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    December sleevers!

    Hey December '11 sleevers: I lost quite a bit of hair post-op and fortunately I had a lot to start with, so that hasn't really been an issue. It's still growing back, but it's growing back curly and when it's humid like it is today, I have all these little hairs that give me this halo effect all over the place. I'm not exactly the "Touched by an Angel" type. Being 17 months out, I'm wondering if it's ever going to be the same or if this is my new normal? Anyone else still having this issue? Carol
  2. CCWriter

    December sleevers!

    Greetings fellow December sleevers. I was sleeved Dec. 27, 2011 and have lost about 75 pounds also, down to 200 pounds. I've been stuck, stuck, stuck here for several months now and have been getting sort of discouraged. I had let some carbs creep back up, so I'm trying to clamp down on them. I added strength training a couple of days a week to my yoga, which I do twice a week and need to up my cardio too. Hoping that will shake it loose, because I still have about 60 pounds I want to lose. Carol
  3. CCWriter

    Pork Rinds

    Pork rinds. Salty, fried goodness, but too rich for me. Sleeve definitely didn't like them. What I've been doing for a crunchy, savory snack is making kale chips myself. You can find lots of recipes online and control the sodium yourself. It's a great fall vegetable, just fyi, packed with Vitamin C and other goodness. Hope that helps ... Carol
  4. Congratulations Squisha (I love that name btw) ... You're doing great and I bet you feel a whole lot better already. Good luck on your goals! Best, Carol
  5. When I was sleeved Dec. 27, my husband talked seriously about kidnapping me from the parking lot of the hospital. I told him it would cause serious harm to our marriage. We just got back today from San Francisco, celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. We walked and walked and walked — up those unbelievably steep San Francisco hills from the historic downtown to Fisherman's Wharf. I kept up and he was amazed at the difference. I confess I paused a few times to catch my breathe, but I was a different woman. Hubby, who is a runner, was so happy I could mostly keep up with him with the consideration that he's 6'2" and has long lanky legs and gallops along, and I'm 5'6" and I don't have lanky legs. My weight loss seems to be crawling, but I'm not unhappy. I figure that it will all come off in its time, which I hope is by my daughter's wedding April 13, 2013. I work out with a yoga trainer twice weekly right now, and am upping my cardio. I think I may go back to strength training also, even though my doc hates that. (Sorry Dr. Walton.) I just want to be buff and toned also. Buff and toned ... can hardly believe I just wrote that. My life is changing because of the sleeve and for the better. And the hubby who wanted to kidnap me — is now a convert. Love to hear from all of you December sleevers. Means a lot to me. Best, Carol
  6. CCWriter

    Gained 30 Pounds 3 Years Out

    Thanks guys for the suggestion of the 5-day Pouch Test. I'm at six-months out and have only lost about three pounds in the last six weeks. I know my body is resetting, but this is not good. Still losing hair like crazy too. I will give it a shot and let you know how it goes. Thanks, Carol
  7. CCWriter

    My Sleeve Story 1-9-12

    I appreciate the thoughtful input and maybe I should relent and see a derm myself. I guess I'm just afraid of being given the same bunch of antibiotics that gave me a raging yeast infection last time I tried that for rosacea. I know we'll work all this stuff through and come out on the other side!! Carol
  8. Sorry I missed your thread. I think I was out of town and not seeing the Internet that much. I'm hoping I can clear this up topically, because I've been to a dermatologist before for skin issues (not this bad,) and that's a last-ditch effort -- like declaring war on your skin. And I agree on the antibiotics being tough on the tummy. I've been trying to take LESS drugs, not MORE. So hope I can solve this topically or maybe I'll just grow up -- ha -- and the hormones will lighten up a bit. I was thinking of going and getting my hormones retested ... a few years ago, my sleep apnea was discovered because they found my cortisol (a stress hormone) was through the roof in the morning. I'll let you know how that goes. Carol
  9. Since surgery Dec. 27, it seems like my face has been broken out and no matter what I do, it just keeps getting worse. I turn 59 in a couple of weeks and it's worse than it was when I was 16 -- mostly in my chin and lower cheek area, even on my nose. About a dozen zits at a time. I'm been washing my face more, trying different products but don't want to use anything that will dry my already mostly dry complexion out. I'm figuring that either my hormones have changed since surgery or I'm allergic to something or my body is reacting differently to something. I've also been in a terrible stall for about a month and a half -- going back and forth with about two or three pounds -- but I figure that will get better soon. My hair loss that started at about four months out is finally getting better at five-and-a-half months or so and I'm hoping that my body has adjusted to its weight loss and it will start back up again. Anybody else having this problem with breakouts and how have you dealt with it? Does this get better? All suggestions welcome!! Thanks, Carol
  10. CCWriter

