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  1. Dont worry about it.....They say that because it is so different than the way they have always known you. YOu just go to the point you want to go and dont worry about what everyone else says. That sounds like the perfect weight. Yay for you I wish i was in your shoes...i however seem to be going the other direction lately. Been almost 2 years for me and still at the 50 lbs mark only...I have never been able to find the working spot for my band. It is one extreme to the other and no in between. Either feel nothing or it goes to the opposite and tooo tight instantly and then i end up going in to get some out. Just been there for the 3 unfil and am gaining again. Sick of it. I feel like i have no band again and will probably take 3 months to get in again for a little fill. they are so busy i hate it as we cant get it adjusted so that it helps me out at least some...just so hard to get appts anymore as they have too many patients vs. drs to do the follow up.
  2. PJ Geeser

    Any tips on nursing an irritated band?

    been there done that 3 times...if you can eat minimal and soft for numerous days go from there. It does take quite a while for the irritation to go down as you get tighter. But you were just fill so you are irritated from that alone. I would wait it out but be very careful what you eat for numerous days and go from there. I had to go in and get some out again and i did talk them into only taking out 1 cc at the most but he wouldnt take any less than that out as i was very swollen and dehydrated. After i healed again...i am too loose now again. They are so busy and it takes forever to get in for a fill at this time...have gained 13 lbs since and have stayed there for quite some time. Hate it. Also embarassed to go in and ask for some more fill as it goes from 1 extreme to another. I feel nothing at all to so tight that i eventually cant even get liquids down??? grrr. It has been 1 year and 9 months and still cant get it set...talk about frstrating.
  3. PJ Geeser


    Ummmm...you're doing great...I had mine in oct of 2012 and have to date only lost 55 lbs. been unfilled twice and now finally getting back to some help from the band. Not set where it needs to be but getting close! I too am very frustrated but I just think back to the weight I started and am thankful I am not there anymore. It could be better and it will get better but I know I will never be thin but I will be healthier and that is all that matters. I will keep plugging away and I keep telling myself ... losing slow is better that gaining. Dont be down on yourself...that is a fantastic weight loss already
  4. PJ Geeser

    Starting over with a complete unfill

    well I feel my fills were way too slow...haha...but I understand why she did it the way she did. As everyone usually will feel something by the 3 to 5 fill as a whole. So the first one was 3 cc and then slowed down. At about month 10 seh did get more aggressive but still so frustrating to be a year out with no help but I definitely dont want to go back for an unfill again...yikes...that is really a set back and yet alone twice. I hear you on wondering if you made the right decision...i too felt that way as i divide out how much i spent vs how many lbs I lost...well lets just say its not cheap but even at 53 or so lbs now...that is still better than where i was when I started. I also think that maybe losing it slower will be easier to keep off in the long run....fingers crossed anyway...maybe not but thats the way Im gonna think about it. Good luck and see if you can find the sweet spot first...it should be there somewhere too and hopefully you will start losing again
  5. PJ Geeser

    Starting over with a complete unfill

    I can relate well to you. I have had a LONg battle also with this band...well not years and years but the same issues. I was banded oct 22, 2012 so a not a year and a half yet but.... I got 11 fills and on the 11th fill there was a glimmer finally that I had a lapband placed ...not much but a little. I thought there is hope for me yet ...hehe! Anyway 1 year had passed and i was very frustrated as it seemed everyone else was experiencing such great results from about 4 months on and me ...nothing. Well very very slow and I dieted like I never dieted before with not much for results...I think i was at the 42 lb loss at the 1 year mark...not great at all but I guess something since I had no help from the band at that point yet. Couple more fills all was well...was at 10 1/2 cc....loved it. Wasnt hungry and I thought this is awesome. 2 weeking in with feeling great, choked on something and threw up and swelled alot, causing a pattern of sliming steady, this alone must have been enuf to keep swelling and swelling and swelling despite going to liquids etc. Eventually I was able to eat only 2 bites like every 3 days and liquids the rest of the time but it got to the point of not being able to get liquids down so I went in had to get it all sucked out. felt great the minute it was out. Let myself heal for 3 weeks and then back for a fill. I wasnt filled to where I was but I then and things were great for a week... choked on a piece of brocolli again...same thing happened over the next 3 weeks again as in the first time....when I couldnt get liquids down..back in and had it half sucked out,, had to heal for another month and now just filled again...back to 9 1/2 and honestly cant tell that anything is there again or should I say very slightly notice anything.....going back for some more but dont want to over do it. Mine must be a very fine line between not much feeling and too tight. With that said... had finally hit the 65 lb loss only to gain 8 back thru all the unfill process. I will say....i believe it is all my fault for not chewing or taking small enuf bites and just plain being too tight. I want to get to that perfect spot and hope it is a reality for me...someday anyway. At this point Im not so concerned with how much I lose or how fast...just for the fact that I keep losing...slow is fine as long as I keep losing. I have a ways to go and want to get there some day so will keep plugging away. I am going to try and be very careful this time around so I dont have to go thru the unfil again. Just keep at it and hopefully you will find that spot too.Ke ep in touch
  6. PJ Geeser

