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  1. I am 4 months post op and have lost 60 lbs. But I got on the scale this morning and I have gained. Granted it was only 5lbs but still it was a gain. To be honest I thought I would be down more than 60 lbs by now. I haven't been as strict as I should be this last month...so many bad things happened and I went back to my old ways and turned to junk food. I feel like I have fallen off the wagon and I am struggling to get back on it.
  2. So over the last couple of months I have noticed that I have 1 week each month that I could LITERALLY eat everything in sight...and then then next few weeks everytime I eat I either get queesy or super full, super fast..like doing good to get in a cheese stick full... anyone else had this happen?
  3. I got on the scale this morning...thinking...please god let me be in the 300's finally...and low and behold...the scale read 399.6! I haven't been below 400 in 6 years! I am soooooooooooo excited I want to cry! Next goal...get to 350...whil is just 49.6 pounds away...That will be the smallest I have been in 10+ years...This tool actually is working! I was sooo afraid I would be the one that it wouldn't work for. I know that I could be down more if I would excercise more and be stricter on myself...but losing slow is a good thing too! Less skin to deal with hopefully!!
  4. brandymarie81

    Biotin Capsules

    NOW makes a Biotin Capsule. It is what I take.
  5. brandymarie81

    Crab Cakes With Creamy Avacado Sour Cream Sauce

    MFP = MyFitnessPal it is a website that alot of us use to track our Protein and calorie intake. You can put recipes in and it will tell you all the nurtrition information and you can add your own foods if you can't find it in the massive list that is already there. www.myfitnesspal.com
  6. brandymarie81

    Labor Day Challenge 2012

    So I have not been doing so great at the challenge! However I have managed to drop 10.4 lbs this far! I have 5 more weeks until this challege is over and 1 week after that until my birthday..that means 6 weeks to drop another 35 lbs! I can do it if I stick to my goals like I have this last week! Current Weight: 374.6 Labor day Goal 345-350 Birthday Goal 340
  7. brandymarie81

    Holy Crap!

    2 more days until I get to really get started losing my 240 pounds! I so can't wait! I am getting pretty nervous/scared though.
  8. Yay! So glad that I am not the only one! I notice that the week before is when I get that "cookie monster" urge for everything in sight. Then the next three weeks I can barely eat..and that is when I drop my weight...I need to learn to control it...I downed my calorie goal on mfp...and I am being more diligent about logging everything...see if that changes everything.
  9. brandymarie81

    Low Weight Loss

    I feel the same way every single day! I was hoping to hit my 100 pounds lost by my birthday but barring a miracle that won't be happening..I am down 60 pounds in almost 5 months..that is just about 12 pounds a month. I know that if I would be stricter and walk more I could lose more...just got to get in the right frame of mind.
  10. brandymarie81

    Prenatal Vitamins

    I take a prenatal and am in now way planning to get pregnant..but prenatal vitamins have such a high source of the things that we need versus regular vitamins. I take just regular pills that you can swallow but I am also 4 months out. Ask your surgeon since they are all sooo very different.
  11. brandymarie81

    Lack Of Exercise - Energy Level?

    You may need to take in some more B-12. It really helps give you a boost of energy.
  12. brandymarie81

    What Is Wrong With Me?

    I know..I have to get back to excercising...I have gotten out of all the habits that I had established. Thanks everyone. Hearing all of this is just what I needed. Im back at it already...my friend has challenged me to drink 120 ounces of water today...I may not make it...but I am CERTAINLY going to try my hardest. I have already started logging everything that I eat on MFP. I am determined to make my own personal goal!
  13. brandymarie81

    Crab Cakes With Creamy Avacado Sour Cream Sauce

    Go to foods, recipes, add new. Then add your items and it calculates everything for you.
  14. brandymarie81

    150 Lbs...can It Be Done?

    Yes it is totally possible to lose that much with the sleeve. you are right that the losing slows the further out you get...but that is a good thing because you will have less loose skin and you will be doing it the healthy way. I chose the sleeve because I did not want to be rerouted and have dumping and spend more time recovering. As it was I was out of commission for 3 days..I don't do well when I have to sit around. I am a super slow loser but I also haven't pushed myself like I know I can and should. The weeks where I do more excercise and am super strict with my caloric intake I drop around 5 lbs. Everyone goes through stalls...and if that means that I won't have to have TONS of reconstructive surgery when I am done losing then I will take it. It may take me 2 years to lose it all...but I know that I will do it.
  15. brandymarie81

    Can Someone Explain?

    It is acid in the tummy...
  16. brandymarie81

    Crab Cakes With Creamy Avacado Sour Cream Sauce

    Mine calculated as 5 crackers for 11 carbs...either way...still aint to bad!
  17. brandymarie81

    Crab Cakes With Creamy Avacado Sour Cream Sauce

    11 grams of carbs with wheat ritz crackers....
  18. brandymarie81

    Crab Cakes With Creamy Avacado Sour Cream Sauce

    130 calories, 17.5 grams of protein, 13 carbs, 3 grams of sugar...without the sauce.
  19. brandymarie81

    Crab Cakes With Creamy Avacado Sour Cream Sauce

    I plugged in the recipe to MFP and made it to serve 4 people based on the 3oz patty that she said she made and given that it has 12oz of crab meat. It shows to be 272 calories, 22 grams of Protein, 5 grams of sugar and 11 carbs. That also takes into consideration the sauce and dividing it evenly as well. Hope that helps! I am thinking of making this using shrimp..if it will work...
  20. brandymarie81

    Crab Cakes With Creamy Avacado Sour Cream Sauce

    I am going to make this too!! It sounds FANTASTIC!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing!!
  21. brandymarie81

    Avocado - How Much Is Too Much?

    I had 4 small slices last night with my fajita meat..and let me just say that it was PERFECT! I dropped another 2 pounds since Monday so it hasn't slowed mine down either.
  22. brandymarie81

    Avocado - How Much Is Too Much?

    Actually they contain the good fat...so they can keep you fuller longer and help you to lose weight. http://www.avocado.com/site/health-beauty/nutrition/how-eating-avocados-can-help-you-lose-weight
  23. That happened to me! I wasn't even able to eat anything! Dropped 10 lbs in a weekend...thankfully I had the tooth extracted but I was on the fence about letting them do it since it was knocking the pounds off!
  24. brandymarie81

    Bad News :(

    It should continue on as the same insurance carrier which means there should not be a need to resubmit anything. I did insurance for several years and once the terminated employee accepted COBRA it was almost as if they were still an employee with the levels of coverage that they got.
  25. brandymarie81

    Going Out To Eat

    Egg Drop Soup..just the broth.

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