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  1. tinytears

    need some help

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I think I was at a point where I was just tired of having to analyze everything I put in my mouth that I just gave up! But I guess I'm one of the "lucky" ones who will always have to. Just wish I could be someone who can just eat what they want and not immediately put on 20 pounds! Haha. Thanks again for the quick replys!
  2. tinytears

    need some help

    Hi all! I haven't been here in a while but I am hoping for a little help I was sleeved in 2012 and had lost about 110 lbs. Well in the last 6 months or so I have been dealing with some health issues and other stress and have gained about 25 ibs. My eating is awful and I can't seem to get back on track for more than 3 days. Anyone ever dealt with this problem and have any advice on how to get through it. This site is the reason that I decided to get the sleeve in the first place because of the great posts and advice I read on here. Aby help would be geaatly appreciated.
  3. tinytears

    Easter's Challenge

    No change this morning. Still 175. Being depressed ain't helping!! Lol Hoping for a better week this week.
  4. tinytears

    Posting in vets forum

    Thanks for the info summer rain and proudgrammy. I guess I will have to add my two cents more often! And I love me some fage and blueberries, Proudgrammy.
  5. Can anyone tell me why I can't post on the veterans forum even though I'm over 2 years out? And also on this site for that long?
  6. tinytears

    Easter's Challenge

    I'd like to join too. Haven't been here for a while and need a kick start. SW 175 GW 160
  7. I was wondering if anyone is having issues with being cold and tired all the time? I am 15 months post op and am cold all the time. Also I am tired all the time even after going to the gym. Wondering if it may be a thyroid thing cause my weight has not budged in months. Anyone else have these issues?
  8. tinytears

    Any Pa sleevers?

    I am from the hazleton area and had my sleeve done at lehigh valley by dr harrison.
  9. tinytears

    Any Pennsylvania Sleevers?

    HI! I am from NEPA (Hazleton) and just had my 8 mo. follow-up. I am pleased to say I lost a total of 103 lbs. And my blood work was good, also. i am thrilled. I had my surgery at Lehigh Valley Hospital in December. Great experience there.
  10. tinytears

    feeling sad and depressed

    Thanks everyonefor all your kind words and advice. I am in the process of changing jobs so I hope that once thats done I will be a little less stressed and back to losing.
  11. hi everyone i guess i'm here to just vent a little bit. i am a little sad and depressed lately cause i am at a major stall for the past two months. i have tried a little of everything to try to break it but my body just dosent want to budge. i am 10 months out and 96 lbs down witch is really great but i so desperately want to hit that 100 lb loss. there are many mornings that i really just want to turn over and not go to the gym but i mostly push myself out of bed and when i'm done i'm glad i did. has anyone had this happen. i have to say that i haven't been this weight since high school so i guess my body is rebelling!! oh well this too shall end. sooner or later. thanks for listening!
  12. Just wondering if anyone saw the article about a 2 year old gettin the sleeve done? That is a little frightening to me. Who knows what effects the child will have as h e grows. Its hard for an adult to deal with diet changes and getting nutrients. I hope he does well.
  13. tinytears

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    Hi all, Sorry I'm late to post. Start weight - 177 Current weight - 175 Don't think I will be able to post this week because I am on vacation at myrtle beach but I will post as soon as I get back. Hopefully with no gain:-) Have a good week all.
  14. tinytears

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    I hope I'm not to late to join. I tried the Labor Day challenge and only lost a few pounds. I'm in quite a stall. So here I am again. Start weight 177 Halloween goal 165 Hoping to break my stall! .
  15. tinytears


    Thanks everyone for your input. I think it may be stress at my job cause that's where it seems to happen. Can't be time of the month cause I don't have them anymore. Sometimes I think I'm eating way too much but when I look at my cal input it's not that high. Just paranoid I guess. I will get back to basics and try to up my Water and protien cause I think I'm slacking a bit. Thanks again.