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  1. Are you on a very restricted diet in the days before surgery? Can you disconnect the pump and still take humulog injections if you need them? You are going to have to be testing like crazy for those 12 hrs.
  2. DDFinn

    Chin flab :(

    Someone else mentioned YouTube videos to me also. I am going to have to check that out. Eventually it is going to be too warm for turtlenecks!
  3. DDFinn

    How much are you down?

    Surgery on 3/9 down 69 lbs, 10 lbs to get to my personal goal. The scale has not really moved much in months but that's my fault. Back on track for the new year.
  4. They look too big! I think you could get a size smaller than your skinny friend!!
  5. I was sleeved 3/9. 7 months ago today and after losing 60, I have not lost a lb in the last month. I heard about the 6 month honeymoon period but this is ridiculous! I have 15-20 lbs to get to goal Off to zumba to try and sweat off a few ounces!
  6. I think right now Dr Garcia is about $800 less than Dr Kelly. I'm sure that has a lot to do with it . I am 6 months out from surgery with Dr Kelly and couldn't be happier!
  7. DDFinn

    Loving Life

    Totally agree! If you let yourself get all caught up in the numbers out can drive you insane. I am about 20lbs from goal and I jump on the scale every week or so but I am really just enjoying my life and not stressing about it!
  8. I love, love love the Mio peach tea!
  9. DDFinn

    Flight Into San Diego

    I arrived the evening before and stayed at the hospital. They woke me up about 6:30 am for pre-op tests and i was in surgery at 10. I stayed 2 more nights, then off to the hotel for 2 nights.
  10. DDFinn

    I Am Crying...

    Thank you guys :wub: . I'm so happy I made the decision to have the surgery. Best thing I ever did for myself and my family.
  11. You will do great. I had surgery with Dr Kelly in march and have never had a second of regret. My sister also got sleeved the same day right after me and is also doing great. Its a new experience to get out your summer clothes and nothing fits. But because it's too big instead of too small!!! Good luck!

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