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  1. madisonPA


    3 mos post op. I had a vodka cran and I got buzzed pretty fast with just that one drink (and pretty bad heartburn so I double up my zantac meds when I do drink). Make sure u try it in your house first or have a DD that night.
  2. madisonPA

    Galbladder Symptoms>?

    I never had any problems with my gallbaldder until after surgery. It was a constant achy dull pain on the right side. It progressively got worse and had to get it taken out 2 weeks after I got my sleeve. I was so terrified to go under the knife again so soon. But luckily the gallbladder surgery was MUCH MUCH easier to recover from....I forgot the name of the test they ran to check my gallbladder but talk to your dr so he can schedule it for u. Good luck!!
  3. madisonPA

    Preop Jitters

    Im a paramedic and doing the two week diet was tourture because my partners stopped at fast food resturants twice a day.You can do it just stay away from temptation as much as possible. Keep up the good work Libbylou!!
  4. Vodka canberry should be ok.....if its too strong order a bottle of water after to help flush it.
  5. I didnt have much pain (maybe a 2) but the nausea was THE worst. I was on 3 nausea meds.
  6. It was hard to tolerate water for the first 3 weeks....Try ice or mix water with g2
  7. madisonPA

    Should I Or Should I Wait?

    Yeah u should start......I have insanity too and I plan to start on Sept 1st.We can do it!!! lol
  8. madisonPA

    Acid Reflux

    lol @tums.I hated the chalkyness (if thats even a word lol) of it.lol........Im on zantac and its 300mg and to me its much better when I take it at night.
  9. madisonPA

    Acid Reflux

    Im just shy of 3 mos and I will say my acid reflux is getting better.My dr had me on meds twice a day and I was taking that plus tums. Now I just take one at night before I go to sleep and no more tums. My dr also suggested that I dont sleep flat in the beginning weeks and that helped too.
  10. madisonPA

    Appt Tomorrow 8/30/2012

    Ask plenty of questions!! No matter how small or dumb it may seem.
  11. madisonPA


    Im 9 weeks out and it gives me heartburn in the worse way. :-/
  12. Congrats!!!! Sept 17th will be here before u know it!!
  13. Im not sure if ure looking for pre or post op buddies but your stats were similar to mine. I am 5'3 and my surgery weigh in was 235. Im 2 mos post op and down to 186.
  14. madisonPA

    Start My Pre Op Two Weeks Aug 15Th

    Good luck!!! The first four days were the hardest after that time flies and before u know it ull be on the OR table!! Also, I lost 16lbs on the 2week liquid diet so that was great motivation to get started on this post-op journey.
  15. madisonPA

    Gallbladder Issues

    I had my surgery on 6/6/12 and it went fine but I had a hard time waking up from anesthesia. I even had to sleep with a cpap (never had to before) and when I woke up boy was my nausea bad. I had to stay an extra two days. The next two weeks while I was on bed rest I had the same problem with the rightsided pain.It got to a point where I couldnt even walk. Come to find out my gallbladder wasnt working at all! My surgeon told me I would have to have it out and he could do it the next day. I was terrified of going under the knife again but the pain was getting worse by the day and I knew I couldnt prolong it forever. I thought that was too soon to have back to back surgeries but he assured me it was ok. Im so glad I got that gallbladder out of me. My recovery from the gallbladder surgery was great!!Total 180. I was able to wake up ok. I had absolutely NO nausea (and still to date no nausea). My incision site didnt hurt jut a little sore.The right sided pain was gone. I left the hosp the next day. Sorry to hear that you have to go through this but hopefully hearing that I went under the knife two weeks apart gives u a little reassurance. Take all the time you need until you feel comfortable going under the knife again but also know the sooner u do it you'll feel 100xs better.Good luck!!
  16. madisonPA

    Gallbladder And Vsg

    Ure lucky to have it out at the same time. I never had a problem with my gallbladder but two weeks after surgery my gallbaladder decided it wanted to go. I was terrified to go under the knife again so soon but my recovery was a total 180 from vsg surgery. Youll be fine.
  17. madisonPA


    My spitting finally stopped...My friend suggested I look on a pregnancy website for solutions.lol.....They said to eat sunflower seeds...or try ice....even grounded coffee....Sucking the sunflower shells did help for a while but it kinda went away on its own. Now its just my heartburn thats kicking my as now....Hopefully urs go away too. *cross fingers*
  18. I was sleeved on 6/6/12 and for the past 3 weeks Ive been having so much extra saliva in my mouth. I spit constantly all day everyday into a cup/tissues. When does this go away?? Ps:This isnt sliming. Its just alot of extra saliva that I cant swallow or else I gag.
  19. Every year I always go to the amusement park even though Im a big scaredy cat.lol. I get there and I get on my favorite ride. It has a scary drop and I always have my eyes close and hold on to my neighbors arm. This time it wasn't as scary and I had my eyes open. I felt different. I couldnt put my finger on it. It wasnt pain,just different. I get on a second ride and I felt it again. I then realized that 85% of my stomach i gone so I guess the weightless feeling in their stomach that one would get on a roller coaster isn't as strong now. I still enjoyed myself I just thought that was worth posting about.lol....Anyone else have that feeling??
  20. madisonPA

    1 Week To Go Nerves

    The pain wasnt the problem for me....It was the nausea!!! I wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy. I had to take emend (anti nausea med) the morning of surgery and I had a patch behind my ear. None of that worked and the nurses were giving me two more meds hourly to help relieve it. Personally I would've rather dealt with pain instead.
  21. madisonPA

    5 More Days!

    Congratz on the weightloss so far!! Keep up the good work!!! LOL@prune!! You'll be fine and its totally normal to be nervous!! Good luck
  22. madisonPA


    Post-Op I cant stand unjury. The smell of the chicken broth makes me gag. The unflavored has too much "froth" and it takes forever for it to settle.
  23. madisonPA


    Omgeee Ive been having the same problem. I told my surgeon and he said to swallow it because he doesnt want my body to get used to it. Ewwww I cant. I have a constant kleenex/plastic bag next to me. Sometimes ice works for me.
  24. madisonPA

    Pre Op Diet Tomorrow.....help

    What type of pre-op diet will you be doing?? All liquid or liquid and a small meal??
  25. madisonPA

    Otc Med For Nausea

    Have u tried pure ginger tea? I can only use a half packet but it works.

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