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  1. This surgery has been a journey and I've learned alot about myself in the last 4 months. But now that I can start introducing new foods....all I care to eat are greens!!!! Mustard greens, collard greens, spinach....I eat them everyday...several times a day. I don't eat anything else with it except for the greens. There is one other thing...I have to eat them almost pickled in apple cider vinegar. Weird I know!!! I have to drink Protein shakes in between to get my protein and take Multivitamins to supplement everything else. Has anyone else developed weird eating habits?!?!?!
  2. I posted this topic when I was about 3 weeks out. I'm now 3 months out and can drink alot larger gulp of fluid at one time! It does get better and you won't even notice that you are getting better...one day you will wake up and realize you are feeling more normal. I'm still not used to eating such small amounts for every meal or not drinking when I eat. Everyday gets better and better though.
  3. Thanks Pdxman! I was wondering about that. There are some times that I don't have much of an appetite to eat food so I just drink a shake to get me through. I was wondering if the carbs were making me stall on weight loss. I'm 2 months out and have lost 26lbs...I was a lightweight when I had surgery...so from what I've been reading I'm supposed to loose weight slowly. I just ordered some of the Unjury protein packs to try.
  4. You are doing great! What brand of protein supplement do you use? I live overseas so I'm limited on what I can just go to the store and buy. I'm thinking that the whey protein that I use has too many carbs.
  5. Thank you guys for the explanations!! I will work harder to meet my Protein quota. I am definately feeling the affects of not getting enough...just by reading your responses I see why I'm feeling so fatigued. But just like LilMissDiva (my sleeve idol!) says...it's really kind of hard early on after surgery. I've got to work harder...the last thing I want is to have this surgery and do something to make myself unhealthy. Circa and Lissa...that was a great explanation! Thanks...you guys are always so motivating. I appreciate you taking the time to type up your responses. I'll do better.
  6. Thanks for the info...but I wasn't saying that I want to cut out all protein so I could shrivel up and die as you put it. :-) I just wanted to know why we needed "so much" after surgery. I'm aware that it is a needed nutrient. Trust me...I stated "what is is it doing other than contipation" half hearted/jokingly. Maybe I should be more descriptive in my posts. I know what to do for constipation...it's called common sense. We're not children here...the purpose of the post again was to find out why we needed so much. But I get it...thanks!
  7. Ok...so some days I make the quota and some days I don't. Why do we have to have so much protein? What is it doing other than constipating me? I am trying to drink the whey super protein chocolate shake (52grams of protein) everyday but some days I don't get it all down...some days if I'm super busy I don't drink it at all. I don't eat enough food to get the protein from meats. So what is the deal what is all this protein doing for us?
  8. gettingtohappy

    Will Food Ever Taste Good Again?

    Diva! I love the new pics...you look fabulous! I'm at 8 weeks and nothing tastes good still. I just eat to survive. There is absolutely no enjoyment in it at all...I guess that's a good thing now that I am down to 170 which is 26lbs lighter than before surgery! Yea...I want to keep going so I can look like you!
  9. gettingtohappy

    Stalls Are No Big Deal So Why Complain?

    You are definatly right about this. I guess we just get confused as to how the body works. Especially when we are eating like birds and we aren't losing weight. I don't know about the others, but there is a fear that comes over me when I stall. I'm only 7 weeks out and my fear would be that when I stall...that's as far as my weight loss is going to go. We freak out because we fear that after all we've gone through...this could be the end of the line. Of course common sense would say that this can't be the case. We just get discouraged. Speaking for myself of course. But alas...as you stated there is no quick fix for being fat.
  10. gettingtohappy

    I Definitely Regret Surgery.... So Far!

    All I can say is meee too! I was going to post the same thing you posted not long ago...but I knew what everyone was going to say. I just tried to force myself to drink and not pressure myself on making the daily quota of what is required. ie..64 oz of fluid and 60 gm so of protein. I get about half of that right now. I keep striving so that I can get to the point of what's required. I can say that I'm getting better. A couple weeks ago I'd walk upstairs and I could literally pass out! I was not eating or drinking enough. I'm 7 weeks out now and I am getting better. I'm not perfect...but I'm getting better. Hang in there and make small goals to accomplish each day. Trust me I know exactly what you are going through!
  11. gettingtohappy

    I'm Never Ever Ever Eating Again!

    LOL!! That "never ever" list is growing girl! Ice cream is on my never ever list though. It goes down so easy and smooth and then POW!! My sleeve starts doing kick boxing and Zumba inside me. Yep..."nevah evah" for that drama.
  12. Wow...this is strange...and I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the surgery. I can say that sometimes our immunity is down after surgery and we are more vulnerable to illness during this time of weakness. We as gastric patients are struggling to drink and eat enough so that makes it worse on our system. I do hope you get well soon!!!
  13. gettingtohappy

    I'm Never Ever Ever Eating Again!

    Wow...my doctor only gave me one week of each of these. I am 6 weeks out and feel like I should have waited on certain items. The only things that feel good now are soft green veggies, like green Beans, collard greens, spinach, and soft broccoli. The only Protein I can tolerate are soft cooked fish! I've been surving on tuna, sardines and salmon! I had a yogurt slush a few days ago from the ice cream place and that felt really good. I could only drink a little though. Just hang in there Riss!! We can go through this together. Everyone on the board has so much good advice.
  14. Hey Gomez, Here is a full write up that I did on my surgery when I was one week out. http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/27739-dr-garciasleeved-last-weekend-reviewnow-1-week-post-op/page__fromsearch__1 Also there was no long wait at the border because we had a medical pass. We went right through in the right lane! I felt very taken care of. Everyone from the doctor down to the drivers were so sweet and supportive! I didn't have any worries. I hope this helps. Feel free to ask me anything else you need to. When do you plan to have your surgery done or are you just researching right now?
  15. Hi Gomez, The surgery went well. It only took about 35-45 minutes. After surgery I was a little loopy from the anesthesia of course but the nurses were there with me the whole time. They took me to my room and I felt fine. I was in a little more pain because I suffer from a condition where I have to take pain meds daily. So their pain meds were inneffective. It wasn't until I spoke with the internal doctor that she upped the meds for me and I was fine. I was just uncomfortable from the gas pressure the first nite but each day got better and better. I went with my sister and another lady who had the surgery and they were fine. I don't remember how long he has been doing it, but Ms. Alma can answer your questions on that. I just know that he has done alot of them and the rooms are always filled with people getting the sleeve surgurey with him.

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