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Annette 9/2012

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  1. Annette 9/2012

    Amber 2012

    From the album: Annette

    This is my 27 yo daughter and what I used to look like when I was at 130 lbs.
  2. Annette 9/2012

    40.4 total weight loss

    Wow your doing GREAT!
  3. check me out on you tube "Annette Corrado"

  4. Hi- I get stuck often I have 9.5 cc in my band and I am tight. You might have to go and take a little fluid out-you will feel the difference!
  5. Annette 9/2012

    Frustrations with band

    PS I have had 4 fills- I am at 9.5 in a 11 cc realize lapand.
  6. Annette 9/2012

    Frustrations with band

    Hey bandster buddies: Has anyone tried "you tube" it'ss a great source for advice and there are so many of us banders on you tube! Me under Annnette Corrado and others such as banded wendy and skymoon1984. you tube has a very large WL community on you tube and I love it. I was banded on September 20, 2013 and I have lost 30 pounds and we all have different bodies so we loose our body fat differently, As long as your following the rules and try a accountable journal and write down your feelings-exercise and calories and proteins and SNACKS "I am honest in my journal" so that means when I don't get the number at the end of the week-I know why it's in my journal! I have been hungry since last January-I exercise 6 days a week and count protein and calories now and that seems to help me alot. I will reach my goal this year in 2013. Be strong and fight this it our life of wellness. Good luck!
  7. Annette 9/2012

    Completely Devistated....vent

    Good luck!
  8. eating hurts and PB slimers are eek

  9. lost 30 pounds in 2012 and 50 more to go in 2013

  10. Annette 9/2012

    Happy New Year 2013

    How many of us plan to meet our goal weight in 2013? Okay Maryland Bandsters have you been honest with yourself and your band so lets start out the new year with a fresh pace.1) Remember those rules of the band? "you should know them in your sleep"...LOL2) How much protein-carbs-calories sugar is your daily intake?3) Are you accountable? Start a journal-Oh this is the best way to find out if your ACCOUNTABLE!4) Exercise-yes this will aid in your weight loss and reduce that LOOSE SKIN that most of us will encounter with we reach goal.5) Love yourself on your journey of what you have done so far!Be strong~Annette
  11. I had another fill of 1.5 cc in my 11 cc band which takes me to 9.5 cc "Full Restriction" small bites and CHEW CHEW-I know what a PB is NOW!

  12. Annette 9/2012

    whey protien from walmart

    I have tried several "Protein Powders" since I was banded in September 2012. I just found an awesome one that has a protein level of "30 grams of protein" and "2 grams of sugar". The name is "On" Platinum Hydro Whey - you can find it on Amazon, trial size is about 17 -20 drinks- It is great after trying several brands of protein.
  13. Annette 9/2012


    You look great! that smiles shows you know it!
  14. Annette 9/2012

    How my metabolism has changed so much

    Thanks Cheryl for your posting it gave me hope!
  15. Annette 9/2012

    I went a little overboard.....but that's ok.

    First Christmas with the band! I did leave one party after my small plate of food. I did eat cookies and fudge so I will not be down a pound for SURE but I am to blame!
  16. Annette 9/2012

    Instead of Bread I use eggplant slices

    OMG your great!
  17. I had another fill on December 21 2012 2cc with a total of 8cc in my 11 band!

  18. Annette 9/2012

    10 days post fill 10 pound down....

    Wow- I have 6 cc in my band I am hungry again. When I had my procedure and then in about 3 weeks I got the same feeling. I had a fill last month and now I have no restriction. I sit here at my desk at work and my stomach is growling and I had my lunch at noon.
  19. Annette 9/2012

    True Results- Fills

    My doctor is Christina Li at Baltimore Maryland
  20. Annette 9/2012

    Not Losing After Moving To Mushies

    Give your body time to heal.. We gained this weight.......the slower the less SKIN
  21. Annette 9/2012

    Susan 162 lbs October 2012 lost 215 lbs

    You look like your 10 years younger-WOW you look great!
  22. Annette 9/2012

    True Results- Fills

    Hello all, I was banded on in September 2012 @210lbs and a BMI of 37. I have a realize band with a 4cc on the day of surgery. I had a 2 cc fill on November 7, 2012. I have another appointment on December 21, 2012. I am currently at 185 lbs with a BMI of 32. After my last fill I did have some restriction for about 1 week then it slightly got less tight and I was able to eat more and felt hungry. I do portion size as we are "told" to do! I have had some "stuck" episodes but it's my fault for now CHEWING MY FOOD! I also have had some vomiting due to my stuck episodes, my fault for not CHEWING MY FOOD! I have no regrets, but the weight is going down on a slow pace. I will keep on with the portion size and exercise plan to reach my goal next year!
  23. I have a you tube channel under "Annette Corrado" currently at 185 lbs and BMI 32

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