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  1. Thank god im not alone. I needed to lose 60 pds and have lost 45 but been losing and gaining the same 3 pds for 4 months mow. Was sleeved sept 2012. Ill get there someday but i have been under so much stress at work my daughter in Afghanistan job cut out ot so im bringing home 600 less a month and 2 kidney stones that im waiting to pass. Just need to get back on track. But this sucks
  2. hello - just found this page - been on these forums for a few months now. I'm Diane - live in North Texas and waiting to be sleeved. All my insurance docs were turned in to UHC this past Friday - called today and it's 'in process' - so hopefully I'll be one of those quick turn arounds and get approved before the week is over.... I'm just so happy to have this option of surgery and get my life back.. My starting weight is 201 - I'm at 195 now. BMI is still over 40, so that's ok for insurance purposes. Hoping to get down to 120 pd range by next March but I do understand that I'll be one of those slow losers and I'm fine with that. Just want to reverse the diabetes and get healthy again. I have not found many people on these forums who are vertically challenged, as I was trying to see their starting weight and where they are now... hopefully I'll see everyone on the losers bench soon.
  3. So in order to break my latest stall i upped my protein by 25 gms or so for 2 wks. But the last 6 days ive not gone #2. So i took laxatives and so far not much luck. I average 60-65 oz fluid daily but i guess i need to add fiber right? What brand/type has worked for you?
  4. I swear the clothing industry is a crock.. I was able to buy size 6 jeans this weekend even though I know at 155 pds I am NO SIZE 6 - but should be size 10 at this weight. Now mind you it was exciting to be in single digits again....but in the back of my mind I knew it was false. I can wear size 6 jeans from Lee, Levi's and Target brands - but designer jeans I'm still a size 8-10. Why can't all the manufacturers get it right... This makes me think that at my heaviest was a not a size 16 but a size 20 in reality??? So I guess when I can get into a size 2 in Lee, Levi's and such - I'll then know I'm back to my original size 6 .. But i guess the vanity sizing worked - as i was at Kohl's and they are still having a 70% off sale - so as I perused the sale racks I found size 6 summer pants (lightweight pants not for winter) for sale for $7.80 each - so i got 2 of them, and found 5 medium tops as well and only spent $42 total - so their little scheme of making me excited at being in a smaller size worked....I spent my money. Anybody else having these issues?? Just needed to vent.....
  5. mufasas-mom

    TOP 3 THINGS...

    1. I love the fact that im comfortable tucking in shirts again 2. I love that i don't think about food 24/7 3. I love that I'm in size 6 jeans this weekend I love this surgery!
  6. mufasas-mom

    Diet or Not to diet

    Im 50 and i just don't want to be controlled by diets any longer. However my food choices and mainly meat some veggies but i just have no desire for potatoes rice or pasta its a waste of space for me. I know my way is not for everyone but i only had 70 pds to lose. I swear this surgery is miraculous i am in awe of how easy its been.
  7. mufasas-mom

    Diet or Not to diet

    I personally DON'T diet. Eat protein first always then whatever. U eat butter if i have toast even eat sweets daily plus coffee and soda. Now i barely eat any of it except a bite or two but i am satisfied. No sugar free nasty products at all. I am 20 pds from goal and have now gone from size 16 jeans to size 6 in 5 months. I love my sleeve its fantastic plus i have not had fast food since before surgery and dont miss the crap food at all. Good luck to you.
  8. Weight that is not cash Down 34 pds and want to drop 15-20 by vacation. Gives me 3 1/2 months to get there. Im sure i can do it!
  9. Since i've switched from having lapband to the sleeve - my surgeon will be changed to Dr. John Marsden....I did a search on here but nothing popped up. Hoping someone here can give me some feedback. thanks
  10. mufasas-mom


    wow - what a controversy over sodas.... I'm so glad that my dr didn't restrict me from anything as long as it's tolerated. I'm not a big soda drinker anyway - so it's a non-issue - I do buy the little small cans of soda and have one about once a week - but i never even finish it. Just don't really care for it. But the idea that it will stretch your sleeve is ridiculous - I've asked my dr about it and 3 other physicians who all say the same thing- it's impossible to stretch your sleeve out to be big enough to gain the weight back....over time they say that the stomach will stretch slightly and that i could hold almost a whole chicken breast, but by that time you'll be so used to eating 1/2-1/4 of everything it won't matter. Guess long story short - everything in moderation - if you know that you can't have just one soda here and there then don't go down that road.
  11. Im 4'11" 4 months out st wt 191 dr goal 145 my goal 120 im at 158 now. Size 16 to 10 jeans and some 8 pants. This surgery is magical. Lost 24 inches so far 6 in the last month!! Its crazy and so damn easy!
  12. mufasas-mom

    what is your favorite snack post op

    Anything i want. Love the little cheesecake bites from target. One and I'm done not worried about calories or sugar or stuff as its my only sweet treat for the day so why suffer with sugar free tasteless stuff. I'm still losing weight 4 months out and have 30 more pds to hit goal.
  13. I try and order something high in protein off appetizers menu and ask that it be brought out w others food. Don't even care what others order.
  14. mufasas-mom

    Coffee lovers...

    Im a 2 cup of coffee each day with coffee mate vanilla creamer NOT sugar free. Doc said fine after 1 month out. No acid issues ever as i have never taken acid reducers. Yea me!
  15. mufasas-mom

    Whats your fav breakfast?

