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  1. Deb of Maryland

    One Year Anniversary Today!

    Congrats on your one year and your success. Keep up the good work.
  2. Deb of Maryland

    Visit With Nut At 5 Weeks

    http://www.amazon.com/Recipes-Weight-Loss-Surgery-Revised-ebook/dp/B006GO6F9O AGAIN!!!
  3. Deb of Maryland

    Visit With Nut At 5 Weeks

    Sorry forgot to add the link to the book....http://www.amazon.com/Recipes-Weight-Loss-Surgery-Revised-ebook/dp/B006GO6F9O
  4. I visited with my nut today Margaret Furtado.....I can't say enough great things about her. But I got to view her latest book out of recipes for weight loss and wow I love it. I wish that I would have had this 5 weeks ago but hey I just ordered it on Amazon and can't wait to cook some of the recipes. The recipes are catorgized by post op stages which is wonderful......I'll let you know how good they are in a couple of days!
  5. Deb of Maryland

    Johns Hopkins Bariatric Center

    I went to Johns Hopkins great care.......met with Dr Steele but decided to go with Dr Nguyen. Margaret Fertado is the nut I see there and LOVE LOVE LOVE. Dr Nguyen has a great bed side manner and honestly helped me through the beginning of the surgery by calming me and rubbing my arm (I started to freak when they put the oxygen mask over my mouth). The nurses at the Bariatric Unit was a little to be desired but hey....my main concern was getting through this with 100% confidence. I live in Southern Maryland and met with 3 doctors a couple in Va and then Dr Steele then Dr Nguyen. I am 5 weeks and feel pretty good and I know if I do have problem I can reach somone ASAP.
  6. Deb of Maryland

    6 Days Post Op

    Wonderwoma. I am 3 weeks out felt the same exAct way you did. Johns Hopkins bariatric team starts puréed food 2 Nd week post op and well I felt like that's all I did was eat and drink and I still wasn't getting enough fluids. Thank goodness it's get better each day.....hang in there I promise it will get better!
  7. Deb of Maryland

    I Know This Isnt Much

    Congratulations Time!
  8. Deb of Maryland

    5 Days Post Op Terrible Rash

    I had a rash and itch like crazy after surgery they said it was the pain killers. They gave me a shot of benadryl each nice which was nice helped me to sleep.
  9. Deb of Maryland

    I'm Sleeved :)

    Congratulations Liz!
  10. Wow you look gorgeous......thanks for sharing:)
  11. Deb of Maryland

    Nsv Sure Does Help With The Healing Process

    I knew that I wasn't the only one that felt like that but I was the only one I knew that did and couldn't tell people except fo my husband about that anxiety. Thanks Joni for sharing your story.....and I know you will be glad when 4/23 gets here so that you too can experience the sleeve.
  12. Deb of Maryland

    Please Help

    Did it:)
  13. Deb of Maryland

    Nsv Sure Does Help With The Healing Process

    Whooz I am so glad to hear that..... Favor thank you so much for you kind words....your right I will!
  14. Deb of Maryland

    Nsv Sure Does Help With The Healing Process

    Thank you so much Lisa! Hitting the love button on the "We take our lives back instead of giving them to the fat and letting ourselves die a slow, painful, ever-less-satisfying death."