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  1. NEWMsLovely

    Sugar Free/no Sugar Added?

    Hi there, I was sleeved in mid Jan 2012. That was a concern if mine then too. Any foods or beverages containing any aspartame or etc.... (fake sugars) would trigger my migraines. I tried stevia & one other product that is somewhat natural because it's made from sugar but they would hurt my stomach. My nutritionist told me to dilute my beverages/ juices with water. I couldn't always dilute the frozen items. I would limit some or i would for example thaw out a Luigi lemo Italian icy,add water to dilute (equal parts water to the amount of icy) & refreeze in a slight larger container . I stuck with mostly broth, water, diluted apple juice, decaf unsweetened herbal teas (which helped me alot especially peppermint & spearmint) & I limited the jello. It worked out. I'm 4 months post-op & 70 lbs lighter. Don't worry it will work out. If anyone has more info I would love to hear & try out.
  2. NEWMsLovely

    Help Not Loosing Anymore

    Hi there! I was sleeved in Jan. 2012 & I have experienced the same. Last month I was pushing myself to workout 3-4 days out of the week, getting my 60-70 grams of protein, water & etc.. & lost 15lbs. I felt like I should have last more but my nutritionist advised me to INCREASE MY FIBER, EAT EVERY 2-3 HOURS & GET MORE REST. In 1 weeks time I lost 8 lbs. I really think the rest has helped me the most. I was always on the go & stressing myself. Stress makes you hold on to fat. Maybe this could be of some help to you.
  3. I have one more & I think it could actually fall under #17 Don't Tan but make sure you use your sunscreen everyday. Even for people of color. The Oil of Olay Moisturizer w/ SPF 15 is really good (not oily either).
  4. NEWMsLovely

    My Post Op Pic 4Am Before Sleeve

    I actually caught the Gladiator on sale for $40 & a free med gladiator shake. I figured I could save a few dollars that way instead of visiting Smoothie King after leaving the gym 3-4 days out of the week. It's been kind of hard for me to find a decent tasting whey protein powder w/o aspartame (which triggers my migraines). Thank you for the GNC tip!
  5. NEWMsLovely

    My Post Op Pic 4Am Before Sleeve

    I will keep the whey isolate in mind on my next purchase. Did the body builders name any in particular?
  6. NEWMsLovely

    My Post Op Pic 4Am Before Sleeve

    I'm currently using the Gladiator Whey Protein (vanilla) from Smoothie King & it's pretty good. I needed a switch from the muscle milk.
  7. NEWMsLovely

    My Post Op Pic 4Am Before Sleeve

    You look absolutely wonderful & you are doing a good job. Very inspiring!
  8. NEWMsLovely


    I'm 3 mos post op & have experienced the same symptoms (light headed, dizzy, sweats). I've even had to lye down on the stairwell w/ shirt off until it passes. Never knew why I felt that way & would forget to tell my doctor during my visits. I has gotten a little better though.
  9. NEWMsLovely

    Starbucks/ Panera Suggestions

    At Starbucks you can decide for yourself what you'd like. The good thing is you can always request DECAF and you can also request your beverage SOY or SKINNY.

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