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  1. Kiki Von Moonshine

    Iso: Workout/biking Pal

    Hi. I'm in Brooklyn looking for someone to workout with in my area and occasionally go walking in Prospect Park. I am looking to workout between 9-6 on weekdays. About the same on weekdays. So someone with a freer schedule. Let me know.
  2. I saw a percentage of 70 something but Id prefer hearing the numbers doctors usually tell you. Im bigger (284) so I might lose more at the beginning.
  3. I'm getting a breast reduction/lift and I am looking for photos or a link to photos of women that are plus size about size 2x/16 with a C/D cup, 40 C/D to be exact. So if anyone knows a blogger, or perhaps you are or were a 38-40 C or D cup, please post. Im trying to see what a C or D cup might look like on my structure. Also if anyone in here has had a breast reduction in the past, please share your story. Thanks.
  4. I'm curious, as to what the rules were with insurance companies that paid for revisions?
  5. Kiki Von Moonshine

    Does insurance paid for revision?

    So I'm assuming I'd have to do the six month process like I did with my first surgery?
  6. Kiki Von Moonshine

    Does insurance paid for revision?

    Oh, okay. I plan n calling my insurance but I have a history with them and the misinformation. Will call them when the holidays are over. My surgeon doesn't perform the surgery I want, so that's out of the question Thanks for responding.
  7. Kiki Von Moonshine

    Breast Reduction in NYC?

    I'm going to a consult next week. Any one locally know of any other doctors that are good. Please leave your insurance type in response as well, Thanks.
  8. They do the butt in NYC too. It's closer. Is it much cheaper in Miami?
  9. I'm looking for someone in NYC, Brooklyn or Manhattan. Would prefer if they took Medicaid, but open to suggestions of others. Please include cost if you can remember?
  10. Kiki Von Moonshine

    Breast Reduction/Lift *Graphic Pics

    I'm going for one consult next week. Im excited. From my heighest weight to now, I didn't lose much breast. Big boobs and butt is in my family. My side didn't get butt though.
  11. My surgery is in July, and hopefully by next year July I should be at goal or close to. I don't know how my skin will be, but anywho, I do not want to have any more children any time soon, but I have heard it's best to wait until you are done having kids before having a tummy tuck. For those who have had babies after tucks, did it bounce back?
  12. Kiki Von Moonshine

    How is everyone?

    What's the weight loss looking like? How is everyone?
  13. Hi. I'm selling some plus size clothing for a great price. I just need to get rid of stuff as well as some other miscellaneous things. I'm charing roughly five dollars for most pieces. I have a XXL Gap coat for sale that will be more. If interested PM me. We can set up a day for you to come by this week, as well for more detail. No flakes please. Thanks.
  14. When I popped my head in months ago, there was maybe one July sleever, now there are plenty. It's exciting anywho, how much have you lost so far? Include your date. If you like you can add me to my sleeve facebook page in my signature. Don't forget to pm me with your VST name. July 30 was my surgery, and I'm ten pounds down.
  15. Kiki Von Moonshine

    Simple Puree Ideas?

    I know I can throw just about anything in a magic bullet but want some specific foods that go well together. I don't eat beef, pork, or shellfish. thanks in advance.
  16. I decided to google some bariatric meals and I was wondering if anyone tried them and where did you get them. I am sure cooking your own food would be cheaper but it wont hurt to try them. Anyone know of any cheap alternatives, maybe healthy choice on sale? Are they high in protein?
  17. I had my son there as well as my surgery, both times I was treated well. I went to visit a friend though, and they forgot a few things that should have been done. I think it just may not be consistent, however from personal experience with other Brooklyn hospitals, Methodist is pretty good. I went with Gorecki because my friend had her surgery done almost ten years ago, and is well. I had one other recommendation. So him mostly sold me. I hear Lenox Hill is good. NY pres is the best hospital in the country. Too far for me though. Im happy.
  18. Kiki Von Moonshine

    New Group Owners!

    What and where is sheep meadow?
  19. Since I cant find my camera at the moment I made a video on youtube. I am in Brooklyn NYC, but I can ship. I charge on average $10 shipping per item, but can be more. For multiple items I can give a discount. Here's a link to some of the items. PM me if interested in anything or for more information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBwnQFJg14s
  20. Kiki Von Moonshine

    New Group Owners!

    What part of Central Park. That's a bit out there for me, especially since I would be traveling with my son. Depending on where the location is I may come, just let me know where and I would give you a sure answer.
  21. Below my message is a signature.
  22. My surgery was fine. Im healing well. I am happy with the decision. You can check out my youtube vids. My channel is in my signature.
  23. Kiki Von Moonshine

    Anyone Getting Their Sleeves In July Or August?

    Think positive thoughts, and although it seems so close and yet so far, keep doing what you need to do to get the results you want even if it may happen later. Stay positive.
  24. I was told I should be getting the surgery in July, but I feel it would be more August if it was exactly six months.