    My Sleeve Story 1-9-12

    I've been having some issues with my sleeve playing bad head games on me. The psychologist at my surgeon's office suggested that I don't go off my daily 30 mg dose of Cymbalta and I'm glad I didn't. I've been stalled for about six weeks now, going back and forth from 207 to 210. The stall is getting SO DISCOURAGING. My highest weight was 273 and I'm feeling a lot better, but I'm still so far away from my goal of 135-140 pounds. I'm about five-and-a-half months out. The NSVs are definitely a tradeoff with the negatives. NSVs (Non-Sleeve Victories) include going off one of two blood pressure meds, going off an anti-inflammatory med, knees and feet feel a lot better. I'm about out of another pair of too-big jeans. My stress incontinence is about over, and my cheekbones are starting to emerge. My husband says my sleep apnea is waning and I'm not snoring nearly so much if I nap or fall asleep without my CPAP. On the negative side, I am definitely grieving food, although I believe you can still eat beautiful, fabulous food prepared well -- just not as much of it and definitely not some things. My face looks like a red-dotted road map with zits and I've been having hair loss, although I think I may be turning the corner on that. The nausea that hits if I eat too quickly is a little disconcerting, but I'm dealing with it. But all in all, I'm glad I did it. I feel much better and have lots more energy. Onward, Carol
  11. I was wondering about that -- surely it's something to do with hormones. I'm using some new products that are made by the same people who make Proactiv and I'm hoping they'll help.
  12. Worst thing is that I have a huge zit on the end of my nose. Now -- this has NEVER happened in my whole life. ON THE END OF MY NOSE!!!!! Heck, I look like Rudolph the Red-Zit Reindeer. Stop laughing!! This is NOT FUNNY!! Carol
  13. Ummmmm ... I meant daughter, not dinner.
  14. Had my first taste of sweets last night at a congratulatory engagement dinner for my beautiful 25YO dinner. It was only one spoonful of chocolate pot d' creme at Benvenuti's Ristorante in Norman, Okla., a wonderful locally owned Italian restaurant. It was good, but I didn't want another bite -- strange for a person who used to be a chocoholic. I'm four-and-a-half months out and in a stall for several weeks. It's gotten so bad that I'm wondering if I'm just plain old stuck here. Please no. At least the hair loss has slowed in the past week. Sigh. Carol
  15. CCWriter

    Not Losing

    I'm at the same place. Almost five months out and my weight loss has slowed to a sluggish crawl. It swings back and forth two or three pounds and finally nudged down a pound this morning. But it's crazy slow for how much food I'm NOT eating. I also hit the temporary hair loss thing at four months, and from what I've been reading, your body just kind of shuts down a bit at this time. Patience isn't my best virtue, but I'm working on it. I know by exercising and only eating healthy things, I'll get there eventually. But it always seems to help if I can commiserate with other folks, so thanks for the shoulder. Carol
  16. CCWriter

    Sleeping ....

