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    I have started exercising and keeping a log of what I eat. I stopped focusing on protein so I will start that again also. I hope that making these changes, I will see weight come off quickly. I don't want it to take a long time. Surely the sleeve will speed things up some!
  2. kellythestarr


    I sure hope i can do this! I started working out after work today and I just downloaded myfitnesspal. I'm going to really try. I want to lose 50 more pounds!!! I think that being able to communicate with y'all will really help!
  3. kellythestarr

    help me please

    Thanks for the encouragement !!! I'll try myfitnesspal! Thanks!
  4. kellythestarr


    Hello all! Ok I was sleeved may 2012 with 75 lb loss. Yay! However I have not lost in 5 long months and have in fact GAINED 20 lbs. I'm extremely mad that I let myself do this. What does this mean? Have I ruined my sleeve? Is there way back from this? Is the sleeve still there lol?? Y'all know what I mean! Help!
  5. kellythestarr

    help me please

    Thank y'all so much! My husband support me but I have nobody to talk to about these things!!
  6. kellythestarr

    help me please

    Hello again!! I haven't logged on in about one year!! Well, here is a little background on my journey. I was sleeved May 1st 2012. I have lost 75 lbs. I have not lost any weight in about 5 months, i have actually gained 20 lbs. I am SICK that this has happened and totally embarrassed. Am I the only one lol? I feel like a failure and I fear I have just completely screwed up. Is my sleeve ruined? Any advice at all is appreciated. Thanks [ATTACH]20629[/ATTACH]
  7. kellythestarr

    Two Years!

    You look gorg!!!!
  8. kellythestarr

    Completely Bummed!

    Thanks ladies for you kind words and support. I am not going to give up and I'll get the app and start keeping up with what I eat and add you all. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. I started out at 265 for those who were wondering. I am getting married in november and I soooo badly wanted to be at 200 or less by then.
  9. kellythestarr

    Completely Bummed!

    I will have to get the app for my fitness pal. I'm honestly just feeling like a failure. I'm happy off the ones that are succeeding but it really is upsetting that I am not seeing results for myself.
  10. kellythestarr

    Completely Bummed!

    Thank you for the encouraging words. I walk 3-4 times a week and I have a VERY active 2 year old. It just seems every time I come on this site I realize that I'm not having the success everyone else is, and that was my biggest fear all along. I don't have a myfitnesspal, sorry. I really do appreciate your response.
  11. kellythestarr

    Completely Bummed!

    I am wondering if I will lose anymore freaking weight!? I was sleeved on may 1st and I have only lost 30 pounds. It's really frustrating reading the posts on here about those losing 30 pound in like 2 weeks or something crazy like that. I was a self pay and I am just wondering if I wasted $15k. I haven't lost a pound in 3 weeks. I'm just very discouraged at this point and I could literally just cry!!!
  12. kellythestarr

    2 Month Stall!? Really?

    I was sleeved in may 1st and I am in a stall also. I keep freaking out thinking that I've stretched my sleeve or something
  13. I am 9-10 weeks out and all I have lost is 30 lbs and I haven't lost in 2 weeks. Have I stretched my sleeve ???? Is this over for me??? I'm really upset and discouraged
  14. kellythestarr

    9 Weeks Out

    I didn't get the 3 week stall either. I live in La and it is HOTT and HUMID right now, and I haven't been getting enough water in probably. My goal is to refocus on my sleeve, I've kinda been wrapped up with other things. Wish me luck!
  15. kellythestarr

    Words For Thoughts.

    Very true!!!!