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    Help: Pain in Throat, Chest and Back

    :frown:I too am having extremley bad chest pains. Right in the middle of my sternam. I have every test under the earth for my heart, even a rush endoscopy. They found bleeding ulcers as a result of HPyloria but that is not where they found them. The Gastro Guy suggested today i remove the band. I am hoping once the band is out that this nerve wracking painful chest pain goes away. surgery to be removed - 1/28/2008 AND CANT WAIT. LIFE CANT GO ON PAINFUL LIKE THIS!!!!! I prey the pain ends thereafter.


    Hey I have not posted in a while and today I was diagnosed with Thyroididus (spelling?) any how has anyone got this after the band? Your imput would be appreciated. Jenn -65 lbs


    hey alexandria, i remember chatting with you in my beginning worries after the surgery. Your pic changed....you look well. My doctor said it was stressed induced. but, if the pain dont go away in a week or so i should go back and then we have to schedule a cat scan and a sonogram. he said sometimes there are growths on the thyriod. Hope it goes away. Just checking since this is the most informative site out there.

    My first Fill...

    Hello, I have not posted in a while. I have been very busy. I had my first fill on Monday 11/17/03. My surgery was on 9/18. Since the 18th I have lost 38 lbs. I thought I had some restriction before my fill. Boy I was WRONG! I had 2 ccs put in. I must say the first two days I could only swallow a bite or two. I think I must have been swollen. But today I was able to put down Tuna fish (1/4 cup) So that is good. The procedure went well, Dr. Garber had to try two times. But, after he "stuck it" he inserted 2ccs. I had 3 gulps of the Chalky stuff and physically had to stop. I was filled up like a tank of gas done filling. Right after that we watched the Tele to see the stuff going down. Weird. I finally saw my band. Cute little thing. It was amazing. I must say I had my first pain in the chest from those gulps. It hurt. But that is the feeling of restriction. I have to learn that feeling. I feel like a baby learning to eat again. What is strange is I get those gas pains again (from the first 2 weeks post op) when I eat. Does that happen to anyone else? What could that be? Is it possible after 2 months the gas is still there. Or is it something new? Its in my shoulder. Same place where it was before. My stomach is once again gurgling. After reading some posts the Gurgling has happened before. Sorry for rambling but I just wanted to get my thoughts down to write what I am feeling. I think its important to get things out. I am so happy I got this surgery. I would do it all over again. I do know in the beginning I was so damn paraniod of everything. After reading all posts and posting my thoughts things seem to be easing my mind. Its always important to answer peoples questions or concerns because I was there once. I am sure many more questions will come up for me. And I know where I can come. Here. Its very comforting to know we are not alone. On that NOTE, Thank you all. We all can get thru this together.

    My first Fill...

    Thanks for the words of wisdom ladies.

    Port on the Right hand side????

    My incision is on the right hand side. And it is the biggest scar of the 5.
  7. Hi guys, does anyone have their port on the right hand side?
  8. Hello, I just got out of the Hospital today. I am experiencing ALOT of pain. I really have chest and Port pain. I was so nautious in the hospital, I threw up so much. I know I am being paraniod but, I feel like a moved my port pueking. Becuase this pain is unreal. I brought this up to my doc and his reply was "I was going to be in alot of pain near the port" Also, last night I freaked out when the chest pains started. They took an EKG and Blood. No Heart Attack Thank God, but, It just scared me. The Port Pain is my main concern right now, especially, now that I am off the Morphine and really are feeling everything to the point of tears. Did I do the right thing? This question keeps repeating in my head. I know this is what I wanted but, I think that I am panicing too much. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Very Very Scared. Please Help!
  9. Hey guys. Day 6 and feeling much better. However, todays mystery for me is a weird lump feeling in my throat and chest area. It goes up and down. Its uncomfortable. It doesnt hurt but, it concerns me. I was watching a movie "Punch Drunk Love" and the beginning of the movie had a car accident in surround sound. Made me jump so high that I hurt myself. So I decided to take a pain pill to ease the soreness that I recreated. The Pill felt stuck and to this moment I still feel there is something stuck there in my throat. Could the pill still be there? I think it would be desolved by now. SO I really dont know what it might be. Did this feeling happen to anyone?
  10. Hey guys, If it wasnt for this site I would know what I would do. Please dont mind my constant threads but, I need to vent. I am 4 days Post op now and thoughts like this is coming into play. I just got overwhelmed with the feeling of second guessing myself. Did I do the right thing? "This is forever", is really sinking in I think. My main concerns are my health. For some reason I am very scared the last few days. You know. Did anyone go thru any of the weird paniky thoughts like this? I really cant believe I am second guessing my self. God, this sucks. I wish I could snap out of it. I really need some support right now. I keep asking my partner, Are you proud of me? Do you think I did the right thing? Will everything be ok regarding Blood Clots? Etc. Please advise

    Noise from the BELLY

    Hey do you have serious noise coming from your stomach? And did it hurt sometimes? If I could describe it, its like a hunger pain that growls down the center of my stomach, but its not hunger, and it hurts extremely more than a hunger pain. On a scale of 1 -10 for that pain, its a 5 or 6. Any comments?

    Port and Chest Pain (2 days post)

    No Alexandria, I am not an experienced surgical patient. There is no Nausia anymore, My fear was that I moved the port. I had ADEMIA in the hospital. (Swelling around the band) I also have alot of Diareah since yesterday. Has anyone had that? I called the Doc This morning and he told me that was NOT normal. He wants me to start on Antibiotics just incase there is an infection in my lower intestons. Anyone here heard of this?
  13. Hello All, I am new to this site, I came over from Obesityhelp.com. I heard this site was helpful. There are not too many "Bandsters" on that Particular site. I am thankful I found this site. Anyhow, Today I went to the healthfood store and purchased, Protein drinks and Vitamins. Any suggestions on the inventory I have. I have purchased, the Atkins Drinks, Spiru-tein protein energy meals, Go Lean by Kashi Drinks, and some various stuff. I do know I will be on Broths and oatmeals, but does anyone recommend anything else. Some Recipies for Juices would be helpfull. Your input helps tremendously.
  14. Hey. I am having the surgery done on the 18th of September at Huntington Hospital..I dont think I am part of the yahoo group that meets once a month. Please send me information on that. Nice Chatting with you.
  15. Hi Andrea. I have to be on liquids for 2 weeks then mushy food. Its not all to clear. They say everyone is different. Anyhow, I am looking forward to my journey.

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