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    tflemon67 reacted to Kime-lou for a blog entry, Grocery Bill Before And After   
    I thought with me eating much less my grocery bill would go down, but it hasn't, but it hasn't gone up either. Instead of buying crap (little debbie / french fries) I buy healthy things - fruit and veggies. I no longer buy any soft drinks, just crystal light flavor packs for water.
    I am married so I do have to buy for the hubs, but while he isn't banded he opted to adopted the banded life. He eats the same healthy foods I do just in a large quantity, but hey that is a step. We have opted to oust junk foods all together. So I no longer go down the junk isles. I use to buy a lb of sugar monthly, I have purchased one in 4 months now - don't use it any more.
    I use to buy hamburger, chicken and pork. Now I still buy chicken, but opt for ground turkey instead of beef and still do a little pork sometimes and a lot more fish. We also use eggs instead of meat - I made an awesome veggie quiche last night and it gave us dinner last night and breaksfast for today and tomorrow- that is the way to stretch a buck. I have learned that Mrs. Dash makes fish better grilled and broiled than it was when we ate it fried.
    So while my bill hasn't gone down, I feel like the quality of food I purchase is better and I like that. Fresh veggies and fruit are great. My hubs has given up high cal yogurt for apple slices and likes it better. So I don't mind that the bill hasn't gone down quality means more than quantity so that is the aim these days.
    What has being banded done for your grocery bill?
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    tflemon67 reacted to Kime-lou for a blog entry, The Amazing Pita Pocket   
    I recently purchase a pack of whole wheat pita pockets, they are round and if you slice them in half they make a little pocket. Once half is less calories than a slice of whole what toast and taste great.
    I have been making myself and my hubs sandwiches with these. My hubs like to put laughing cow chipolte cheese and ham in one and heat heat for a hot ham and cheese - low cal and high protein. I had an peanut butter and banana pita - got my protein and my fruit in. The pitas are so thin, it gives you just enough bread to feel like it's a sandwich, but not so much it gets stuck.
    These pita's are great for stuffing with deli slices and cheese, chicken or tuna salad, PB and banana or even a scrabled egg and cheese for morning breakfast. We are loving these things- if you have tried them but like a sandwhich or need an easy holder for chicken or tuna salad while you are on the go you gotta try them.
    What lapband friendly items have you found that are awesome?
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    tflemon67 reacted to slojo67 for a blog entry, Still Just A Waitin'   
    Justa waitin' only have 3 days to go before surgery. I'm having all kinds of feelings. No doubts or fears really just hopes that everything goes okay and that i never have a slip or erosion. I would like to keep my band (gertrude) forever. I am looking forward to the trip to san diego then mexico. Never have been out west at all. Never have flown on a large jet before. I'm sitting in seat 13A on the flights from home to chicago! THat's my lucky number... The large jets don't have a 13th seat... well i don't have alot to say. Started liquids this am doing okay with that i'v e had Unjury chicken noodle soup, sf jello, and unjury unflavored in water and crystal light to drink. Haven't cheated. haven't had the urge to yet. My husband is grilling chicken wings right now,(don't like them) he had mercy on me and fixed something i don't really like. I'm a vegetarian about 90% of the time. Plan on being a full-time vegetarian now that i'm being banded. I'll write more on the trip to let you know how Mexico/San Diego goes...Thanks for reading my jumbled thoughts...
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    tflemon67 reacted to RIYAHSMOMMY for a blog entry, Less Then 24 Hours...   
    In less than 24 hours I will be amoung the banded . I am happy, excited, scared all in one....I can't wait to see what is in store for me on this new journey...Keep me in your prayers!
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    tflemon67 reacted to swEEtbrOwnAndbAndEd for a blog entry, Surgery Date Set   
    Finally made it surgery set for August 23,2012. I seems like forever, and I never thought I would make it this far. I start my pre-op liquid diet on the 9th, pre-op doctors visit on the 17th. Wish me luck!!! I am so happy to start my new life journey.
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    tflemon67 reacted to pcosmommyof4 for a blog entry, I Work Out   
    Last night was my first hour long workout. I was so excited for myself I couldn't go to sleep. The longest my body has lasted on my crosstrainer bike was 15 mins. Last night I completed the full 30 minute workout on my crosstrainer. Before that I did 10 minutes on my eliptical, 20 mins on my workout ball using wieghts and doing curl ups. The last 30 minutes of m workout was on my crosstrainer. I got to that half way mark and wanted to quit. I thought I would push it through for another minute. Then I realized it had been three minutes. I then put on the song "Forgot You" and Ipod and sang it to my wimpy self. 7 mins... to go....Queen We will rock you...yeah good motivation song! The last two was spent my fav. artist Jordan Knight and his song Rockstar. Next thing I new, it was a minute past that 30 min. mark and I was still singing and cycling.
