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  1. Help!!!! In all of my 48 years i have never been allergic to anything, NOTHING!!! I was sleeved on 4/10/12 and since my 4th week post op, i have had horrible bouts of itching skin. I haven't changed my laundry detergent, body soap, deodorant - NOTHING!! I have tried process of elimination with certain fruits/foods but no success there. In fact I could mimic my diet for every single day in a week and it's guaranteed that on one of those days i'm going to start scratching like a monkey. This is driving me flipping nuts. i'm making an appointment to see an allergist this week to get to the bottom of this. i was just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this...My sister gave me a Zyrtek (sp??) and it stopped immediately which leads me to believe I am now allergic to something..but what???
  2. Who's That Girl

    Allergies Post Sleeve - Wth?

    now thats a good one thats one that i don't mind scratching for!
  3. Who's That Girl

    Spicy Foods<<<I Miss U!

    I'm eight week sport op and LOVE spicy/hot food. In fact the hoer is is the more I like it. So far i haven't had an issue and I drench my food in something hot or vinegar. Probably should be careful so as not to burn a hole in tummy...
  4. Who's That Girl

    Craving Dill Pickle Juice

    How bizarre! i was sleeved on 4/10/12 and i've been eating dill pickles, cucumbers in vinegar, sour grapes and sour strawberries. It seems like i can't get enough of the sour....not craving anything else just these things. This may be stupid but can you eat too many strawberries and grapes? Once I start i can't stop and find myself nibbling on these, especially grapes throughout the day. Not sure if this is starting a bad habit..
  5. Who's That Girl

    Where Are My April 2012 Sleevers?

    April 10th and feeling good 3 weeks post op. How did everything go for you?
  6. Who's That Girl

    Weight Loss Surgery Cookbooks

    i just got one yesterday that came highly recommended. it's called Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery. I got the Kindle edition and haven't had a chance to sit and browse through it.
  7. OK, so I was sleeved on April 10th and i'm down almost 25 pounds. It's been great trying on things that i haven't worn in forever, mainly dresses because i love a good dress. So here's the problem. Even with a cheap version of a Spanx onesie, i can still see my muffin top. When it;s all said and done, will this thing still be an issue when i lose all of my weight. As soon as my surgeon clears me to begin core exercises i know that will tighten up the abdominal area some but my muffin top hangs pretty low and i'm wondering if i'll need a tummy tuck in the next year or two. Anybody else have this issue?
  8. Who's That Girl

    Muffin Top - Wth?

    i know it's only been a few weeks tomorrow but i really think this is fat and as i lose weight it will be flab. thinking there is a tummy tuck down the road for me but willing to give it some time to see what happens. Going to get ab-roller and do core exercises to tone what i can once doc says ok...thanks for the suggestions for body slimmer. this will have to do for now. Even if the muffin top doesn't go away at least i won't have the excess weight. Go me!!
  9. Who's That Girl

    I'm Overweight! Woohoo

    Wow! this is a good way of putting things into perspective. I can't wait until i can say those same words... Go U!!!
  10. Who's That Girl

    I Lost 100#'s!

    How exciting you're doing great.
  11. Who's That Girl

    Loose Bowel Movement

    From what i've read this is normal due to the liquid diet. I as sleeved on April 10th and I experienced the same thing. My VSG handbook said it is common for this to occur. I'm now on the pre select food stage and have experienced the opposite. Until tomorrow, i have only been allowed to eat 5 items as part of the transition. I now find that with adding these 5 items i'm not going at all unless I take a stool softener. I guess it's all a part of the body making adjustments. Maybe things will get normal at the 6 week mark as i will be eating solid foods again...
  12. Who's That Girl

    Late Periods?

    gosh what's that??? just kidding! my LMP was November 4, 2011 and i wasn't sure what to expect post surgery. I'm only 48 but if i'm probably pre menopausal. Went for annual and everything checks out ok so maybe Aunt Flo will show up and maybe she won't. After 35 years, i can't really say that I miss it. Its been kind of nice not having to deal with it, however; i stay prepared just in case. Now that i've had surgery and my hormones are doing something different i'll let you know if she shows up
  13. Who's That Girl

    Medic Alert Bracelet ?