    It was tough the first two or three weeks sleeping on my left side. But my right side was fine just a few days out. Even almost five months out, my left side doesn't hurt, but I now favor my right side. I finally decided I was taking some of my Vitamins (as directed) too late in the day. I moved those up and that's helped. I also take 3 mg of melantonin (sp?) some nights if I'm too worked up to go to sleep and that seems to help. Carol
  17. CCWriter

    Hair Loss Solution

    Peace ... that sounds about what I'm doing, although I'm going to add the Biotin. We were sleeved the same day btw. Seems like my hair loss arrived almost the same time I hit my four-month mark. Still losing it at almost five months, but it seems to be slowing down a bit. And at the same time I hit a slow, slow, slow patch on losing weight, going up and down two or three pounds for several weeks now. It finally seems to be nudging on down there. It also seemed to get more dry and brittle and I've been using Kiehl's on it. Because I'm prematurely silver, I have to be careful about what products I use. So many of them turn it yellowish, but Kiehl's seems to be pretty good. I usually put it up when I'm gardening for a few hours a week -- I just have to when it's in the 90s. I've started doing it a lot looser ponytail though. It helps so much to read everyone else's take on it and what's working for them!! Thanks, Carol
  18. CCWriter

    Hair Loss Solution

    I'm so glad you guys started a new thread on this, because it's SO TIMELY for me. I'm getting close to five months out and if I even touch my hair, many strands fall out and it's constant. When I blow it dry, these humongous amounts of hair come out. The good news is that I had a lot of hair to start with, but I'm figuring that won't help long if this doesn't slow down. I'm losing it like crazy. I'm taking a couple of salmon oil tablets daily and only putting my hair in a ponytail when I work out, which I understand is tough on it. I always make sure I have my oil in every day, which I figure could be important. All suggestions welcome!!! Onward, Carol
  19. Like Lissa, I'm further out on my Dec. 27 sleeve. But I've lost weight in fits and starts. I'll stall for two or three weeks, then bang I'm down two or three or five pounds. But it's been slow ever since about the four week mark. I'll confess I'm in another big time stall and I'm guessing that's just the way it goes. You can't keep eating these few calories and not lose weight. That said, your body couldn't keep up the pace of weight loss it had in the first month. And who would want to? Hope that helps ... Onward, Carol
  20. I know this is a rather indelicate subject, but I'm either constipated or dumping and there doesn't seem to be much in between -- sometimes they both happen in ONE DAY! The constipation hasn't been bad enough to take Miralax. I'm four months and one day out today. I discussed this with my physician on my three-month check-up and they said they think it will regulate itself. I'm just weary of it. I'm at a conference and naturally I'm dumping ... so I have to run to the hotel room every once in awhile to make sure I don't have an accident. This just seems like a little much!! Any input is welcome. Onward, Carol
  21. I think dumping and diarrhea are pretty much the same thing, although dumping seems to have a bit of velocity to it. (Yikes!!) When stuff wants to get out, it's pretty urgent. I usually figure that dumping is associated with my sleeve not liking something I've introduced into it, like how it didn't like veggies for the longest time and way after I was allowed to eat them. I started out with cooked veggies, then eased into raw ones which really gave it fits. But now raw veggies are fine, which is good because I like them a lot. eggs seem to be my go-to food these days. Love them scrambled, deviled, poached, frittatted, in omelets, etc. I probably eat too many of them, but they're so versatile. Questions: • Do sleevers ever get completely over dumping? And when can you expect that to happen? Thanks you guys!! Onward, Carol
  22. CCWriter

