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Sophia Bella

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    Painting rocks, bowling pins or anything I can get my brush on. I also love to scrapbook. There is just never enough time... : )
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  1. Happy -- Birthday Sophia Bella!

  2. hi there, where is your port located? and does it bother you??? just wondering

  3. Sophia Bella

    Port Location???

    mine is on my left side at the mid ribcage - it has been 6 months and mine sometime potrudes out or when i sit my ribs seem to set on it and is very uncomfortable...... and i am sure it is just too bad.... anybody know what to do about this?
  4. Sophia Bella

    Hi I'm New!!

    and can anybody tell me how to get the stupid weight loss ticker on my stuff? i cannot figure it out....
  5. Sophia Bella

    Hi I'm New!!

    Hi everybody - i was banded dec 23rd 2011 - it was a very easy surgery and recovery - i am so happy i got this - i am only down 11 pounds from surgery but 29 pounds from the beginning of the pre op diet. slow but sure. such a great feeling. no more diet pills, no more stupid fad diets - just a constant losing.....no pain.....
  6. i am getting my heroin fix for my birthday - pizza : ) i hope i can eat a whole slice......

  7. i want to eat right until the really good looking food comes around.... : ( - back to my "i'm going to do really good today" everyday all over again.....

  8. 9 pounds and holding - since my last fill....... : )

  9. i am finally losing weight after my 2nd fill - i am down 8 pounds since the 14th. yeah!!!!!

  10. so why am i still not dropping weight????? : /

  11. am finding out that i really am eating less each time i eat. : )

  12. got another 1cc today - 3.5 total - the doctor kept telling me "now remember, you are not going to be able to eat like you did this morning. so be prepared" well, so far i really cannot tell a difference. but i am really being careful, just not really feeling different. i am waiting and will see : )

  13. getting another fill tomorrow - i am getting on track just need a little more fill. i am finally down a couple of pounds. : )

  14. it was so great the other day - i was watching the news and they were talking a new weight loss drug getting the ok and usually i am right on it to my doctor - and i just thougt - i don't have to do that anymore - it was such a great feeling - no more trying this drug and that drug. !!!!!

  15. i too can eat just about everything and i am very unhappy about that but the doctor is so upbeat about it and tells me not to worry - it will work out. so i feel i must listen to him. keeping my fingers crossed.