    Question I received Yesterday

    I would have responded...."well yes I have and it was alot of work, Thank you for noticing"
  7. PJ Geeser

    Hair Ball

    definitely you are too tight...go in and have them take a little out and see if that helps. I am on my 2nd round of being too tight and had the same feelings. (I let mine go too long and had swelled so bad from it had to have a complete unfill for a month again...aarrgghh...so am trying to maintain the weight gain as much as possible but it is hard being back to square 1 again) If you feel that lump in your throat etc...it is because you are too tight and the food is sitting on the top of your band not going thru. A slight unfill should help as you dont want food sitting there. Eventually it will lead to "acid" type issues which can be dangerous too.
  8. I always think your skin looks better heavier. Your wrinkles dont show as much etc...just plumper and filled in..LOL!! I definitely see my wrinkles and fine lines much more as I lose weight. DONT like it but like the number on the scale better! This is the first thing I noticed on my sister too is her skin showed its wrinkles so much more after she started losing weight fast with GB...never told her that as she really issues with each birthday she has. Just my opinion but while you will be better physically, your skin will show it more visually but my hope is that the skin will eventually will firm up a bit too
  9. PJ Geeser


    If you are hungry...you need a fill...go in asap and keep going until you find that right level of help from your band
  10. PJ Geeser

    Total Failure

    I know first hand....as I just had the same thing...that some drs, when you have a complete unfill for some reason and when they start the refill process again...they are very aggressive. they wont fill you to the point you were for obvious reasons as you were too tight perhaps but will come with in 1 to 2 ccs so it dont take so lone to get you back to where you need to be. With that said...when being "empty" for 3 to 4 weeks and then (in my case) putting back 9 ccs in all in one shot...that IS a shock to your system. You swell alot from the drastic difference and I could "feel" it being put back in as she did it. Was very sore inside for 6 days and was very difficult to eat much but you adjust. About day seven...I could definitely tell I need to go for more but havent done it yet...just has been too difficult to make the 2 hour trip during the holidays for a fill but am calling first thing tmr to schedule a fill....cant wait. I want to get back to "feeling" not hungry....LOVED it when I got there and want to get back to that stage asap. I think it sounds like you may need another fill but be patient getting there.....once you start getting some help from your band it makes the whole process easier. Be patient..you will get there. Just try making the best food choices you can in the mean time and eventually it will pay off when you and the band start working together.. I too was "stuck" at 35 lb. loss for almost 6 months straight...eating healthy the whole time so I understand the frustration of not losing when doing all you can and following the rules. It took a full year of fills before I felt any help from my band what so ever which is usually uncommon as most will have help as a whole by the 3 to 6 month time frame. I have lost very slow but made a definite difference when I finally got closer to the green zone. Once I get back to it now...I expect the scale to start moving again....slow is ok with me as long as it keep going in the right direction. I have a 40 lb goal for this next year and if I hit that will be ecstatic. ( that will put me at 100lb loss- god willing ) If I dont make it...Im ok with that too as I still am in a better place than i was over a year ago. Dont give up...put you best foot forward and your heart into it...do it for yourself and your own health and you will succeed in your own time frame. Good Luck to you and come back for help here anytime you need it...so many on here that understand and can give you insight on issues you are having
  11. 14 months out.....was to tight for 1 month and had to be completely unfilled to let my insides settle down and heal..on the 17th will start the process over and start refilling. Outside of finally getting to the green only to go a little over board...I was finally getting the benifit of being banded and was loving it...only to start over. I cant wait to get back to filling and into the green zone again.....I hope to have the aid of my band the rest of my life
  12. ok I change my post above to "she". Doesnt matter, male or female, I guess she is the ASS then. I agree...I too wouldnt go on the vacation with her...would be very uncomfortable knowing your partner said these things and felt this way. I do feel the same as above...that she is probably seeing someone else and trying to make you do the breakup. Only you can decide what to do but we all wish you the best...take your time...take care of yourself FIRST and then make the decision that is right for you
  13. OMGOD.....over 9 lbs???? Come on...wake up...sounds to me like he is looking for an excuse to leave but is hoping you will leave him first. (If I had to guess-I would assume he already has another one that he has been seeing right now and that is why he is saying these things to you) That is just absolutely an awful thing to say. Sorry...but 9 lbs cant make you look that different. WHat an ass! Sorry but he is. Kick him to the curb as hard as it may be for you....you dont need his kind of abuse...that is NOT LOVE! It shouldnt matter what you look like if someone truly loves you for who you are. I have no tolerance for his type and honestly would tell him so!. Move on...there is someone much better out there for you who will treat you how you deserve to be treated.
  14. PJ Geeser