    I then iced my knees, showered and mineral iced my legs. Got up this morning and did 30 mins of kickboxing with my daughter.
    I am four weeks post op today and four weeks and two days post-Dr. Pepper.
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    tflemon67 reacted to Band_Groupie for a blog entry, Third Bandiversary   
    Hello my lovelies!
    This week is my 'Celebration Week', so drink up you groupies, and keep the party going all week!
    - My Birthday (I'll be 53).
    - Our 30th Wedding Anniversary (we'll be leaving for London in less than two weeks…Cheers!).
    - and…drum roll please…My Third Bandiversary!!!
    I can hardly believe it's been three years! It seems like just yesterday that I was getting banded, and yet it also seems like I'm now the same person I always felt like inside...only happier.
    I'm swamped getting packed, so I won't repeat myself, but here are some thoughts I had on the past year HERE I just wanted to stop in for the big party (get your hugs here) and to tell you thank you all for your continued support and friendship!
    Pics- a pair of pants I found in the back of my closet (too small on me when I got banded)...excuse the pre-shower scary face.


    See you all in a few weeks! -BG (lap Band Groupie)
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    tflemon67 reacted to jennifer1 for a blog entry, Embarrassed!   
    i have been going back and forth on rather i was gonna blog this today, but i must own up to my failures as well as my successes. well i am going in for a fill today. i got on the scale and it has been slowly creeping up. today it said 210!!! i had gotten to 202..that was from february till now. to some that may seem like not a lot, but mentallu to see that second number as a 1 and not a zero just sent me into a mental place i dont need to be. i just cant believe i let it go this far. i take full responsibility for my weight gain. yes i still was in the gym but my eating habits have become less than desirable..ok let me not sugar coat it..i was down right wrong. now i know i need a fill, but i found myself in the past few weeks thinking..it didnt matter what i ate cuz i was gettn a fill and i would just get back on track then. this is the same thinking that held me captive at a size20!! now my 12's still fit, but i know it's only a matter of time before that changes.
    i think i blogged this to show myself that even though i am one year post op i still have some mental changing to do when it comes to my weight loss journey. i thought that one year out it would be a walk in the park. i long for the day that i dont have to make a conscience effort to always think about what i am eating for the day. i long for the day that my weight is not always on my mind..but i dont think that day will ever come.
    so i've come to accept that my way of life is to be constantly aware of my weight and food intake.
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    tflemon67 reacted to sarawray for a blog entry, Almost There!!!!   
    Well, I finally got the call yesterday, that I have been waiting on. The insurance approved my surgery, and I have my consult with the surgeon on July 9. I am very excited, cant wait.I went to my lap band consultation on June 6. Got my ekg and pulmonary test. They told me how to eat and what I can expect. The next day I called my Dr and got him to call me in some chantix. My last cigarette was June 15 at 8:30 pm. I highly recommend chantix. After a week of taking it I barely had any desire to smoke. At the consultation I weighed in at 244. I immediatley started to incorporate the mechanics of eating like they described to me. Most of the time I eat that way and it is fine. There is still that little part of me that knows I can, so I occasionally cheat, telling myself I wont do it after I get my band. I am now down to 236. I really hope my journey continues to be so positive. I am very excited, and just cant wait till the surgery. Wish my luck and keep me in your prayers.
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    tflemon67 reacted to velvetbuckle for a blog entry, 48 Hours   
    Holla to everyone reading! Well it's been almost exactly 48 hours since I was banded. I'm still sore to bend over, coughing, and laughing are somewhat painful but tolerable. I went to the grocery store today, my son went and did the lifting for me. I had no problems except the heat outside-WHEW LAWDY it's a hot one!
    I have a call in to the nurse because I am not the least bit hungry. I had to make myself drink some chicken broth last night, and some protein today. I feel as if maybe it's filled already, although my first fill is scheduled July 5, I don't think I'll need one at this rate. I can drink everything as much and as fast as I did before, just not a single hunger pain, or desire to chew at all. Maybe it's part of the "healing" process, maybe because my Dr. also said he repaired a large hernia? Whatever the case, the facts remain that I'm not hungry.
    I still have 5 bandages on, 1 over my belly button, 2 on either side right above, and 1 far left and 1 far right. It seems as if the soreness is evenly distributed. Tonight is the big bandage removal and taking a shower YAY! I believe I have some surgical strips that will remain until told otherwise, I think anyway. My throat was a little raw and voice was slightly hoarse from the tube, but that is all but gone away.
    The way I feel right now is that a "fill" in my band in 7 days would be too soon, especially when I'm forcing myself now to take nourishment. I'm thinking it's a little longer to heal from the hernia possibly, not sure but I intend to ask the nurse when she calls me back.
    Have a great evening everyone, onward and upward Lo & Behold!!!

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