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  1. you remember those old school blue exercise mats from school? why are thet so expensive?

  2. i love having a new day to start over...

  3. what one thing do you plan to do different today?

  4. i have less than one month before my bday...hope i meet the secret goal i set for myself:)

  5. i have to remember to chew...

  6. each day i take the time to start anew...

  7. major gas...anyone experience this so far out post-op

  8. phatkatblue


    From the album: phatkatblue

  9. phatkatblue


  10. my internet is back on! hoping to be more active on the forum!

  11. i'm at myrtle beach!

  12. phatkatblue

    Summer Challenge

    198! Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  13. 5 months in and may be finding out what restriction is all about!

  14. phatkatblue

    July Summer Challenge

    sorry for the late check in...still no internet at home and this site is restricted at my job for some reason:/ anywho i'm up in a major way...been on prednisone for 2 weeks and i'm up to 205:( i got a fill yesterday of 1 cc so i am hoping for some restriction...and some weight loss this month...time is ticking...
  15. went for a fill yesterday +1cc added hoping for restriction...

  16. phatkatblue

    July Summer Challenge

    Phatkatblue holding steady at 197
  17. phatkatblue

    July Summer Challenge

    Name, real or screen~phatkatblue or keisha Goal weight for July 31st~190 Weight on July 1st~198 Age~36 Dietary goal for July~less snacks Exercise goal for July~increase intensity of workouts Personal goal for July~complete licensure review books Date banded~2-15-12 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~49 What is your favorite 4th of July activity~ working for o/t pay
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    There are also quite a few people into the HRM for tracking all the calories you burn doing whatever it is you do...I think they would say this is more accurate...my fitbit doesn't count all the calories I burn riding my bike but a HRM would...
  19. phatkatblue

    Top 5 Things Im Grateful For . . .

    my top 5: 1. controlled diabetes-no more meds or vision disturbances 2. feeling a little better in my own skin 3. wearing my 18 y/o child's large t-shirt! 4. riding a bike 5. painting toenails with ease
  20. phatkatblue

    Protein Bars

    love love love clif builders!!!! they are little high calorie though...(270) and i can't help but to eat the whole thing!!! i love the chocolate peanut butter and the s'mores...simply delish!!!
  21. phatkatblue


    yes i do! i love it as well..i got it shortly after surgery and use it daily:)
  22. phatkatblue

    Gooooodbye To Sandra Dee!

    yes that is awesome...sometimes we have to stop and smell roses along the way! you are doing great!
  23. gotta work out before it reaches this hot and humid 102...

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