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    I checked out your blog. I like your writing style and decided to bookmark it. I'm at four months and have a blog called Takin' a Load Off. Good luck on your surgery! I'm CCWriter701 at myfitnesspal, although I've been terrible about journaling. Maybe having friends there will help! Onward, Carol
  23. I think Libbe and E-Girl did a great job of answering your questions, but I had a couple things I thought I'd add. 3. Can I drink broth all day? Is there a difference between chicken and beef? Yes, you can drink as much broth as you want, but you need to be careful of the sodium content or you'll puff up like a toad. (Sorry.) I made broth with whatever I had on hand when I was in this stage and it agree with me a lot more. Leftover rotisserie chicken or any chicken bones, beef bones or bits, veggies. I throw bones and etc. into plastic bags in my freezer until I have enough for broth then throw it all in a big pot and make broth. I made hubby some wonderful onion Soup with beef broth I'd made when I was still on my liquid phase and I sat there and had my broth with him for dinner. It made it easier to eat together when I was on the liquid diet. 5. How do I keep the momentum going with the weight loss? I'm starting to feel hunger, but can't eat. I'm worried about going into starvation now that I'm actually feeling hungry and it working backwards for me. I'm also afraid that when I do start eating it will either stop the weight loss or go backwards because of the previous "starvation". Momentum, momentum, momentum, I want to keep it rolling. You won't keep losing as fast as you have been. You should drop to about 8-10 pounds a month and sometimes it will be less. This is better for your skin adjusting anyway. 6. I'm having a hard time watching my family eat. It grosses me out the food intake not so much with my growing boys, but especially with my husband who is going to have the surgery also. I feel like....."hey do you realize how much food you eat and I'm over here drinking broth all day long! Get control of yourself." Yikes, I know. So sorry, but it's true. This is emotional. You don't realize the emotions that you will go through in this life changing journey. You'll get your revenge when he's had the surgery!! (Insert funny, evil laugh here.) He still has all his ghrelin hormone making him hungry, so you could cut him a bit of slack. My hubby was eating things like chicken-fried steak in front of me, but he's not overweight. 9. Life evolved around cooking, eating out, social eating, etc. I've halted all of that and feel a little trapped. No one except immediate family, i.e. husband, sons, and girlfriend who went to hospital with me know that I have done this. I don't lie and would have a hard time explaining why I'm not eating, drinking alcohol, participating in the activities this early in my post surgery. So we are using our workload right now as a reason for staying home, etc. There's so much there for me right now. My husband is extremely supportive and wants me to do the same for him when he has the surgery. Sorry rambling but trying to get through the emotional/mental part of it. When you get to real food soon, you'll find that there's normally something you can eat on every restaurant's menu, although I do still avoid Italian restaurants and I'm four months (and two days) out. Smelling garlic bread makes me crazy. We went out for tapas last night and I was able to eat every dish we got (all Protein and veggies.) Main dish salads are my best friends, although I can't eat much of the lettuce. I just tell people like my 87YO mother who doesn't know I had the surgery that I'm on a diet, and she says, "Good for you dear, you're looking great." My other best choices are grilled salmon or fish and I totally love seared scallops. I also eat the middles out of sandwiches and if I get any weird looks, I just smile and say, "Dieting." If they say anything else, I tell them I've lost (fill in the blank) pounds. Works every time. 10. I'm still bloated and tend to bloat throughout the day. Is this normal or what can I do to alleviate this? Heck, I still have tons of gas at four months. I try to fart discretely. 11. I know I don't get enough liquids in as I can't drink Water. Any liquid suggestions would be great. I drink 32 oz. of Powerade Zero before breakfast and then the rest is a breeze. My favorites are the zero or low-calorie versions of Sobe, Fuze or putting Crystal Light in my water. I'm not wild about drinking plain water. 12. I can already tell that my absorption rate is super sensitive and high! Within seconds of trying something, I either feel sick, lightheaded or full or all of the above. Does this stay? When food is introduced will it be one bite at a time? This will get better. Eat teensy, tiny bites SLOWLY when you start eating regular food. Hang in there. It will get better!!! Carol
  24. CCWriter

    Ok Time To Be Real With Me..

    I didn't have much pain afterward and I agree with Dorrie, a C-section is a whole lot harder. I think if she's having that much pain, she needs to talk to her physician. Maybe there is some kind of issue or complication. Onward, Carol
  25. That's a reallly interesting observation WhoozisAnyway. Interesting that I had a omelet with cheddar cheese in it just before dumping problems the last two days. But I had some manchego cheese with a tapas meal I ate last night to no ill effect. I've decided to start journaling in the notes on my phone when I have dumping issues and what I ate just before that, because something is sure causing issues. Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh!!!! Onward, Carol

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