    Coffee a scrambled egg w cheese 2 pcs bacon and wheat toast w butter and jam. Thats when im at work. Weekends vary. Im down 30 pds w 40 more to go and loving my new life. No diet food for me EVER again, its wonderful
  16. Wow. Its just hair get a grip. Guess going thru 8 yrs of chemo has given me such a different outlook. Its a temporary thing theres so much more to you than your hair. As well as so much more to be thankful for like your improved health now that we are losing those pounds
  17. mufasas-mom

    Feel Like I'm A Failure

    Thanks. Down 24 pds and 23 inches size 16 to size 10 jeans. I am a very slow loser but its ok cuz I'm not gaining. If it takes me 9 months to get to 110 pds its fine with me. I enjoy my life and eat whatever I want of course protein first but im enjoying christmas treats as well. So very happy i never have to diet again
  18. SO - had surgery 9/10 and I'm down 15 pds - I come on here and see everyone's success stories who have lost WAY more than me and have been sleeved in less time than I have. This absolutely sucks - I can't believe this is not working for me, all this feels like it's for nothing. perhaps is because my starting weight was 191 day of surgery....so I'll lose slower? I am beyond frustrated - I feel like everyone here at work is judging me for not losing more, this is just another failed diet. I am so pissed off that I did this to myself - removing 80%+ of a perfectly healthy organ to have it fail. I was told to get in about 45-50 gm Protein which i do easily each day - I get in most of my fluids a day - walk about a mile a day and have just started doing my weight training again this weekend (doc said to wait at least 6 weeks before doing that type of exercise) - will start my elliptical exercises later this week - once I get my son over to my house to bring it in from the garage. I have put away the scale as it bring me to tears everytime I step on it and see that its still NOT moved. Yes my clothes are starting to fall off and yes I've lost 16 inches.....but damn - everyone else has lost so much more. I'm happy for those who are totally rocking their sleeve - but i wish i was one of them. think I need to make an appt. w/my doctor and discuss these issues......I have never been depressed in my entire life, but I think that's what's going on now. again - I am so disappointed with myself I could just scream. thanks for letting me rant.....
  19. My nut and doc said its fine every now and then and it doesn't stretch the stomach. According to my doc its almost impossible to stretch the sleeve unless you overeat heavily for 6+ months. All docs are different
  20. I'm 4'11" = start weight 201 - surgery weight 191 - today's weight 170 and lost over 17 inches.....I may be slow loser, but least it's coming off. enjoying the holidays with my family and eating all sorts of bad stuff and having a blast eating only a bite or two!
  21. For being the 'slowest' loser? I am finally down 20 pounds since surgery - 30 total. Last week I was NOT eating enough and I know it.....I thought I was coming down with something and just wasn't hungry - but I'm now back on track and forcing (yes, literally forcing) myself to eat. I am NEVER hungry - which is good and bad. I have not taken my measurements as I do those on Fridays - but I am down 2 dress sizes and went from a size 16 to size 10 (squeezing, but in them) jeans. I just hope that I can be close to target when I take my daughter on vacation to Cozumel for my 51st birthday first of March....I did buy all size 6 shorts, but in order to get into them I need to lose another 30 pounds....geez I hope i can get there. At the rate I'm going it will be cutting it close!!! Hitting 800 calories most days is really hard, hitting the Protein goal is pretty easy. I use Muscle Milk shakes on the weekends when I'm not eating enough. Never thought it would take away my hunger 100%, but it does. Glad I don't suffer from head hunger.... My daughter and her husband are both Army and will be shipping out Dec. 4 with my beautiful little grandkids to Germany for 3 yrs....so we are doing Christmas on Thanksgiving...it's ThankMas at my house!! And I'm cooking a huge meal for everyone and lots of sweets - and YES I will indulge myself with these sweets, as it's not an every day thing and I'm not going to beat myself up over it....after all I AM NOT ON A DIET....if i put on a pound or two it won't be the end of the world...it will come back off so I'm not worried. Good luck to everyone, have a wonderful holiday, and for those who are NOT eating the goodies during the holiday...more power to you.
  22. Im at 2 months and have no issues w protein since wk 4 i eat chicken steak fish pork eggs and sometimes when im just not hungry ill have cytosport clear protein drink. My doc said at my 4 wk visit to get my protein from food and not to rely on shakes. But everyone is different.
  23. unbelievable....... Surgeon $29,279.00 Asst Surgeon - which is NOT covered - $16,061.22 - which I will fight against since I was NOT told there was an assistant surgeon Hospital (1 night) - $42,227.20 Anes - $2,562.00 Pic line - $551.00 Lab work - $185.00 thank goodness for insurance.....just to think that we charge here in the US over 80K for a surgery and you can go to Mexico and pay under 10K....something is really wrong with this picture and Obama Care is NOT the solution, trust me.
  24. I still have the pills - but I have to remind myself to eat as I'm hardly ever hungry...which is good and bad - if I didn't track everything on MFP I'd think I'd eaten more than I have for the day....I'll get the hang of this one day.... so I have no 'hunger' issues and no reflux at all - quite happy.
  25. lucky me...never had reflux - 2 months out and stopped taking the ppi about 3 weeks in.....didn't need it!!

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