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  1. Hi I am 11 months out...was sleeved at St John's as well...down 100 lbs..pretty much holding....most important is that I feel awesome and am off all my meds! (Not to mention that I went from 3x to large shirts and 46 pants to 36)...would love to talk with other local folks to help keep me on track!
  2. I am newly sleeved and would like to join a group...the hospital has one..but i would like to checkout others...thx
  3. wallman

    Any September People

    I just keep active... Walk several miles a day and go to the gym 2-3 days a week...i still only have a protein shake for breakfast...cottage cheese or yougrt for lunch and a lite dinner... Usually chicken of some sort...
  4. wallman

    Any September People

    I was sleeved on 09/12 lost 100 (including pre-op)...down from size 46 waist to 34/36 2x to large shirts....ton of extra energy and best part..I do not have to carry "sweat rags" anymore...lol...I used to sweat all the time!....now I am freezing all the time...guess the a/c bill will be lower this summer!
  5. wallman

    Still feel bad

    No regrets...best thing i ever done...down 102lbs since Sept went from size 46 to 36 pants and 3x to large...
  6. Anyone know how to login into the social groups?
  7. I start my pre op liquid diet on weds...not too worried about that..I already have been doing the shakes for awhile...lost 20 lbs already..mostly from worrying! I am already preadmitted...just show up and get hooked to iv...and that's it...kind of exicted and scared at the same time!
  8. wallman

    September 12

    Just. Got my date today..excited and scared st the same time!
  9. Down 35lbs..plus 8" around the waist...
  10. wallman

    Post Op September Sleevers, Roll Call

    Yes...i am in a 2 week stall...losing inches...so i guess there is nothing to worry about..yet!
  11. Glad to hear stalls are normal...lost 15 lbs first week..nothing else..i will be 2 weeks out tomorrow.
  12. wallman

    Food Troubles

    I am still on full liquids and i have not gotten sick or thrown up at all.....next weds is my pureed phase for 7 days...then soft foods.
  13. wallman

    Post Op September Sleevers, Roll Call

    Ready - .glad to see u are at home!...u can do this!....remember you had the heital herena repair as well....
  14. wallman

    Post Op September Sleevers, Roll Call

    On stage two full liquids..hard to get all the protein in....15lbs down since surgery ...trying to get in my walking in everyday ...but very very tried..dr started me on iron....
  15. wallman

    Detroit,mi Sleevers?

    In sterling hgts..sleeved 09/12...looking for a group..several other people are as well..if one not found..thinking of starting one...
  16. Ok will do...cant drive just yet..dr appt on fri..maybe i will be cleared to drive by then....talk to you later
  17. Sounds good...maybe we should start one once we are a little farther out.....i was sleeved a week ago today. Doing good..on full liguids. i am from metro detroit area...Sterling Hgts area....
  18. wallman

    Sept 12 Peeps Or Anyone

    I am getting approx 45oz in....i am walking alot..taking my chewable vitamins..i am using unjury unflavored mixed with crystal light...8oz for eash meal..no pain meds since first night home...they really mess with my sleep.
  19. Yep we will have this sleeve mastered...i call mine..Oscar the grouch...if i put too much in..he gets cranky ...lol
  20. wallman

    Any September People

    Thats happens to me all the time...bladder sleeps..this time it only took hours not days...thx the lord!
  21. I am doing good can take in approx. 24oz unjury and a couple cups of tea...not much else now....
  22. Thx! I did not know they made chewable!

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