clothes are baggy but haven't had to buy any. Still not getting enough prot or water in. I can only eat 1/8 to 1/4 c food at a time. Can't do eggs, coffee, dense meats, dairy. So eating choices are sort of limited to stuff like tuna or chk salad...bean soup, vienna sausage, soft cheese, refried beans, prot shakes. Feeling almost normal, but still get tired if i do a lot. I am 50/F.. 5'10". Good to hear from other Oct sleevers!
  20. LDallas

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    Ok checkin in!!! Surg was 10/25. I am 50/F..5'10" Sw 300 According to my jinky scale ....today i am 262= loss of 38 lbs Go to surgeon end of dec, so i hope to be in the 250's!!! HOPE. I also hope my scale at home is accurate!!!!
  21. LDallas

    No milk?

    I never had prob with milk until after surg. Switched to Lactaid milk. It's fine. I ran out of Lactaid and had a little bit of a shake with reg milk, and was miserable all day. Made a special trip to the store just to get the Lactaid!! I am 7 wks out.
  22. LDallas

    How do you get it all in?

    Good idea, i'll really up the powder. I'm such a rule follower i feel dumb i didnt domthat sooner. Duh. I am from Dallas, but lived in NY state for several yrs. My fam is still in DFW area. My brother lives in Carrollton, his wife's fam in NRH, and he has a farm in Joshua!! Miss me some TEXAS!!
  23. LDallas

    How do you get it all in?

    Thank you so much, Sunny. I've been have a shake everyday, it's supposed to use half scoop prot but i bumped to whole scoop. You have a good point about the wt loss. Thanks again, i feel better already!
  24. I use the sf instant breakfast, but add half to whole scoop unflavored unjury. It's not as thick and sweet as the prot powders.
  25. I'm down over 30... No one has noticed. Whaaa!!