    Hard Area After Fill

    sounds to me that they missed the port???
  15. PJ Geeser

    Stuck foods?

    It you cant eat even slider foods such as pudding (and I know you know you shouldnt be eating that at all or any slider)and have acid reflux...they are both signs of being too tight...talk with your dr. about this...you may be one that doesnt even need the 3 ccs that you were given....lucky you. but you do need to be able to eat real food that is good for you without any issues. Maybe ask to have a little removed and see how that goes. My dr tells me you should never puke, never have trouble eating and never ever not be able to get liquids down. Coughing, acid reflux, heartburn are all signs of being too tight.
  16. PJ Geeser

    Anniversary and Before/After

    WOW...you look like a whole new person. AMAZING!
  17. PJ Geeser

    I feel uncomfortable after fill

    coughing is a sign of being too tight
  18. PJ Geeser

    Almost a month out stressed!!

    yes we all do...it may take many months to find any help from the band...first off you are healing yet and secondly just follow the band rules eat the amt you are supposed to-not what you can. These first few months are the bandster hell as you are basically on a diet yourself until you get some help from your band. Mine took 1 full year, 11 fills and am first getting help from my band and I am loving it now but I had a year of hell. Most bandsters will get help around the 3 to 5 month mark so hang in there...you will get thru just like the rest of us
  19. yes..dont worry-you just had surgery. Its not going to fall off. I just hit my year mark and on my 11th fill just now... I am FINALLY getting some feeling of restriction that many talk about. It may take a few months but also know it may take much longer for the band to start helping you like you feel it should. My loss has been very slow but feel now with a little help from my band...it should go a little faster...at least I hope so. At any rate...I am at a better place than I was a year ago and despite slow loss..it is a good way to do it. I am happy for each lb that leaves my body. Be patient and it will happen as long as you do what you are suppose to do..just keep plugging away at it
  20. PJ Geeser

    Half the woman I used to be!

    omgosh...how is that possible to lose that much in that short of time???? Please share your daily routine...Congrats on that...WOW!!!!
  21. I wasnt scared in the least. I have had slow weight loss but I wouldnt take it back for nothing. Maybe you should look at it differently....maybe you should look at what the extra weight is doing to you long term if you stay on the same path you are on now, the diseases from obesity, high blood pressure, your joints hurting, your back.....the list goes on and on.
  22. wow...that is amazing in such a short time. Your pics are fantastic. Congrats
  23. PJ Geeser

    First attempt at fill unsuccessful :(

    So sorry about that. My first time was kind of tough too because of the scar tissue that forms which they said was common but they eventually found it. I will say with all the probing in and out with that needle- I did feel it too but bit my lip hard as I wanted them to find it. They will find it and the next time will go much more smoothly for sure. the first time is a bugger alot of times. You have done fantastic already- keep going and you are well on your way.
  24. yes..this is usually an emergency type situation from what most have talked about. if you are having issues you need to call the dr asap and let them know what you are feeling.
  25. our insurance agent called and said we can expect an approx. 26 percent increase....upping our Quarterly payment by about yet ANOTHER 1000.00 per quarter....Jesus Christ...are you kidding me????!!! I was furious. I dont understand how all the government bullshit works but ITS NOT WORKING!!!!! Ridiculous! So now our family of 5 will be paying 20,000.00 to 21,000.00 a year for health insurance. I dont know if we can keep on with a 4000.00 a year increase in the premium ....so tell me...how does this make it affordable for everyone??????

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