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  1. Mrs. Curtis

    Newbie with cold feet

    I would say a mixture- have had band a while now and have had the hardest time find a comfortable level with the band which in turn slows weight loss one week and then stalls for a while. Have had about 6 fills and 4 unfills due to body changing so much through out the month.
  2. Mrs. Curtis

    Newbie with cold feet

    All I can say is dont rush into it, I wish I would if really did more research and talked with more people before making the decision. I have the band now for a while and has been a roller coaster
  3. Mrs. Curtis

    6 months is KILLING my drive :/

    I actually think that the requirement should be longer as you have to still be on top of your game after have surgery. I actually lost more weight during that 6 months than a year following surgery. Good luck and you have to find exercises you like and enjoy doing and time and weight loss will happen
  4. Mrs. Curtis

    Protien shake "sample packs?"

    Tryabouttime.com offers individual servings and are tasty. Also unjury is good as great customer service (that is the one I have been using). Love the unjury strawberry sorbet and mix with minute maid light
  5. Mrs. Curtis

    UnJury/Protein Powder

    I love unjury- I have it on auto ship. I love the strawberry sorbet and mix it with minute maid light.
  6. I have to say that I think the band is not for everyone. My band adjusts with my body so every day is different for me. My father on the other hand had the band and is down 100lbs. My port sits at a tilt, makes it hard to get fills and my father is in and out in seconds as his is just in the right direction as it should be. I think there will always be good and bad with each persons adventure with the band.
  7. Mrs. Curtis

    Recovery after band removal

    How come you are having it removed? I have not had the best of luck so looking at this as an option in the future. When I say best of luck meaning that my band some days are so tight everything gets stuck to the next day I can eat as if there is nothing there. Have had fills then end up going back in to get in fill, have done that now about 5 times. Good luck with the removal
  8. I would suggest that you really give it a go before having surgery. Try working with a trainer, nutritionist and then re visit the idea after those attempts. Surgery is not a quick fix by any means and will still take a lot of work after being banded.
  9. Mrs. Curtis

    cross legs

    Such a great feeling (as I cross my legs) it has been in the last 6 months that I was able to start crossing my legs. So many more things to come in the future Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  10. Mrs. Curtis

    Protein Powder

    I have recently tried unjury and am a huge fan. I purchased a few of the single serves to try and the unflavored it good as well I really like the strawberry sorbet. I have tried the strawberry with oj and love it, drink it in the morning on the way to work. Another brand I recently tried was abouttime - website tryabouttime.com and they as well have single servings you can buy and try before buying a jug. Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  11. Also, there is a gym in my area that offers classes building up to adventure races. Might check with local gyms to see if they offer anything along those lines. Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  12. I am also doing the color me rad in June in Portland, Or. I am working with the couch210k app. I am also signed up for foam fest in August and warrior dash in September. Goals for the year Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  13. Mrs. Curtis

    anyone here did/is doing the couch to 5k program?

    I am starting week 2 on Tuesday of c210k Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  14. I was about 6 months post op and hit the wall. Have been trying all different kind of things to break it. My doctor does ver small fills- 1 year post op and 4cc's in 10cc band Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  15. Mrs. Curtis

    Unjury protein powder

    I checked out eBay and only saw two and both were chocolate. Do you find unflavored on eBay? Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  16. Mrs. Curtis

    Please Be Respectful!

    Thanks for sending out the reminder- hopefully that will help with some of the posts that have posted yet not appropriate. Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  17. In my opinion- I would NOT. If I was that close to goal, I would work with a personal trainer and a nut. for better good guidance. Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  18. Mrs. Curtis

    March Challenge-Lucky to be Losing!

    Name, real or screen: Suzie Goal weight: 227 Weight as of March 1st: 230.5 Dietary goal: increase Water and Protein Exercise goal: 5 days with atleast 30 mins Date Banded: 2/15/12 Total weight loss since banding: 33lbs Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  19. Mrs. Curtis

    Hello ONEDERLAND!!!!!

    Congrats- can wait to be there, 28lbs to go Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  20. Mrs. Curtis

    Taco cupcakes

    Love these cups (taco and enchiladas) and emilybites site for food ideas Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  21. Mrs. Curtis

    Problem drinking protein

    I recently tried About Time Protein and think the flavors I have tried are great. I tried the cinnamon and cake batter. Website- www.tryabouttime.com I also liked that you can order single serving to try out before buying a jug. Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  22. Mrs. Curtis

    A Quarter Ton GONE!

    Such a great story- so excited for the journey you have been on and where you can go from here. Congrats Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk

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