    Glad you brought this up. I was planning on getting one of these. My 3 week post op visit is next week I'll find out what info should be listed...
  14. Who's That Girl

    I'm New And Undecided

    Ditto. The seminar is great and so is this forum. If you have support group meetings in your area I would encourage you to attend. They helped me quite a bit. Up until the day of my surgery I was flying solo and didn't have support from the family. This was a risk that I was willing to take as I wanted to be healthy and enjoy life again. Do what's right for you. Don't let others get in your ear and try to discourage you. It's the fear of the unknown and unless they are willing to take the time to learn and ask questions, that's negative energy you don't need. Read the forum, ask questions and there are enough people on here that you can send personal messages to if you want. We've been where you are so if we can help, please let us.
  15. Who's That Girl

    They Took My Stomach

    Sleeved April 10th....we're sleeve sisters.
  16. Sleeved on 4/10/12 and having a pain or muscle cramp in the incision above belly button. I know this is where the belly was removed but wondering if this is from healing or something else. Not enough discomfort for medication but annoying nonetheless. Anyone else experience this 2 weeks post op??
  17. Who's That Girl

    Before It's Too Late

    I read this and my heart goes out to you. I was exactly where you are at right now. I contemplated writing a letter to my family due to the fact that I got zero support from the person that I am closest to in my family and figured i would get the same from everyone else. It took many agonizing days/months for me to finally tell my two siblings; one understood but didn't want me to go through with the procedure due to his fear for my safety and my sister said she was supportive and then called me one week before surgery and said she was against it. My support came from this forum and attending support group meetings here in the local Colorado area. this is a huge step and I commend you for taking charge of the situation and doing what's best for you. Thee were many nights when I cried myself to sleep and I prayed non stop that this was the right thing to do. My biggest fear was not waking up or having complications that i've read about. I was so determined to get the weight off it didn't matter whether they supported me or not and I had so much faith in my surgeon and his team, i was willing to take the risk. I knew at the end of the day, God had my back and would be there with me every step of the way. As for the family when they realized the train was leaving the station with or without them they were there. I was sleeved on April 10th and didn't know until the night before how i was getting to the hospital but please believe i would have driven myself if I had to. To my surprise my brother in law was 100% supportive and there every step of the way pre/post surgery. My doctor was amazed at the number of family members that were there with me the day of surgery as was I. We prayed together, we cried together and when I got to recovery they were all there waiting. So yeah, it was a long journey that i took by myself but at the end they wee there for me. I'm sorry this is so long but I just want you to know that I'm here for you and I know this is something that you really need as much support as you can get. Hopefully you won't have to send the letter,but if you do, it's ok. Perhaps that's the only way they will really know how you feel. Unfortunately people don't understand what it feels like to be desperate to lose weight and nothing seems to work no matter how hard you try. I DON'T regret having my sleeve surgery. I will keep you in my prayers.
  18. Who's That Girl

    ~April Sleevers~

    Thanks, I was thinking the same thing but since I'm still in the early post op stages, I want to make sure everything is "normal"...
  19. Who's That Girl

    ~April Sleevers~

    4/10/12 and doing great. I have had a nagging ache/cramp (not sure which) in the incision where the belly was removed. Not painful but annoying. I din't know if this is part of healing or something else. I'll monitor over the weekend and call doctor on Monday if necessary. Anyone else experience this?
  20. Who's That Girl

    Getting Nervous

    Good luck! I was sleeved last Tuesday, April 10th. I was excited and nervous and before I knew it I was in recovery. Don't remember anything after entering the OR.
  21. Who's That Girl

    Needed: Sleeve-Specific Grocery List

    This is great. I'm only one week post op but this will be a handy reference tool for use later. Thx
  22. Who's That Girl

    Sleeved 4/11---Back To Work Today

    i came home with a drain which comes out tomorrow. I'll be out for a few weeks which will help with me getting my new routine together.
  23. Who's That Girl

    Countdown To Sleeve...

    Best of luck to you. I was in the exact same place last Tuesday April 10th. Before you know it, it's over. Let us know how you are doing.
  24. Who's That Girl

    Sleeved 4/11---Back To Work Today

    Wow! you're back already. I was sleeved on 4/10 and have my 1 week follow up visit tomorrow. also transitioning to soft foods. Can't wait to have something with texture - refried beans never sounded so good!
  25. Who's That Girl

    Pre-Op Visits Today

    OMG I agree with all post above. My last visit with bPCP and Dietician is Monday March 5th. I'm nervous and excited. I feel like I am at peace with my decision to do this but yet I find myself thinking about what I'm about to do and having self talk and doubting my decision mainly due to fear of surgery and the "what ifs." I remember my consultation appointment and the time since then seems to have moved at the speed of light. Am I ready to do this? Lord, the mixed emotions are crazy and sometimes I feel paralyzed with fear. I walk around smiling and displaying the confidence that everything will be ok but at the end of the day when it's quiet and i'm alone with my thoughts and nothing to distract me the nerves really take over....

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