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  1. It’s a special day here at BariatricPal, according to your profile..it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday, jennilamb007!

  2. Happy 42nd Birthday jennilamb007!

  3. jennilamb007

    When Are You Full And How Do You Know?

    I know I am too full when I get this pain between my shoulders and in my chest. It is like I am "clogged up". I seem to have been getting stuck more lately, but I have had a ton of sinus drainage (sorry for that image). I asked my doc if the constant drainage doesn't fill up my pouch somewhat and he said it made sense to him. I get the sliming effect much worse if I am not feeling well to begin with. Otherwise, I do good. I feel like I am in the green zone most of the time and then there are days where it feels like I ate the house down. I know I didn't, but it feels that way. Started exercising and oddly enough, it is like I can eat more after I do. I don't know what to think sometimes. I am down 50 pounds, so that is great and I can't complain. Jen
  4. jennilamb007

    Started Exercising And Stopped Loosing Weight?

    I needed to see this to remind myself of what I already knew. It is frustrating when you want the scale to move and it doesn't. I will just keep doing what I am doing and it will drop before I know it. I have lost 50 pounds so far that I will never see again, so I can stop my snivelling and get on with it. ; ) Take care, Jen
  5. Happy 41st Birthday jennilamb007!

  6. jennilamb007

    I Am So Beyond Frustrated...

    I was banded Dec 22, 2011 and I feel like I have stalled. I have 5.25cc in a 10cc band. I have great restriction. I barely eat anything. I take a few bites and it is like I have had a Thanksgiving dinner. I eat slow and chew everything. I have had more sliming lately than I care to admit. I can drink some juice and have an episode. So....I just slow it down even more. It is odd. Some days I can eat or drink something with no issue and then next it is slime time. To clarify, I am not unhappy with my decision and in fact I think it was a great decision, but I wish it would come off faster. I have lost about 30 pounds post surgery (43 if you count pre-op diet). Maybe it is just me being anxious. I have so much to lose and I want to get on with it. I admit that I do not excercise like I should. I can make excuses but that is all they would be...excuses. So, I guess what I need to do is jump on the treadmill when I can't walk outdoors and get this progressing. I suppose I thought that with how little I eat that it should be coming off irregardless. I haven't been on in awhile and this forum helps a lot. Take care everyone, Jen
  7. jennilamb007

    Follow The Rules And Think Before You Eat !

    I stopped leaving my office for lunch because I found that because I have to eat soooo slowly, I can take my lunch at my desk, take a bite and continue to work. So, now I get to get off early and enjoy more daylight. ; )
  8. jennilamb007

    What's Going On!!!!!!?

    I don't know what your doc says, but mine said if I have an episode where anything comes up for any reason I am to go to a clear to full liquid diet for 24 hours to let the irritation pass before resuming soft foods. I dont know if that will help you or not, but I would try that. Jen
  9. My first stuck experience came a few weeks ago. It was awful. It was like a rock stuck right on my sternum. I knew I didn't want to throw up or anything so I just breathed through my nose and paced up and down the hall. Suddenly, I felt a drop and the pain disappeared. I had chewed up my food thoroughly, but I think it accumulates and then bam. Anyway, just keeping calm and walking cleared it up.
  10. jennilamb007

    First Bad Fill...4Cc

    I have a question...why does it take a week or two for a fill to "kick in". I don't understand why it isn't instantaneous. I really want to know. I got a fill today and I am at 5.25 ccs in a 10cc band. I am starting to feel restriction finally. I was banded on Dec.22, 2011. Also, why do they make you drink only clear liquid after a fill for 24 hours? Thanks, Jen
  11. jennilamb007

    Soda Questions

    It made me crave sweets and/or made me feel hungrier. If I go through a drive up I now get unsweetened ice tea and tell them to keep the straw.
  12. jennilamb007

    Weight Watchers And Lapband

    I also want to add that when I eat too little the scale doesn't move, but when I get those 26 points in, the scale moves with great consistency downward. You have to eat.
  13. jennilamb007

    Weight Watchers And Lapband

    I have read a lot of posts saying they don't eat certain foods. I have never been told that by my doctor. I can have bread and pasta, but just a lot less of it. I have found that I really don't crave it as much as I used to and it may be that I am afraid of getting stuck more than anything. I eat my protein first, then veg and if I am still hungry I will eat a carb. I do the WW points plus program and I love it with my band. (I was banded 12-22-11). I am consistently losing weight, albeit slowly (which is good actually), and I have never had one day of feeling deprived. I do the points and although I am able to have 41 based on my weight, I shoot for the minimum of 26. My WW leader said to modify it to suit me and if points are not working (it is hard sometimes since most fruit and veg are zero points), then do the WW program where you eat the power foods until you feel satisfied. If you want more info on power foods I can get that for you. It tends to be more protein, but you also get fruits and veg in there. I don't believe in denying yourself a particular food group because it leads to feeling deprived and then overindulging later. I am so thrilled that I have my band to help me enjoy the things I like but without falling completely over the edge. Take care, Jen
  14. jennilamb007

    Soda Questions

    I was told to avoid carbonated beverages because it fills the stomach with gas and can stretch the new pouch. I used to have a 12 oz bottle or two a day and I quit cold. I am glad I did because I feel loads better not having the false high of the soda. My head hurt like all get out the first 3 days but after I got over it I felt great.
  15. jennilamb007

    I'm So Scared...

    I have never been happier than I am right now with my band. I look at it as my internal reminder that I am satisfied and I don't need to eat any further. Before the band, I would swallow my food without really tasting it or chewing it up and ate a lot more than I do now. Now that I am banded, I take it very slow, enjoy every bite and chew it all up before swallowing. I find food to be much more enjoyable now and although I don't eat near as much as I did, the time it takes to eat my food makes me feel like I have eaten a lot. I was more scared before the band because I didn't know how heavy I would get. Now that I have Portia (the nickname of my band) I feel I have control and I know I will lose this weight and never have it on me again.

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